Get Fictional Candle: Coffee and Contemplation

Tea may be an occasional luxury, but coffee is my daily lifeblood. I am all about the coffee life. It may then seem surprising that I rarely mention coffee scents, that is because I prefer them in candle form rather than wax melts. Coffee is a comfort food to me and the scent feels so right when accompanied by a glowing candle, a tangible warmth that’s difficult to translate to melting wax.20180507_201638Of course, knowing my pop culture proclivity in the slightest, one can guess that fragrance wasn’t the only reason I purchased this particular one. A fandom candle depicting a favorite quote, by a favorite character, from a favorite television show? I am all over that. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation is a personal mantra; however, there are tons of soy candle companies out there slinging wax to fangirls like myself, cashing in on the appealing combo of pop culture + smell goods; so then, why did I choose Get Fictional?

Foremost, I feel in tune with the brand’s sensibility. Many candle vendors are narrowly focused on a specific fan group, such as Young Adult fiction readers. I enjoy YA too, but appreciate that this maker, Keely Ann, shows the love across various forms of entertainment: books, tv, film and comics. The aesthetic is a bit darker and edgier without being gory or macabre. I love that there is a Classic Horror candle line inspired by Frankenstein and the poetry of Poe. GF is also the only vendor I’ve seen featuring a candle from a favorite film of ours, Moulin Rouge, a certain future purchase.

Several size and price options are available with 12, 9 and 4 oz. candles. The 9 oz. have crackle wicks which I enjoy burning mostly in the kitchen. I purchased two 9 oz. amber jars from the Pick Two! Bundle offer while Get Fictional was running a sale and received 2 for $22. Regular price is $13.50 ea.20180506_154228Fragrance: Mornings are for Coffee & Contemplationcoffee beans, vanilla, pine trees. Dark roasted bean aroma with bold notes of toasted malts. Lightened a touch by fragrant floral vanilla and sweet Irish cream. The pine is mild and almost unnoticeable but for a few wayward breezes when searching for it, adding a hidden depth. Overall stimulating, soothing and slightly bitter, just like Chief Hopper himself (I think he’d approve).

Performance: As I hovered over the jar taking photos, I really wanted this throw to be a good one and behold, it was! Difficult to achieve with soy wax, it produced a consistent medium strength in less than 30 min. The crackling wood wick is subtle, not over-the-top. My only wish is that the pine note was more apparent. 20180506_154811I know I’ve talked Stranger Things at ya’ before, but while I’m referencing the show, let me endorse the music selections from the soundtrack I’ve been listening to on repeat for months. Stranger Things: Music from the Netflix Original Series. The second season companion album interlaces eighties songs with sound bytes from both seasons. I’ve been channeling some heavy Joy Division ever since. The wicked album art also provides a fitting candle backdrop.
20180506_155405 (1)The other candle from my Pick Two Bundle is book related and I intend to use it when I read the novel for the Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid Challenge. I’ve actually been successful at reading more often than I have been binging Netflix, BUT I also may have danced a lil’ jig of joy when teaser videos for season 3 of ST started popping up online. So far, it’s only slow-motion black and white facial shots with a lot of smiling and the back of Steve’s coiffed head, but I’m stoked. What about you fragrance fans? What are you anticipating today; the 3rd Stranger Things, a new read, a fresh candle, a cup of coffee or all of the above?

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  1. Allll of the above 🖤. Thank you for such a stellar and thorough review. I appreciate it so, so much, and I am so thrilled you’re enjoying your candles.

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    1. YES! Me too on the above and I thank you so much for stopping by and reading Keely<3 I'm excited to try the 2nd candle from my order since this one was excellent. I'm also eyeing the Iron Man and Deadpool candles…


    1. Truer words never spoken–coffee makes me better. I often make my boss chuckle by groaning cofffeee in a zombie-like voice on my way to the coffeemaker if I’ve gone too long without.
      Thanks Doreen, I am happy with the candle and the pictures. The last one may have been taken Upside Down;)

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      1. That’s funny. I could hear you moaning coffeeeeee… I love bulletproof coffee. And my grandmother taught me to use heavy cream in my coffee. No sugar. What about you?


        1. Would you know it, I just heard the term bulletproof coffee last week as I was starting a new low-carb diet (not Keto, but a modified version) apparently I was eating in the mid-hundreds in carbs daily w/o realizing it:/ But I’m attempting to get smarter about what I consume-one surprisingly easy switch was from sweetened creamer (a two year habit) to heavy creamer, sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon (no sugar). As a cancer survivor, I’m always curious about ways to keep the toxins at bay-thanks for mentioning it and I’ll let you know if I try the bpc:)

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          1. Congrats on being a survivor – that is huge! And for taking control of what you eat. Also huge! It is really challenging these days as we get busier and busier and we are surrounded by frankenfood loaded with carbs and sugar. I love the Bulletproof guys podcast. Lots of great info there!
            Isn’t it curious how we here of something, and then it’s everywhere?
            Sorry took me so long to respond here – I try to be regular but I get distracted…


    1. Thanks Jess, happy to see your avatar, lol! Burning beats melting for me, one of the few scent profiles when that happens, along with cologney-scents, cinnamon and any thing in the soapy family.
      This candle was a hit, prob my favorite new brand, I’m looking forward to lighting the second one.


  2. This candle sounds amazing. I am a sucker for a wood wick. I am planning on reviewing the Fraser candle you gifted me a while back. I have been saving it for the summer thunderstorm burning. I will definitely be checking this company out. And HUZZAH for Stranger Things 3!!!


    1. I am beginning to embrace the wood wick, it really suited the scent and look of this candle too. Oh it’s delicious, although, the one I sent you was a different bookish company. I hope you enjoy burning and it puts you in the tempestuous stormy atmosphere required for a summer storm candle lighting.
      I’ll see your Huzzah and raise you a Hip, Hip, Horray for more ST:)


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