May: Wax/Life update

“Among the many buds proclaiming May

Decking the fields in holiday array,

Striving who shall surpass in braverie,

Marke the faire flowering of the Hawthorne tree

Who finely clothed in a robe of white,

Fills full the wanton eye with May’s delight.”   –Chaucer

20180523_134808The month of May is becoming a favorite; great baseball game weather, the few flowers we have are bright and blooming and we get to put in our garden. The strawberries I planted last Fall didn’t take, but one or two survived, perhaps fresh berries next year? Gardening always fills one with hope. May also felt more harmonious than the previous few months, especially near the end-we got so busy that I didn’t take time to dwell on any uncertain life circumstances. Soon we’ll know the outcome of the situation, still hoping for the best. 

This is mostly a diet life update, so if searching for wax finds, I listed a few new faves, just skip down to the bottom:)

Keto diet (sort of):

Feeling that I needed a major change (prompted by almost tipping the scale at a number I’d never crossed before) I have begun a version of the Ketogenic diet. Before I even get into it, let me say-I know this is not the healthiest diet, or lifestyle, but it is also not the worst I’ve experienced. I am NO expert, I’ll link to some info for beginners here, but I do a pseudo-version in which I stick to a range of 40-50 grams of carbs consumed a day (lots of Keto plans promote 20 carbs or under), I’ve only hit that a few times and only attempt when I feel I have good energy and am not starving myself. I don’t even calculate my macros (gasp! I know, told you-it’s psuedo).

Why then, am I undertaking this particular diet? Simply put, results. I’d seen mention of it online, by real people who I follow, with some convincing evidence that it works. I looked into it and was aghast at the ridiculous number of carbohydrates I was consuming daily, well into the upper hundreds, likely near a thousand. I could often be heard quoting the Oprah weight watchers commercial, singing, “I love bread!”

Progress: Week 1: 6 lbs. lost, Week 2: -2 lbs., Week 3: -2 lbs., currently in my 4th week with only two days of going over the carb limit (a wedding and graduation party). I weigh in on Mondays. Down 10 lbs. in 3 weeks is worth the effort to me. I have lost approx 1.25 inches from my waist and already fit into some capri pants that I had outgrown last year. These results are with limited exercise, only jogging twice, as it’s either been pouring rain, 90 degrees outside, or my schedule has been too hectic. To be honest, the first 3-4 days, I had zero energy to exercise and felt in a complete fog.

Typical daily meals:

20180530_105739My breakfasts: 1/2 Cup of plain, full fat greek yogurt with 1 oz. of berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon with coffee (heavy whipping cream or half-and-half, cinnamon) or one avocado with oil, lemon or lime juice and spices (subtracting the fiber grams from the avocado), or eggs.

Lunches aren’t too exciting: rolled lunch meat with 1 slice of cheese and a pickle + nuts, or a hard-boiled egg with turkey sausage stick and more cheese, a tuna pouch, or small grilled chicken salad with a Tbs. of ranch.

Dinners are some sort of protein (which can be tricky because I don’t eat beef), typically a grilled turkey burger or piece of baked fish (learning to like it), chicken breast with low-carb sauce and always a side of sauteed or steamed veggies, usually kale with almonds, broccoli, etc.

Snacks consist of cheese, cheese and more cheese, nuts, berries, pseudo-pizzas (shredded cheese with turkey pepperoni melted in the oven) pickles, olives, salads.

What I miss the most:

  • popcorn
  • pasta
  • rice
  • craft brews
  • naan bread
  • honey

Easiest changes to make:

  • ditching coffee creamer
  • not eating foods from a box
  • goodbye pizza crusts, I was not that into you anyway
  • avocados for breakfast, yum.

Why I think it works for me? It’s easy to calculate, if not necessarily a breeze to give up the carbs, at first. Given a number that is simple to track, in which, I just need to stay below that number, I can stick to a diet*. My husband has always said, if you cut out the entire base of the food pyramid, then of course you will lose weight and it’s true, just a matter of replacing that base. I’m happy to see where it leads, especially when I add more exercise, now that I’m over the low-energy hump and feeling pretty good. I’m looking forward to trying some ketogenic staples soon: bulletproof coffee, cauliflower rice and keto cheesecake.

Wax update: My ‘low-buy’ is going well. I purchased from one vendor in May and am looking to maybe replenish some Rosegirls’ mini-melters later in June. It hasn’t been easy to resist (saying no to sugar is easier), but with each vendor restock that I skip, I’m making wax buying less of a priority. 

I’ve discovered a few favorite scents that were gifted or dug up from my wax stash too:20180401_113116Sweet Madi- The Bathing Garden: “Sweet vanilla blends with succulent, ripe strawberries and the soft floral of violet and jasmine. Named for my beautiful daughter, Madisyn.” I adore this very sweet combo-with strawberries! I pick up a hint of effervescence from it and it is beautiful. 

20180509_094955Ghost Stories by the Fire- The Melting Duck (gifted:)) “Marshmallow fireside, Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Ice Cream.” A scrumptious blend of strong brewed tea with melted rich vanilla ice cream and smokiness from the toasted mallow. Just when I thought I was over Marshmallow Fireside scents, this one pulled me back in. And I am crazy for tea scents at the moment- planning a post featuring them soon. I do think my taste in wax is changing. Or, I could be replacing my sweets consumption with sweet scents instead. 

How is your Spring going, friends? Any changes bringing renewal or refocus to your life, lately? I have read wonderful, weighty books over the last month and am excited to spend sunny Summer days reading out on the deck-which I’m off to do right now.





9 thoughts on “May: Wax/Life update

  1. I’ve been curious about the keto diet. My doctor told me to lay off the carbs because my triglyceride levels are out of control. Also, I’ve gained some weight in the past two years that I wanted to get rid of ASAP. I cannot believe how much progress you’ve made in a month. Very inspiring. I need to read more about this diet. I am curious about maintenance after the diet.


    1. Ooh, that is a serious number to be aware of, I also need to watch tri’s because of my early menopause, I am at more risk for heart disease. Listen, I can’t even believe I wrote a dieting post because I don’t normally follow one, but if you want to lose asap-I’d recommend it. I let ppl know I”m on it and if I don’t buy the carbs, I don’t eat them. The first few days sucked! But now I’m finding it easier and my husband has supported me. Definitely read up on it, I am also curious about maintenance because I don’t see myself giving up potatoes for life BUT I feel I will automatically check the carb grams for every food I consume and being aware is half the fight-I just didn’t know that most of what I was eating was carb fuel.
      I am thinking of sticking to it all summer then adding one over-the-limit day per month, grab a french fry or ice cream. We will see. I know that it felt really good when I moved over to the next belt loop in week 2. If you start, best of luck, there are a ton of recipe ideas on IG #ketodiet.


  2. I’ve been trying really hard to implement a low-buy in regard to the vendor wax that I buy every month, and man-oh-man, has it been difficult. I’ve definitely cut down but I’ve also still given in to temptation now and then. As such, I’ve only been partially successful. I’m trying incredibly hard to be good and I’m only allowing myself another two vendor purchases this month – Rosegirls preorder and VCS restock. For the month of July I intend to be much stricter with myself. I’m at a stage now where I actually feel guilty buying wax because I just have sooo much…and I don’t want to feel guilty. I want to be able to shop happily, and if I can get to a place where I’m only placing two or three orders a month, then I’ll be in my happy place again. But this wax buying addiction is real, I’m telling you! Strength to us all!


    1. Here! Here! I need the strength as, I too am struggling and even grabbed an unplanned pre-order over the weekend. Rosegirls is tough to resist because Jenny’s wax is unbeatable, however, she and her product isn’t going anywhere, they’ll always be next time I thanked my stars when the leftovers sale was listed during my busiest work morning this past week-there was no way I could order, but knew I would have wanted to.
      The guilt is crippling, I understand. I think about all the other items I could be getting or saving up for and get no pleasure when the packages come in, just an initial surge when sniffing, then they sit in the box for weeks. I have a legit box collection!
      I wish us both renewed strength and focus, just putting it in writing helps, I hope:)


  3. Hey, there’s that devilishly cute little duck! I friggin’ LOVE that scent – am down to maybe my last six or so little pieces, including a couple of ducks – and I was very much not expecting to. Marshmallow Fireside for the weird win again (and how awesome is that mica-infused wax pool? If your burner gets really hot, you can see the hot wax moving around and kind of swirling in on itself – it’s super cool.)

    But on to more important things – wow, what progress you’ve made on your diet! Congratulations, that’s friggin’ awesome. No need to feel too spun about the keto thing. I know it gets a bad rap (I’m guilty of bad rapping it myself, only because I remember a lot of horror stories from back in the Atkins days) but if you haven’t gone the whole culty hog (see, there’s that bad rap thing) and it’s working for you, then let it keep working – anything to get some distance between you and some bad habits, and build up a nice head of motivation while you’re at it. I’m so proud of you – go get ’em! Cheers to feeling better. Now if those unsettled matters can just resolve themselves, that would be a big old help, yes?


    1. Uggh I know, keto may deserve the rap. How healthy can it be to shun vegetables and welcome fat? Yet it is working and has made me much more aware about what I eat, so that’s a good thing. I struggled with sticking to it the last week between my nephew’s grad party and my birthday, but I’m back on track this weekend. I am uncertain about the longevity but know going back to my old habits will mean I’ll gain what I’ve lost and I’m loving that extra hole on my belt too much for that any time soon.
      Cheers to you as well, the matters are still unsettled but a “settled” life is a boring life, right?


    1. Thanks. My upcoming vacation/tournament eating will be a big test to see if I can stick with it. But the low-buy should be safe:)


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