Lasting Scent Candles-last ever order?

Funny how I agonized over my single February wax pre-order during my no-buy, yet, didn’t feel a moment’s anguish at nabbing some Lasting Scent Candles just a week later in March. Of course, that’s mostly due to LSC closing shop this month after many years of successful business and my cold fear that I’d never get another chance to try Pam’s wax. Even with that legit logic guiding my purchase, I’ll admit to acting a little fast and loose in turning this no-buy into a low-buy, i.e. this won’t be the last haul you’ll see.

And since I’ve had books on the brain and typically pair my book reviews with a fragrance, today I’m pulling a switcheroo and matching these scents to books. Because well-crafted fragrance can set a mood, possess character and evoke a memory as strongly as a story. Also, because scents and books are two of my favorite things to blog about 🙂20180321_124144At the onset of the sale, I went directly for the Fall goods. The only other time I’ve ordered LSC, I tried Spring-y scents and didn’t want to miss out on sampling the beloved Fall blends. 

Appley Ever After-(LSC Original Blend) Sweet Macintosh Apples, Sweet Cream, Burnt Sugar and Soft Burning Embers. Exactly like dipping a shiny apple into a pot of melting caramel that’s bubbling and sputtering on the stovetop, letting the warm sauce ooze down, coating the outside and barely cooling before taking a crisp juicy bite, then licking the sticky caramel from each finger. Macintosh is not my favorite apple, but here it’s ultra sweet, not too tart and well-balanced with a hint of wood smoke.

Cabin Fever-(LSC Original Blend) Crisp Fall Leaves, Autumn Spices with a touch of Cedar and Mahogany Woods. On it’s own, cedar is delightful, paired with mahogany it’s a revelation. Crackling with the distinct smell of freshly cut logs awaiting a bonfire. Brittle leaves stirred by an autumn breeze bring contentment and well-being of the outdoors on a Fall day.

Dracula’s Dungeon-A haunting and mysterious blend of Patchouli Oils, Cedar Wood, Incense and a touch of Sweet Vanilla. Fresher than I’d expect the Count’s dungeon to be, more powdery too, but if that’s where his coffin rests, I understand. I prefer my bedroom draped in alluring comfort scents too. Not as potent as some Dragon’s Blood oils, but possessing the same intoxicating mix of heavy spiced patchouli, exotic incense and relaxing musk. I appreciate the absence of floral, but with my regrets to Drac, not sure I’d repurchase if I could.  

Books: Murders in the Rue Morgue, Major Tales & Poems, The Monsters of Templeton, In the Shadow of the Master: Classic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Pumpkin Chill-(LSC Original Blend) Creamy Pumpkin,Vanilla Ice Cream sprinkled with Brown Sugar Crumbles scooped into a Crunchy Waffle Cone. A bready aroma rises reminiscent of freshly baked pumpkin loaf, sliced thick and topped with malted vanilla ice cream. The vanilla is superior, providing an effective frosty ‘chill’ to the blend.

Screaming Apparitions x2(LSC Original Blend) Yummy Pumpkin blended with two types of Sugar and then dipped in Gooey, Sticky Marshmallows. Unexpectedly savory stewed pumpkin with a deep, dark spice bouquet is the secret sauce in this blend. Softened ever slightly by fluffy mallow, creating both a warming and cooling sensation. One of the most unique pumpkin blends I’ve tried. Love this bittersweet bliss.

Spooktacular-(LSC Original Blend) Buttery Cookie Dough blended in some brown sugared apples, Toffee bits, Creamy Caramel and a dash of your favorite Fall spices…baked to absolute perfection! This is a surprise. I don’t even remember choosing cookies in the mad rush of loading my cart, but I’m happy I did. Flowing butter ribbons it’s way throughout, sprinkled with clove, cinnamon and all-spice, layered with diced green apple just browning in it’s juice and topped by chewy candied toffee. Each note present and mingling elegantly with the others, a favorite.20180322_092501 (1)Snowy Pines-(LSC Original Blend) The fresh aroma of Evergreens, Vanilla Bean, Invigorating Mints sprinkled with Sugar Crystals. The incongruous pairing of snowy trees and mint always makes me wonder. Elevated here by the third member of the classic holiday trio, vanilla. These scents work together due to Pam’s blending skills, the conifer needles aren’t sharp or harsh, but herbaceous and peppery while the mint freshens and doesn’t overpower. Vanilla sugar adds a sweet pleasant harmony. Saving this for when I need a bright Winter melt.

Pink Sugar Spruce- (LSC Original Blend) Blue Spruce Sprinkled with White Sugar and blended with our Yummy Pink Sugar. As a pink sugar devotee, I’ve tried a lot of blends, but this is a stunner. A wintry morning walk through a forest instilling a sense of calm and relaxation. The fresh spruce tone vividly brightens up sweet and crystal clear above the bed of candied Pink Sugar perfume. Perfection.

snowy reads
Books: City of Thieves, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Snow Child, Tales of The North

Peppermint Log-(LSC Original Blend) This is our Decadent Best Selling Peppermint Marshmallow Snow combined with our Heavenly White Wedding Cake. I can’t tell you what it is about LSC’s peppermint fluff that I’m not crazy about, but it’s something. I prefer mint to be crisp and clear and this has inauthentic muddled sweetness to it. The cake is present and richly baked but almost chocolatey to me. I know I’m in the minority, and will pass this along to a minty bakery fan. 

Toasted Embers(LSC Original Blend) This is our version of a certain well-loved Fall Candle. Sticky Marshmallows, Hints of a Warm Fire, Woods and Amber, and a little Magic blended in. I’ve overdone the Marshmallow Fireside blends this year but still needed to try Pam’s, just in case. Not a standard MF type, spritely woods peek through as the mallow rises up but isn’t too sweet. A slightly sensual blend perhaps due to the amber and mild smokiness. The test will be if it holds up when melting, but LSC usually throws better than any other soy melt out there. I will miss that. 

20180322_083415Buttermilk and Honey-(LSC Original Mix) Sweet Rich Honey, Mandarin Slices and Soft Amber blended perfectly with Rich Creamy Buttermilk and a touch of Vanilla Sugar.  Purely satisfying nectar of tawny gold honeycomb. The tang of cool buttermilk cuts through the thickness as delicate amber musk uplifts the syrupy concoction, adding an earthy femininity. It evokes the warm sunshine and honeybees encountered on summer days playing in my grandma’s fields and the sure, sweet warmth of her. I melted 1/2 of 2 oz. cup and would repurchase if made available.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone-(LSC Original Mix) My version of that Summer time Favorite. Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream topped on a Sugar Vanilla Waffle Cone. A winning combo of cool cream and mellow vanilla on an airy cake cone. A summer classic straight outta childhood.

beatrix potter
The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Scents I ordered but missed out on and was refunded: Autumn Dreamin and Cast a Spell. I also ordered Autumn Evening Hayride, 2 oz. and was not refunded but didn’t receive it 😦  I understand with the swell of orders escalated to fever pitch because of the shop closing, a few orders were bound to be bungled. I’m sure I’m the only one who wished the 3-limit rule was in place allowing more scent availability, but I’m grateful for what I received.  

If anyone else longs for a few, I’d happily trade for the scents I missed, I have extra Screaming Apparitions and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone and Peppermint Log and Lemon Custard Cookie from a previous order. I’ve heard reports Pam may reopen again to clear out her stock and must rely on secondhand info (I know, get on Facebook already), but I’ll attempt a reorder if so. Such a unique product and scent list will be missed in the wax world. 


10 thoughts on “Lasting Scent Candles-last ever order?

  1. Ooh, I always thought that Vanilla Waffle Cone one sounded soooo good; it seemed pretty popular. As did LSC, but I guess like all people, maybe she needed a break (or was required to take one.) Hoard mode activated on a lot of people, I think. Your order looks great. I never placed an order myself (although you gave me a strawberry cookie kind of scent once), but I’ve always loved those little labels – I’ll miss seeing them.


    1. Is it popular? I know so little about LSC because they essentially exist only on Facebook, I don’t even know when the store is open unless someone tells me or posts about it. On cold, the vanilla is dominant but rather generic, hoping the waffle cone gets stronger on warm.
      Yes! I really love the labels; one of the few wax brands where featuring the labels makes a prettier picture than the wax itself (plus that sticky soy wax is a mess once one takes the lid off). They have such a throwback vibe to the artwork, some remind me of Scooby-Doo graphics! And I can’t imagine how time-consuming it is creating a separate label for each scent. I’ll miss that detail:)


      1. I do remember that about the strawberry (Crunch, I wanna say?) guy you gave me – when I popped the lid off, he was schvitzing like a pudding, just oily stuff everywhere. Was glad for the silicone cutting board I had beneath it.

        Shame about the generic vanilla. 😦 I’m running across that right now with Peeps blends, which are everywhere. You’d think that would be a pretty innocuous scent, right, sugary marshmallow, uh, things (what the hell is a Peep anyways?) But I find it has a kind of sharp, sugary smell that almost “eats” other scents – I made a dupe of VCS’s Jackie O yesterday with Peeps Cake MMs in place of the Birthday Cake, and it was not remotely the same – it was so light, and after a bit all you could smell was that crispy (?) kind of sugar smell. Bummer.


        1. Don’t wanna kvetch, but LSC does schvitz everywhere, oy ve! 🙂
          A Jackie O dupe? very industrious-I have plenty Jackie and shall send you more if you like.


          1. I think you did send me some once, a little blossom that I loved. I’d totally take some off your hands – we need to arrange for a swap, I’ve got a few things for you hanging about. 🙂


          2. Yay, that’s so awesome! I’m going to put together the couple of things I have to send to you, but I really have been melting through so much of my stash, and I have absolutely nothing new (feeling mucho temptation for some Mini Melters, though, particularly as the ones I use the most – Marshmallow Smoothie, say – are running a bit low.) But I might wait until my birthday next week when I typically break into a new sheet cake (with a birthday candle on top, of course) from SMT. I’d like to give you a piece of the peppermint guy I’ve got (kind of a dupe of PCM, actually) but first I need to do it proper bloggy photo justice. You understand. 🙂


          3. Those sheet cake beauties deserve all the photoshoots:)
            I didn’t have much new to send either, I added a few L3ww from Feb, but the two recent orders I got would not be your style RE:spring clean sampler and almost all fresh/earthy CFTKR stuff.
            Ooh, enjoy that birthday sheet cake, SMT’s peppermint is to die for!


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