Callahan Ceramics: Constellation mug

20180603_084501 (1)As my forty-first birthday approached with little fanfare (we were busy celebrating other happy family milestones) the lack of festivity instilled in me the need to treat myself. With no New York City celebration to ring in my new decade as it had last year, I settled for a quiet morning sipping coffee on our deck before work. A simple ritual that was made more special by the dazzling new handmade mug I was using.

20180603_085018The celestial theme and milky glaze sporting hints of gold lustre with a few fat melty drips makes her a babe. As Callahan previewed the May mugs lineup, this Gemini turned my head. Unable to shop during the opening I let her go, until later that night when he posted that a few star signs were still available-it was meant to be. I admit to being unfamiliar with my guiding constellation form. Outlined in metallic gold, dotted with diamond-shaped stars, when viewed from a certain angle, the Gemini pattern brings to mind an outline map of the U.S., missing some of it’s eastern seaboard. However I gaze upon it, it looks dreamy. 20180603_200531With a generous capacity at 17 ounces, she’s a stout and sturdy piece. The rotund 4″ base diameter provides a substantial footprint, and when filled up, a hefty handfeel, but not uncomfortable. At these over-sized dimensions, I may use it as an occasional soup mug come Fall, but I’ll enjoy an abundance of coffee outta her until then.20180603_195523Based in Denver, Colorado, Callahan Ceramics is a one-man shop created by a ceramicist, open since 2016. Recently evolving his style, the artist responds warmly to feedback and customer ideas. Besides the constellation series, he creates two-dimensional ‘scene’ bisque mugs depicting playful landscapes, from planetary playgrounds to national park vistas and some psychedelic mushroom forests. I am eagerly anticipating the pots Callahan will create next, and adding one to my collection. This piece was purchased for $38 and shipped for $8, the shop reopens with goods in a couple weeks and will be taking custom designs in July.20180603_200405Although a Gemini piece was a fitting birthday goodie, what really captured my attention was this glaze. The contrast of creamy white clinging to the darker background resembles an evaporating liquid effect, foaming swirls evanesce as they fade away. The shiny black hue possesses an almost deep blue-green tinge to it, a perfect allusion to the Milky Way.20180603_195825Known as the Heavenly Twins, the Gemini constellation won’t be seen in the eastern skies until pre-dawn mornings of mid-August. With my stars on the virtual horizon, I’m content to enjoy them with my coffee at the moment. Do you feel connection to your star sign? Any special gifts or anticipated goodies to share?

4 thoughts on “Callahan Ceramics: Constellation mug

  1. My dear, when was your birthday?! Was it in full display and I’m just a dink that didn’t notice? If so, I’m so sorry – belated wishes for all the good stuff that hasn’t seen fit to supply itself in abundance as of late. I’m glad you got a few moments to yourself with your cute new mug. I have no such nice mugs, just your standard mug mugs. I have my eye on a cute one from the Animal Kingdom in Disney – it has a tiger on it (an image of a real tiger, not a cartoon tiger) and in front of him Pooh, in his best jungle explorer gear, is standing, magnifying lens held right up to the tiger’s nose as he queries, “Tigger, is that you?” I laugh every time I see it. Not quite the eternal infinity of constellations, but close, right? Now I just need to find a way to get it back to Canada in one piece instead of nine billion – air travel can be so unkind to, well, everything and everyone.


    1. Ah, you’d have to read between the lines to know (or have an elephant memory from when I mentioned it last year) but I posted some b-day-ish stuff Friday in my Stories. (And fan-girled it up on Wed;)) Thank you for the wishes:)
      I saw the adorable mug you posted the other day and I may have a growing pottery mug collection, but I 100% still love and use my fandom mugs (Golden Girls and HP). As long as using it makes you happy, and that pooh/ tiger creation sounds awesome. Tongue-in-cheek mugs are fun too! Plus pooh’s legacy may be eternal as it’s nearing the 100-year mark!


  2. Happy belated birthday, Jay! And I love this mug that you marked the occasion with. It is a beauty. I am quite the adorer of the drippy glazes and you are right the black and white contrast in the glaze is mesmerizing.


    1. Thanks friend! Everyone who has seen this mug in person has gone gaga over it, I fear I didn’t even do it justice. But I do think it was a fitting b-day gift to myself.


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