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20180523_104846One positive blogging perk is occasionally being gifted wax to photo and review. Selected by my similarly wax loving sis, Wicks Flicks n’ Gifts, in business since 2013, is an etsy company I had never come across before. A shop specializing in down home scents with country-chic style. Homespun primitives aren’t part of my usual wax habit, but it’s fun to break out of the usual and try something different now and then.

20180523_110253It doesn’t hurt that these wax tarts resemble darling little treats one would find under a glass-domed pie stand at an authentic southern diner, laden with fruits, spices and homemade toppings.

Each jumbo para-soy tart weighs between 2-2.3 oz. I sliced one in fourths, but found halves worked best, which is around 1-1.15 oz. each melt. They are $2.25 ea., shipped for $7.25.

20180523_112711Caramelized Crimson Pear: “Juicy, ripe crimson pears sprinkled in caramelized brown sugar with fresh churned maple butter, drizzled with honey and vanilla creates the recipe for this decadent blend.”
Pear and caramel are a decadent combo and I thought this would be my favorite, but it warms up dizzingly sweet and dripping with honey, caramel and sugary maple. Crimson pears are pretty, juicy and mild treats if one can find them, but this scent leans to a brandied pear and I prefer a crisp anjou. With an authentic pear note absent, the fragrance becomes a sticky pool of caramel sauce-too rich for my palate. Light-medium throw.
20180523_113121 (1)Earl Grey & Apple: “A majestic blending of Earl Grey tea leaves, black teas, chamomile, shaved ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmegs, cloves, anise and vanilla.”

Oh how I love this embedded leaf shape, it looks just-picked from the garden. I’m infatuated with Earl Grey scents and this is pretty good; the apple slices cut into the bitter black tea; meanwhile there’s a lot going on with the spice mix. Anise is discernible, however, the tea leaf could be stronger. I haven’t had the heart to cut it up yet, but initial impressions yield a well-balanced blend of sweet, savory, bitter, and sour apple.

20180523_120424Warm and Cozy: “Sweet and spicy. A fantastically strong, warm and super spicy scent.” Those may look like cinnamon rolls, but there is surprisingly no bakery in this scent. Deeply spiced cinnamon, nutmeg and coumarin make a lovely combination, nothing harsh abounds-just sweet simmering spices which warm the room. A little on the mild side, but I prefer that in my spicy fragrance.

Vanilla Custard: “A sweet, treat with notes of orange, anise and vanilla entwined with a milky, creamy custard note. Vanilla has been my most requested fragrance at shows. I looked for a long time for something more than just a plain vanilla. This hit it out of the ballpark!”

I don’t know if it’s a home run, but it does smell yummy. Sweetened milk creamed into submission and folded with swirls of vanilla and anise baking extract, providing a hint of earthiness. Light and pleasing, but I must be melting too much Vanilla Bean Noel lately, because whenever I smell any other vanilla, I think, where’s the cookies?

20180523_121233Macintosh Apple: “Just like the real thing! Tart and Sweet Red Apple! This is a Yankee dupe”-fortunately for me, not a dead-on dupe because I dislike Yankee’s MacIntosh scent. Pleasantly tangy and sugary apples create an uplifting room-freshening fragrance, Macintosh Apple delivers exactly what it promises; a simple satisfying melt.

Spicy Apples and Peaches: No description. Fleshy peaches dripping with juice meld into mulled cider flush with cinnamon, clove, orange peel, nutmeg and allspice. It may sound more appropriate for Fall, but the sweet peaches usher it into a summertime melt. And the tart decorated with mini cinnis, apple and peach slices makes me want to bake a pie (which would be a first). Second strongest thrower of the bunch and my favorite.

20180523_121537Fruit Loops: “This smells like you just opened a box of the cereal! Fruity blend with a bit of bakery in the background.” Yep, this sure is fruit loops. If you like the citrusy sugared cereal you will adore this scent. I’m not a fan, the lemon-orange-cherry powdered sugar is far removed from my scented happy place, however, I admit that I can’t help but smile when viewing this playful rainbow-hued confection. I’m suddenly swept back into carefree childhood when jumping into a pit of plastic multi-colored balls at the amusement park equaled bliss. In fact, I’d jump into one right now if given the opportunity. A highly-scented, adorable wax melt.
20180523_121954Sometimes, paraffin wax can crumble into shapelessness when cut up, but this held up well considering all of the wax embed baubles adorning it.


20180523_123941Lemon Verbena: “Tangy yet smooth lemon scent, with no fuel or furniture polish notes.” Very clean & fresh. Not lemon cleaner, but too acidic for my nose. This belongs with a pure lemon lover.

Orange Bliss: “Fresh Squeezed Oranges and sweet blueberries dance! Bliss-fully satisfying.” I was delighted to smell that this is NOT an Orange Dreamsicle scent because I cannot stomach those. The tart orange and berry tang go well together, and would make a good blender; surprising news from someone who usually doesn’t go for blueberry or orange.

Wicks ‘n Flicks offers a good variety of shapes, sizes and scents, including Bath and Body Works’ dupes. The website is full of listings for these jumbo tarts, more convenient bakery bag melt cubes and overstuffed loaves (which ship free!)

Although not exceedingly natural scents, I enjoyed a few of these and would purchase. How about you my friends, any goodies fall into your laps lately? Here in the states it looks to be a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, hope it’s fun-filled if you are celebrating and a sunny one wherever you are:)

5 thoughts on “Wicks Flicks ‘n Gifts review

  1. My goodness, those melts are so stinkin’ pretty! I love that you arranged them on a lidded cake stand – I would have done the *exact* same thing. Ugh, though, pears and caramel. I have negative associations with pear scents, so that don’t jam for me, although I love the taste of the things (whaddup, Big Anjou, I’m totally with you on that.)


    1. These little babes were made for a glass-domed stand photo–but you got me thinking, maybe you have done the exact same thing? I remember some cute RG pies of yours on a pretty tiered dish, but if you’ve done the wax under the dome than I’ve taken your inspiration and hopefully paid it a proper homage.
      So, that’s a bad association with pears and a no go on tangerine scents if I remember correctly. I don’t think I have any negative single fruit scents, other than not liking cherry or strawberry, but no particular incidents. Oh and you know about the Bora Bora association, but like I mentioned in the post, orange dreamsicle always gives me a nausea headache. Orange can be tricky just like pear, if it’s spiced and subtle, a-ok, but any hint of phony sweetness and I’m out. So far, Dessa’s Homespun scent’s Autumn Pear is my favorite.

      Also, thank you so much for the info on RG’s mini-melters. Those don’t seem to get posted on IG. I’m considering a few, but am also trying to be good, gonna wait until at least the second week in June and see which way the wind is blowing:)


      1. Never under a dome (Under THE Dome?) but definitely on a cake plate – I’ve got three of them of varying shapes and sizes. One year I think I put all my wax on all three and stacked them together; it was deeply excessive.

        And I’m okay with tangerine scents (any orange, really, although it’s generally not my favourite) but yeah, pear, yick, no. I’m sooo with you on the Bora Bora, though. Back when I first got into wax and was just starting to figure out what scents I liked and what scents I didn’t, I got a lot of samplers, and Bora Bora was always a no-go for me. It reminded me of the scent they spritzed around in the waiting area of this scammy diet place I once went to. 😦 Ah, the things we’ll do for the promise of miracle weight loss, huh, including sitting around, marinating in Bora Bora. Double yick.

        Also, I saw there was a Bora Bora-based scent in that list of Mini Melters – how topical!


  2. These are adorable. I love the detail in these tarts. Pear is such an iffy scent for me. I love eating them but not sure why I don’t usually like smelling them in wax. Weird. LOL @ the VBN comment. I adore VBN. I did get a Warm & Cozy wax bag from CFTKR. I wonder if it is the same spicy scent? I like it a lot. Very comforting for sure for me. Enjoy your goodies! xoxo


    1. They are so stinkin’ sweet, totally not the minimalist melts I gravitate to bc I am a lazy melter and prefer to throw in a cube rather than cut up a pie. I know exactly what you mean about pear, I’ve had more pear duds than goodness, I actually don’t even like to eat them except for the sugary Boscs. The rule for me is usually when mixed with apple, they are right, but it’s tough to find a natural blend. I bet you it is the same Warm and Cozy oil as this vendor appears to name the tarts directly from the fragrance oil titles, it was nice, but not my favorite type. VBN however, just can’t get enough of lately<3


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