The Scrub Down Part 2: scrub vs scrub

Comin’ to ya with my 200th post! Whenever I acknowledge a little bloggy milestone I like to write a round-up or reference post because they are how I began this blog over two years ago. Today’s will pit shower scrub vs. shower scrub, vs. shower scrub, vs. whipped soap…I could continue but essentially, it’s a comparison of various indie vendor scrubs I’ve indulged in from my ever-growing stash.scrubsMy original ‘Scrub Down’ write-up featured The Bathing Garden and Candy Panda sugar scrubs and remains a popular post on my feed, so I thought it time to expand the scrub love. Speaking of the love for delicious smelling body products, my niece is enamored by them (I gifted her some and created a scrub monster). She also inspired this post with her strong vocal opinions on the subject.

In order from strongest scrubbing action to lightest:20171008_145325Bento Wax: 10 oz., Futon Roll scent, $12.50. Ultra-thick texture and coarsely-grained. If searching for the scrubbiest of scrubs, this should satisfy that itch. The consistency is too tight for my preference. Lacking the moisture and creaminess of softer textures, it’s density causes crumbly bits to form during application, not ideal when attempting to shmear onto wet skin. It also leads to some waste as the scrub clumps fall to the shower floor.20171008_145424 (1)The grit may be too much for my needs, but the scent is my favorite of the list: Futon Roll is Bento’s popular signature fragrance of double lavender chamomile, bedtime bath. Soft and sweetly soothing with a well blended floral is the ‘serene clean’ scent I desire in the morning. A must try in Bento’s wax too.20170723_091559The Bathing Garden: 8oz., Summer in a Jar scent, $9.50. Not as stiff-textured as Bento’s; however, many of the different scrub variations offered by TBG have a sticky paste-like consistency. This one with mango butter produces a thick formulation of medium to high coarseness. Too firm for everyday use, I reach for TBG when I need extra exfoliation, 1-2 times per week.

20170723_091453Upon ordering this fragrance last summer, I hadn’t yet realized I disliked Bora Bora oil. Described by The Bathing Garden as: tart and juicy citrus fruits blend with a just a touch of green floral, Summer in a Jar is not my jam. Unfortunately Bora Bora fragrance is forever linked to the odor of kitty litter to my nose. My favorite TBG sugar scrub scent is Ever night, reviewed previously. 20180518_084851Le Botanist: 10.5 oz., Gardener’s whipped scrub, $17. I was one of many who rejoiced when Candy Panda wax announced a new aromatherapy line. Le Botanist-a sister product line, represents the plant and flower goodness loved by Stephanie, CPW’s bath and body creator. An essential oil line-up fills a longed for niche in the abundant crop of shower scrubs by indie vendors.

Gardener’s scrub contains pumice for heavy exfoliation, as thick as many TBG’s scrubs, yet glides smoothly onto the skin. Lavender, rosemary and frankincense create a potent blend of earthy herbal elements found in the garden with distinctly aromatic frankincense oil, creating a warm, spicy somewhat smoky essence. Using provides tension calming and muscle easing effects, great for in-shower medicine or meditation.20180518_085000Colored with beet root powder, a bright rosy pink when I received it but faded to neutral over the last month. Not unexpected for a natural colorant, the scent isn’t affected and it may not make a pretty pic, but it is a real representation of the product. An easy trade-off for natural ingredients.20180518_085545 (1)Candy Panda: 10.5 oz., Oh Dear Morning scent, $12. Le Botanist and CPW products are sold on the same site at determined restock times. Reviewed here, Candy Panda’s whipped version offers a solid dependable scrub with finer grains than Le Botanist, however, still fairly scrubby. Eye-catching brightly colored swirls are a CPW trademark and I’m a fan of the snap cap.20180518_085921Oh Dear Morning is lavender cucumber sage + crisp sheets. A light, leafy green scent with a hint of dried sage. Hoping for a stronger in-use fragrance, it’s refreshing but I prefer other CPW scents to this one. 20180328_132754Wonderberry Wax: 10 oz. Barbershop scent, $12.50. Almost interchangeable in texture with CPW’s, this exudes a wetter, slightly more moisturizing feel. Recently reviewed, Wonderberry’s is still the number one scrub product I’ve tried. It has a just-right consistency with light lather that pleases my skin. Since renewing the bodycare line of the wax business, this vendor holds frequent sales and offers a good variety of full and travel sizes. Wonderberry’s vendor is one I know the least about and have never had contact with for even as much as a comment, thus with zero affiliation, they produce my “best-ranked” all around shower scrub.

The cool clean shaving cream scent is also a winner; strong throw in the jar which lingers on the skin. I recently tried a travel size of Courney’s Lavender Stress Relief, a fetching woody lavender eucalyptus. I’m smitten.20180520_134855 (1)*Salted Rock Bath Co: *Whipped Soap* 8 oz., Lavender Martini scent, $12.50. As expected, whipped soaps offer a lesser scrubby effect compared to sugar scrubs, but I use them the same and reach for them as often. My preferred everyday ‘scrub’ and loose soap in one, providing a gentle whippy skin feel. Primarily a bath product vendor, SRB has it all; cold-processed soaps, bath bombs, scrubs and these luscious whipped soaps. The breadth and availability of products is amazing, without waiting on a race for a restock. Jennifer offers sales and discount codes when signed up for the newsletter. There is an informative educational page for ingredients and the best part, a small 100% all-natural line of products.20180520_134704Lavender Martini-top notes of sweet orange, tangy lemon zests, and bubbly carbonation; followed by middle notes of mint, spicy bergamot, lavender + rosewood. Citrusy mint and woods are a yummy combo but I’m not sold on the fizzy essence in body care, still a pretty elegant scent. I reviewed SRB a while back with my favorite ‘almost all natural’ Black Chamomile soap. This remains one of my go-to, trusted body care vendors.

Fun fashion themed packaging included.

The Dirty Goat: *Solid scrub, 5 oz., Zelda scent, $8. Obviously different from jarred versions, yet much the same in grittiness and scrubbing action. I was slightly skeptical about the solid form, but it worked amazingly well. Cut it in half as I do with bar soaps to extend their life, the weighty scrub holds up when wet and is perfect for spot exfoliation in those extra dry areas-loved it on my feet and elbows. Not coarse and sharp like a pumice stone, the grain is fine to medium, easy on the skin. Another handy use is hitting those spots of pesky self-tanner remnants and it’s perfectly convenient for travel.20180520_151828Zelda is scented in cedarwood, tobacco, rose petals, tonka bean and aged bourbon. Gorgeous, strong and bright, more fresh than it is earthy. I don’t smell the bourbon, but I do get a whiff of crisp tea leaves-a total scent crush for me.

Obviously a handmade body scrub convert, I adore all of these brands for different reasons. In the past I have reviewed others, early formulas of Soak and Unwind, and Euphoria Soap Works-the most rustic scent and feel of those I’ve tried, but who am I missing?

I’ve tried Handmade in Florida’s sample size and must grab a full-size some time, Gio and Turner has incredible lavenders I’m hoping to sniff in bodycare form, and Ten Digit Creations recently announced limited edition blends and offers create your own body products! I predict more scrubby goods in my future, a siren song I can’t resist. Hope you enjoyed reading and as always ask any questions. What’s your go to bath care vendor?

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  1. Heh, you said “schmear.” 🙂 Ooh, such a great scrubby post, well done! I’m partial to the consistency of most of the TBG scrubs, not so much for the very oily or super dense ones (like you said, most of it winds up clumping off and falling into the bottom of the tub.) I really like the look of the Salted Rock stuff, too – what a gorgeous colour! And the consistency seems super. Enjoy your smoothness!


    1. I said it*, and it totally applied.
      Thank you, friend! I will take that compliment because of the accumulated thought and time I spent dwelling on this post. Some of these scrub photos are months old-TBG from last summer! I kept putting it off, or didn’t feel I had enough types for a comparison, but I finally got it together to review them. And I thought of you when I did bc I remembered our convo about not being one of those ppl. who stocks up on body care products with stacks of the stuff–well, I’m pretty close. I currently have 7 scrubs in various stages of use:/ I’m set until Christmas.
      You would love Salted Rock’s scents and Jen does a scrubbier scrub too, I just adore her sugar whipped soaps–gentle but you can still feel the sugar when applying and every scent I’ve tried has been so strong. I checked SRB’s site and found nothing on international shipping, though, but if you every want to try any, I’ll let you know when I order and can send you some-She does an annual B!G1F in November.


  2. Brilliant post. I love the scrubby throwdowns. Your praise of Gardener has me wanting to catch a restock. I love that Stephanie has forayed into essential oils. I picked up some scrubs from Libertine Bath Haus which is a new vendor but was disappointed when I saw it was the oily type of scrub. Boo. Arcane Bunny Society does the oily scrubs too. Sometimes I like them but lately, not. FuturePrimitive does fabulous bath and body but I know the exchange rate on the pound is killing me. Right now I am down to a Handmade in Florida scrub and a Bohemienne Life scrub. After they are gone I need to go scrub shopping. I will use this as a guide. ❤

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    1. Thanks again! I love to analyze and rank items, which is the review blogger’s forte I guess. The EO scrub is quite nice, I’m using it more quickly than the others because it lacks the preservatives and I’m afraid the formula will change. It’s super scrubby, so I’m sure you will like the texture.
      I’m trying to remember if I’ve gotten a particularly oily scrub, but am not sure-I like Wonderberry’s bc they are slightly wetter, but not oily. The only one I can think of was Fresh Picked Scents and that was WAY off. I did see that Courtney from Bento has addressed the hard scrub issue and announced last week that she’s adjusting her formula, yay! She’s great with feedback from customers.
      HiF is on my scrub to-buy list but I have 6 others now- I’m definitely still in the honeymoon phase with sugar scrubs where I can’t get enough-I must try to resist them!


  3. Yes, Bento’s scrubs are so dense! I only use them in the bath. They are so dense that even submerged in water, the clump of scrub in my hand stays solid.

    I love CP’s scrubs. I have about 8 of them that I have to get through in my stash. I have a mini from Wonderberry and you’re right, it is a nice texture. I don’t know why I don’t have more.

    Also, I didn’t know you were such a fan of the fresh scents! For some reason, I thought you were fruity or bakery.

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    1. Using it in the bath would work better, but I rarely take them. I’ve tried mounding it in an exfoliating sponge, but it’s still a little scratchy. Good news is, Courtney announced over Memorial Day weekend that she is changing the Bento scrub formula to make them softer so they don’t seize up. I love Courtney’s response to customer feedback, she does a great job with service.
      CP’s are fab, I tend to gravitate to the fresher blends so I usually don’t even have to race to buy the ones I want, as compared to the wax, which I miss out on. I love a relaxing, mellow scrub scent and Steph rocks those. YES, Wonderberry’s is closest to CP’s but just a bit bouncier, which I like, plus all the scent throws I’ve tried come through in the shower-big bonus in my book. Thank’s for stopping by Abby, I hope you are well<3


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