Summer scent trend: Sea Salt

Dania Beach, Fl

It’s been a minute since posting a “Notes From the Stash” edition and now that my wax haulage has slowed to a trickle, it’s time for another dip into my wax stash. I love to identify fragrance trends, gauge popularity and make predictions. Perhaps inspired by my current Florida beach location/coaching trip destination, one trend I’ve noticed in 2018 has been wide use of the Sea Salt fragrance oil. Not to be confused with Salty Sea Air (a major scent trend in 2017). Sea Salt is it’s own singular note, similar to SSA, without the ozone. Described as a fresh ocean smell, the presence of sea salt has been around in fragrance for years, (allure beauty commented on the ingredient in 2014) lately it’s grown trendy enough to make a title appearance or become a stand alone scent.


Refreshing marine fragrances sporting salty sea water tones are my go-to for hot summer days. I’ve gathered a cache from my stash which shows off the versatility of this salty scent note.

Starting with the two retail superpowers: Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle:


Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt- Orange and grapefruit, wonderfully cool and lush and edged with salt. From the Spring 2018 collection produced by Yankee, a successful interpretation of sea salt used to intensify tart citrus. The harmony of sweet with saltiness adds hints of sunny warmth to bitter citrus, making an excellent blender that’s fresh, light and perfect for summer.

Sea Salt Hand & Body Cream– Bath and Body Works’ sea note whips up a fresh composition in their hand cream. I find this formula to be on the thick, greasy side but it does have that distinct spa essence that relaxes and cools me down on sticky, hot days.


Great White (Super Tarts)- Crisp white tea and Jaws. Jaws combines sea salt, fresh air, seagrass, sliced plum and sweet pear. A disappointment in both fragrance and performance, the tea scent is absent and the other notes weak. Great White was a wimpy muddled fruit for me, but the nightmare-inducing killer shark photo is a winner of ST’s label designs. Searching Super Tarts’ site for sea salt, one can find better and stronger versions of this ocean scent. One I recommend is Medusa.

Saltwater Driftwood (Better Homes and Gardens)- fresh ozonic woody fragrance pairs coarse sea salt, bergamot waters and amber waves with ocean driftwood and indigo cedar while Mediterranean lavender, pine and beach birch swirl in the heart. My favorite of the sea salts I’ve tried, I believe this scent is no longer available. Strong, beachy impression with the grit of sand and salt in the air. Proof that sea salt can do for floral woods what it can for foodie scents, provide a vibrant punch of marine-infused tang that contrasts the heavier dominant notes. I hope this limited edition returns to the BHG line-up.


Avomelon (Gio & Turner)- previously reviewed here, Avomelon is a newer scent whose earthy avocado benefits from a kiss of sugar cane and sea salt. Melted, it produces a zen-like clean background fragrance.

Spa Towels (Empire Alchemy Wax)- I’ve yet to review Empire Alchemy, however, this scent was a stand-out from my order. Fresh laundry, lemongrass, oud wood, citrus, white rose, sea salt, verbena, musk and bamboo. Sea salt added to fresh laundry/lemongrass adds depth and vibrancy that balances out the ultra-clean profile in which linen notes tend to devolve. An enjoyably brisk spa blend that has a touch of musky softness.


Swedish Dream Salt (Candles from the Keeping Room)- Sheer cucumber, lavender, balsam, and a whisper of lime are carried on salty ocean breeze. Reviewed here, I expected to love this clean fragrance but found it lacking in tranquil water notes, characterized by a harshness instead. I notice CFTKR scents do change occasionally after sitting awhile, I’ll give this one another shot.

Gathering of the Seaside Witches (Golden Willow Waxes)- this chunky wax cup was too cool not to include, even though I mistakenly remembered sea salt as an ingredient in the Beach Hair base, but it’s actually sea spray with water lily, ozone and driftwood. Hearts and stars in chunks of Song of Autumn, Coven, and Hearthsong are included in this charming mix. Spiced fruity berries appear most while a lightly sugared finish gets a salty kick. If blending with classic fall scents of bonfire and leaves doesn’t convince folks that sea salt can enhance any type, then nothing will.

20180613_163558 (1)

Himalyan Pink Sea Salt (DW Home Candles) $16 for a double wick. Luminous pink sea salt, refreshing ozone, sea grass, and touches of citrus splashed sands balanced with warm musk. I received this pink beauty for my birthday and love the serene mood it imparts in my living room. A mineral warmth shines through in a realistic rendition of salt crystals. I’ve been pleased with the few I’ve tried and might be turning into a DW Home candle convert.

Blended with fruit, food, waters, woods, laundry or leaves, sea salt is a valuable addition beyond salted caramel and a perfect summertime note to me. How about my fellow fragrance lovers; any trends catching your eye, erm, nose lately? I’d love to hear and will be home from these sunny beaches pictured above to catch up soon.

2 thoughts on “Summer scent trend: Sea Salt

  1. Beautiful photo! I didn’t realize you were in my neck of the world. I had to look up this beach, so Ft. Lauderdale area? Nice! I hope it was a pleasant stay and not too hot. Or stormy. Sea Salt is quite the thing isn’t it? The Swedish Dream Salt is the only one of these I have tried but I like it. I am terrible about liking “fresh” scents but I like this one.


    1. Yep, we flew in to Lauderdale. I’ve been there before and in fact, my sis is there now bc they have a condo on Hollywood Beach. That photo above was the less populated Dania, but they are connected. The weather was nice, a little stifling for 1 or 2 days but we went to the beach or pool in the evening and were inside doing tournament stuff most of the time.
      I would have definitely suggested a meet-up had we been closer, but we were quite some distance apart. And the National Tourney in nearby Weston, Fl is the reason we were down, with 2 non-obligation days to enjoy, but only 1 rental car for us and our competitor’s mom.
      I wish we had scheduled more activities honestly, but it gave my husband and I the motivation to revisit sooner and do some stuff we’d like to do.
      Ha! Swedish Dream Salt was one I did not like, it is salty, but smelled chemically harsh to me. You know I’m team fresh mostly, but earthy/herbal really butters my bread lately. I embrace the salty trend though, it gives everything an oomph.


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