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wonderberry collageWonderberry Wax is a vendor I’ve been meaning to try but just kept missing that restock boat. Back when I was serious about my wax no-buy, the time was right to stock up on indie body care. This happened to be when I caught Wonderberry’s February post announcing a return of WB bath products. A few months had passed since the previous maker withdrew to be with her family and the b & b line was restored with a face-lift, now featuring soap embeds, sparkle and glitter. Consider me beguiled. The colorful sundries and bright scents inspired festive photos, but sadly only one belongs to me, the rest were gifted to loved ones.  

Large Whipped Sugar Scrubs- approx. 10 oz. – $12.5020180328_130912Marshmallow Fruit Loops- Fruit loops cereal and gooey marshmallows.

The scent of opening a box of Lucky Charms and shaking the marshmallows out into a bowl of Fruit Loops for an ultimate cereal medley. Zesty orange, lime, lemon and tangy sugar dust, loaded with marshmallow fluff. Fruity and pungent, you could trick a blindfolded person into eating this with a spoon, it’s that realistic. Currently sold out.

20180328_131804Tropical Soda- Tropical fruits, yuzu, sparkling waters, and fizzy soda.

Tart as a cherry limeade cooler with splashes of lip-puckering juices, guava and pink grapefruit. Not a scent I’d purchase for myself, but I can’t deny the darling seahorse soap embed, nor the tropical vibes, like sipping an umbrella drink poolside. Currently sold out.

20180328_133940Exotic Coconut- Sweet and creamy coconut with hints of vanilla and exotic musk. B&BW type.

A gorgeous fresh coconut blend. Like cracking open a ripe green husk and scooping the creamy flesh, it urges to be lathered on thickly. Pretty and sweet, kissed with a soft watery floral note. Not a sticky tropical scent, Exotic Coconut has the purity and decadence of high-end body care. I haven’t tried the B&BW version, but I’m in love, and would reorder this for myself.

20180328_132754Barbershop- Amber, bay rum, and musk- that comforting, old-timey scent from when grandpa came home from the barber’s.

Knowing my allegiance to fresh scents, you could probably guess those fruity products weren’t mine. It was a challenge selecting which blend to order for myself, but I’m gratified with my choice. Cooling, strong and invigorating, the best interpretation of Shave Cream I’ve experienced. Imbued with that dapper slickness I adore in barbershop scents, this scrub calms and cools my jets. I wonder if Wonderberry makes it in wax?

The whipped texture is medium-grained, not too coarse for everyday use. I recommend spreading thinly on one body part at a time and working it in for an indulgent polish. 

20180328_132050Since I was gifting, I rounded out my order with WB’s new Aloe lotions. I aimed for matching sets, but the Fruit Loops scent jumped out of my cart within 10 minutes. I learned one cannot stand in the way of people’s Fruit Loop fixation. 

Large bottles contain 8 oz. with a pump dispenser – $12.50. Smaller flip-cap sizes were available too, but all lotions are now sold out. 20180328_133319Sacred Sandalwood- Smooth, silky sandalwood, amber, and earthy florals, on a light musk base.

Aloe vera appears to be having a renaissance moment in body care lately. The same succulent plant my grandma had on her windowsill and snipped a leaf from to soothe cooking burns is showing up everywhere. The natural cooling and skin softening properties work well infused into a light hydrating lotion. My skin enjoys the pampered feel from this but I wish the Sandalwood was more intense. Possessing a fraction of the powdery woods with no lingering fragrance, I must get my beloved Sandalwood from scented oils instead. 

Courtney from Wonderberry is offering a body care preorder on April 20th-22nd and some scrubs are currently available. I like the sweet simple, almost kawaii-inspired berry logo and labels. Also, all this shipped for a flat rate of $8.50, a good value for bath products. The site features some of the sweetest sounding wax in stock at the moment, but I’m trying hard not to see it. Have you discovered any new vendor finds or simple cheerful pleasures?

7 thoughts on “Wonderberry Sugar Scrubs

    1. Thanks Lisa, that’s so nice to hear. These pretty scrubs did most of the work, but I did try to brighten them up since I was dealing with gloomy natural light that day, confetti makes everything a party:)
      How are you? Has it been continuous snow/poor weather for you? I’m craving Spring, for real!


    1. They’re a little cutsey-er? and simpler than the lavish TBGs, but I do like the texture of these. Less thick and sticky than TBG’s tend to be. Yep, you got me pegged!


  1. Ah, so someone new took over? I was sad when Gretchen left but it looks like this is a step for the better even. These look amazing, as do your photos! The Exotic Coconut is calling to me. I am getting into summertime mode over here. The sandalwood and barbershop ones appeal to me too but that coconut… mmmmmm. I love that soap embed too. You are a wonderful gift giver! I hope the recipients love them. ❤ I did recently try out two new-to-me bath and body vendors. One is Libertine, which should be shipping soon and Firebird.


    1. Yes, I believe Courtney, the wax maker creates the bath care now as well. They are being shipped from the same place at any rate because I received wax samples with this that I haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the compliment <3, I pilfered confetti from a leftover library craft and thought it worked well, I'll be using it again I'm sure, instant backdrop!

      Great scent choices, lol, those were my fave too. Truly that coconut is gorgeous and I don't have any TBG to compare side-by-side, but I'd rate this scrub at just above it for coverage and better texture for my skin. They are quite nice!


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