Candles from the Keeping Room Haul part 2: Fruity scents

Don’t these sunny wax shapes and colors make glad a dreary start to Spring? I won’t bore you guys with weather chitchat for long, but it snowed the first ten days of April here. And now that we’re headed into the second straight 70-degree day, it’s the perfect time to grab some sunshine. 20180326_152304Which I can do, outside and in, thanks to these fruity scents I received from Candles From the Keeping Room.

I mentioned in Part 1 of my haul that, due to Carol’s (understandable) inventory controls I missed out on some wished-for scents. With no bakery aims, nor highly sought after strawberry blends, I thought it’d be fine; however, I didn’t expect the fruity combos to disappear so quickly. Below is the fruity half of my haul I managed to nab, with a little vanilla goodness for variety. Favorites get a ♥.

Should I report the good news first, or the bad? I loved one of these citrus combos and detested the other. I’ll spill the bad first, then it’s all uphill from here.

Grapefruit Lemongrassthis is an eye opening blend of grapefruit and lemongrass to awaken your senses. When I opened the box, I thought this smelled lovely but picking it up to melt a week later, I could tell it was not going to meet my expectations. Throwing with such an artificial soapy note, I had to turn it off, a rarity for me. When I say ‘soapy’, I’m not describing the freshly poured hand-crafted kind with essential oils. I speak of the noxious eye-burning ammonia odor that lingers long after you’ve washed up at the turnpike rest stop. I have no clue what went wrong with Grapefruit Lemongrass, but you know what they say? When life gives you little lemon wax melts, you never melt them because they sorta stink and are too adorable to use anyway. Is that not how the saying goes?

Indian Summer-The top of this fragrance starts off with notes of ripe strawberry, fresh pear and green apple balancing on notes of basil and geranium. Background notes of warm oak and fresh greenery round out this fragrance. Exact opposite realm of the first scent. Inspired by that hazy weather singularity, when warm, sunny, calm days lengthen the summer season into Autumn. A perfect name for this mingling of tart berries and ripe harvest fruits. The pop of pear accentuated by flowering grasses and greenery sweetens and freshens with an uplifting dewiness. It’s utterly poetic, however, the throw is milder than I’d hoped.♥

20180411_145533Vanilla Bomba strong rich vanilla, rich and creamy, infused with a hint of brown sugar. Not the most exciting melt, but every once in a while the nose needs a break from the complex blends and prefers a simple scent. No offensive notes, just pure golden buttery vanilla, warm and comforting. If this were frosting, I’d eat it out of the can.20180413_081726Blackberry Muska very nice blend of sweet blackberries and musk…not too heavy on the musk. Unlike a straightforward berry note; it speaks of humid Summer nights retiring on the porch, sipping a zesty chilled sangria as the sky shifts ruby-hued and violet streaked before nightfall descends. The air cools, scents grow evanescent and less sticky-sweet as gentle breezes play across the skin. In the glass, the residue of plump muddled fruit remains. A subtle, nuanced fragrance. Lovely.

Boysenberry Santal SpiceCreamy sandalwood and white cedar are brightened with sweet orange and boysenberry. I adore this, but knew I would because I was gifted a piece to try by a friend. The spice is of the smokey incense variety, rather than typical cinnamon and clove. Velvety smooth woods bundled with the crisp aroma of cedar bark makes an earthy lover’s dream. The mix of fruit adds a luscious mouth-watering tang before melding into opulent creamy completion.♥

Samples:20180411_142830Cherry Champagne Toastpop the top and pour yourself a glass of crisp Champagne with the perfect blend of cherries. I do not often reach for cherry scents, but that’s the wonderful part of sampling fragrance-it allows me to melt out of my comfort zone. Bubbling with champagne and something citrusy, this cherry glistens with it’s bright fruit and tart finish. A cheerful, upbeat scent with unexpected layers.

Tropical OasisVoyage to the warm waters of the Pacific where a tropical oasis awaits you. Waiting in a simple wooden hut is a chilled glass of succulent passion fruit, deliciously tart yuzu, sparkling water, guava, and juicy mango mingled with musk, vetiver, and sun bleached wood to relax the body and soothe the mind. Tropical notes are hit or miss to me. Unfortunately, I smell notes of Bora Bora oil, to which I have an inexplicable negative association. It reminds me of kitty litter (same thing with The Bathing Garden’s Summer in a Jar scent). I don’t have a cat, but somewhere I must have come across a litterbox carrying this scent, forever linking the smells in my olfactory senses. No can do.

Shangri-LaA lovely blend of fresh lavender petals infused with soft coconut milk. It’s enchanting, relaxing, calming, inviting, and a bit sexy. I’ve been put off coconut milk scents lately; finding a good one is a challenge. Shangri-La’s about right. Decadent and creamy with an exotic touch of cool greenery but without that briny sourness which ruins a milky scent. The hint of lavender elevates to a soothing, light sophisticated note.

Must get more of these.

Lime Leaf and Lily-The fragrant leaves of the Kaffir Lime from Tropical Thailand are often used to give Thai foods a unique and fresh flavor. This exquisite green fragrance with the delicate aroma of white Lilies to create a complex, fresh scent that’s bursting with spring. Incredibly realistic lime zest blooming with trailing vines for an eye-opening melt with a drop of sugar.♥


Sparkling Pomelo-A unique take on citrus scents, a distinctive blend of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon peel with a surprising hint of effervescence. Aromatic, bright, and zesty. Lively tart fruits which pack a punch. I haven’t melted yet because I’m wary it might enter that soapy territory of the intense grapefruit-lemongrass, I shall report if that happens.

Vanilla VelvetOur original “Vanilla Velvet” has been proclaimed the best vanilla around. Very warm, rich, sweet, high powered vanilla…a definite must try. Perhaps influenced by the cruller shape, but a fried doughnut note wafts my way. A yummy intense vanilla combined with marvelous depth of sugar and spice. This was a scent I tried for and missed in the bagged tarts, so happy I got a chance to experience it.♥

Havana HeatPlayful notes of pineapple and melon blend with sensual suede, pink pepper and tobacco. Sharp dry woods, exotic spicy cologne, freshly cut fruits and the musk of suede. I can’t get enough of these fruit ‘n woods type scents lately, and this is such a winning combo. ♥♥

Whew! That’s one haul, two posts, twenty-six scents including sixteen samples and zero regrets! Candles From the Keeping Room will always peak my interest and with an opening every other month, I have dreams of catching a few more this year, perhaps this Summer I’ll get lucky.

I have a couple more wax pre-order reviews to get to over the next month but also redoubled my wax no-buy efforts, if you happen by any lovely scents or new vendors please share-I will be looking for inspiration on the other side:)

7 thoughts on “Candles from the Keeping Room Haul part 2: Fruity scents

  1. Oh no, litter wax! I occasionally light candles in the entire closet where my cat’s box resides (naw, not like we need the storage space AT ALL) and I have to be sure it’s something I’m not too keen on, or a scent that I’m very nearly done, because forever after that, it will be associated with kitty litter. 😦

    Man, does Carol’s wax ever go fast. So pretty, though, and I love those lumpy little rustic shapes. Grapefruit lemongrass, hmmm…don’t love either of those scents, but I think grapefruit is pretty palatable mixed with a bit of vanilla. Perhaps it’s the lemongrass throwing this one off? But I know exactly what you mean about that astringent, cleaner kind of smell you sometimes run across with citrus scents, it’s so hideous. Just nose-bracingly bad.


    1. Bad enough to qualify for cat closet should be it’s own rating system. That would rank pretty low. At least that scent doesn’t remind me of cat urine, there was a Yankee scent that did, I think.

      Perhaps. I usually like lemongrass, but this was nowhere near the fresh grassy fragrance I’ve enjoyed by other vendors. You win some/lose some w CFTKR. I might need a personal shopper for ordering Carol’s wax bc it seems I enjoy most samples and gifted scents more than what I choose. Maybe a shopper will have faster fingers too…


      1. Anything lemonade (and regrettably, quite a few lemon scents, period) register as urine-y to me. That can be an adjective, right? If not, I’m makin’ it one! There’s also something in RG’s Vanilla Crunch Donuts that when mixed with floral fruits (say, blueberry?) makes me absolutely nauseous. But stick it alongside Raspberry Sauce and we’re all good. Weird.


  2. Such beautiful photos! I love that green dish. The pinks and yellows look so springy against it. Carol really does have a huge list of scents to choose from and most of them are pretty good. I do have a few that are nose pinchers for sure though, bound to happen I suppose. Lime Leaf and Lily is one of my favorites for spring and summer. It is a lovely bright scent. I am assuming the hearts after the scent meant that you like it enough to pick up again maybe? Great order! I missed out on this most recent one. There was a glitch or something. After being chill on wax so long, I think come June I will be ready to place a nice wax order. HOPEFULLY from CFTKR ❤


    1. That jade-like plate is my go to for pastel melts. I use it every couple months. Carol’s list is the most overwhelming of any vendor, partly because they all sound enticing. I appreciate all the samples you’ve sent over the years, it helps me get a small handle on which types to go for.
      Lime and Lily was a great surprise. Yes, I mentioned above the hearts designate favorites, helpful for lengthy reviews.
      A glitch? yikes, I’ve had that happen with other vendors, but I know it’s frustrating and makes me pretty grumpy.
      I’m semi-committed to no wax orders for 3 months, but I may be plotting something in May, not sure just yet. If not, July will be my waxy return:)


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