Candy Panda Wax-preorder review

20180415_140549 (1)At the time of Candy Panda Wax’s pre-order in January, two factors influenced my decision to purchase: I was about to embark on a lengthy wax no-buy and was craving clean linen blends something fierce. I’d only tried CPW’s scents through samples with sugar scrub orders, or cups gifted from others and I was eager for more. Although my wax no-buy was short-lived and not-so triumphant, the Spruce It Up sampler did tame that clean laundry craving.

My Candy Panda produces the wax side of Candy Panda Wax (except for maybe the large wax bundt cakes, I’m not sure of the arrangement) and was the source for the pre-order updates and shipping. Ordered January 19th and arrived within the 9-10 week TAT on April 4th.

Spruce It Up sampler:

12 clean blends + 1 mystery scent $13.00, $10.75 flat shipping (U.S. only). Favorites noted with a ♥20180415_142017 (1) Pillow Fight- lilac, honeysuckle, citrus + clean-washed, sun-drenched cotton. Pungent lilac petals override any other note, but leaning in provides a light citrusy kick. A lover of live lilacs, but the the fragrant oil gives me a headache if left too long. Still, nothing welcomes Spring like this flowery perfume.

Morning Mist- breezy air, fresh flowers, woods. The scent transports to the misty moors of a pebble-grey English countryside. Mossy hues of green swell underneath lush rain-soaked earth. The wind is up, crackling ozonic air foretells an approach of an oncoming storm. Melted with the windows open, this created the most ahhh-inducing freshness. ♥

Flower Crown- violet, orange blossom, white amber, vanilla orchid and crisp linen. More delicate florals than lilac are friendlier to my nose. An unexpected creamy woods garlanded with fern fronds, leaves and petals. Gentle as the lazy drone of bumblebees and sweet as pixie dust, Flower Crown makes me want to plant a playful fairy garden.♥

Soul Oasis- fresh and clean fruity spa Candy Panda blend. I’ve yet to melt, but notice a melon aroma mingled with watery essence. Nothing enchanting, but mildly pleasant.

Spring Cleaning- fresh sheets. The exact freshly laundered clean I’ve been looking for is satisfied by this scent. No detergent or dryer sheet, instead, sparkling bright spic-and-span clean. An airy, elegant breeze of a scent that I’d be happy to mist on my sheets.♥

Ghost Town- Blackberry Sage (tart blackberries + herbal sage) + crisp, clean cotton. The berries are zingy, not sweet, with hints of sour greens. A harmonious balance between the fruity and earthy, but it also conjures a floral perfumed note, which I’m not keen on. At first impression, I thought it was the sage, but after more sniffs, I believe there’s another berry present. On the fence until I melt this one. 20180421_150220.jpg Two Sheets to the Wind- dryer sheets soaked in fresh cucumber and kiwi. I switched to dryer balls because they are better for the environment, but this has the unmistakable briskness of scent-drenched dryer sheet. Don’t know if it’s Bounce or April Fresh, but it clings to the nostrils with profuse chemical strength. Not unexpected for a detergent blend, though I wish the fruitiness had come out more.

No Face Takes a Bath- fruit-infused water and fresh, citrus linens from your favorite spa. Sweet melons and mandarins in sparkling water create a lively sun-kissed citrus tonic.♥

Spirit in the Sky- creamy vanilla + fresh cotton. A similar blend to my beloved creamy cotton by Pour Girls’ Wax makes me very excited since PG rarely holds restocks. A caress of fluffy cotton with vanilla orchid and warm musk undertones. Pure, soft and dreamy thanks to the airy floral, and hint of sweet powder finish. Aptly titled for a melt as uplifting as this. ♥

Rainy Days- green apples, musk and cedarwood + fresh citrus and dew drops. A soft-falling summer rain that passes quickly, leaving everything warm and shimmering. LOVING the cedar and musk combination characterizing the deep, dark woods after a storm; wet earth, dripping fruit and cool air. Definitely the most complex scent in the bunch. 

• Sweet Sheets- sweet pea blossoms and clean sheets. The fresh sheets note from above blooming with the sheer fruitiness of luscious sweet pea petals.

• Mahogany Cotton- clean cotton, coconut, oakmoss, vanilla and mahogany. Rich vanilla paired with the tannic bitterness of mahogany is beguiling. Made quite summery by crisp cotton and smoothed out by yummy coconut. A perfect B&BW dupe.♥20180418_100134Clean Getawayfresh sheets, pine needles and tangy citrus. The mystery scent was a curious combo of frothy surf and fruity Flinstones vitamins, but in a good way. I don’t remember pine specifically, but it explains the reason I enjoyed it so much. Because this was the first one I melted and forgot to take notes, what I remember most is, it was unique, robust, and I would purchase it in a 5 pack.

All but Two Sheets and Clean Getaway were light-medium in my living room.

My sister also wanted to try Candy Panda and I talked her into ordering a sampler too, so that we could save on shipping. I’m an ardent team fresh devotee, but she is a bonafide lavender freak and chose the Bedtime Stories sampler, which made me happy as my second choice. 

Bedtime Stories Sampler:
9* scents + 1 mystery $10.00. *Unfortunately, until searching the scent list I didn’t realize that two scents were missing from our order. I’ve been having bad luck with that recently and feel especially sorry since they were from my sis’s sampler, but I will make it up to her by sharing mine. Lines drawn through the missing blends below.20180421_144243Baby Bee- powdery blend of vanilla, peach, and sugar (inspired by Burt’s Bees)
• Babydoll- pink sugar + lavender chamomile
• Baby’s Room- bubble bath, violet baby powder, and sweet peony
• Bedtime Bath- lavender chamomile baby bath
• Counting Sheep- soothing floral blend of lavender and chamomile with a powdery, cotton base
• Goodnight Moon- lavender + Sinus Relief (Vick’s vapor rub)
• Little Boy Blue- blue sugar, lemon drops, and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
• Lullabye- calming lavender, fresh lilac, and mimosa♥
• Three Little Kittens- baby powder, French lavender, musky amber, and sweet vanilla beans

*Mystery scent*-London Bridge- a fresh detergent scent with a light floral and soft powdery base.

Of course I wouldn’t melt her wax, however, after initial sniffs I noted the freshest to be Counting Sheep while my favorite is Little Boy Blue. Any combination of blue sugar with CP’s yummy marshmalloween is a winner. The lavender vanilla in Three Little Kittens smelled exceptional too.

Samples in one of my top ten scents, Meet Me in the Woods and itty bitty Femme Fatale (vbn, fruit loops)

While it’s true I didn’t love all the scents, I gathered a few favorites for repurchase. Finding an abundance of quality fresh blends that are unique isn’t easy, but My Candy Panda makes it look effortless with these sophisticated nuanced versions. And oh yeah, for the cereal and fruity lovers, a blueberry and a fruit loops sampler were available. Yuli is planning a Ready-To-Ship Restock for May 18th. Good luck and let me know if you order!

6 thoughts on “Candy Panda Wax-preorder review

  1. Aw, man, what’s that missing BS all about? I can detect a note of annoyance, justified. Having said that, these scents sound quite up your alley – glad breaking the ban (how about the term “modified”?) turned out so well for you in that respect. 🙂


    1. Oh no! I hope I didn’t sound too annoyed, truly I’m annoyed with myself for not realizing it sooner. There were so many scents to sniff with similar sounding names I lost track. I know Yuli would have corrected it right away had I told her of the mistake.
      Happily, she read my post and messaged me about the missing scents insisting that she send them. Totally impressed by her response and kindness and customer service. So all ends well…
      More than well, these are so much up my alley that I’ve moved in and made myself at home. Rarely does a scent craving and interest become so well aligned with the actual results of my order. I love it!

      And hey, just a minor distinction, but I ordered this in January pre-ban with every intention of them being my last hurrah. The Lasting Scents, CFTKR and other preorder from Feb, now THOSE would be my ban breakers:(
      Only a couple hours left of April, however, which means I’ve well and truly abstained from buying wax for a month. Woo, that feels good!


      1. No! No, you didn’t sound miffed – that was probably just me projecting, because I’d be miffed. I purchase so few things now and I pay such a mind to how very little I get for outrageous shipping fees that when something goes wrong, as it nearly always does in some small way, I’m super grumpy about it. But no, you didn’t sound unduly annoyed. Totally awesome of the Candy Panda-ess to make it right, and in such a nice, timely manner, too. I love to see that.

        And doesn’t it feel good to not spend, weirdly? It’s a bizarre feeling. Even more bizarre when you break the fast and are suddenly fretting about spending, like, 10 bucks. 🙂 Proud of you, my friend – time to melt, melt, melt!


  2. These photos are lovely! And I love those mossy fuzzy rocks. I picked some up for Savanna’s party. I got a fresh type (Man Bun) sampler from them a while back and it was nice but I don’t really find myself reaching for them as much. I do love the sound of No-Face and Spirit. And Meet Me in the Woods is one I always just know I would love. Having a TAT this long can be fun. Kinda set it and forget it. You will have a fresh and clean smellin’ home.


    1. Thanks, I had some elaborate ideas for these photo with cup shapes but eventually just went with what worked simply.

      It’s funny because I believe we enjoy the same scent profiles 100%, but within those scent types our preferences veer. I have been on this little wax melting journey for a shorter period than you and find my scents changing, often recognizing the same dislikes you have mentioned; I can’t handle the strong powdery notes that I used to and like a little more complexity with my ‘clean’ scents. Fortunately, these were exactly what I was looking for at the time, sort of a serene clean mood.

      Yes, those grassy rocks last made an appearance in my Spring Bunny copper tray during Easter 2017, this year I didn’t even put up a single bunny but I’ve been making use of them as photo props. They shed like the dickens, though:/


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