Any Time of Year Scents?

With the countdown to Spring less than five days away, but our local weather utterly ignoring the calendar by refusing to release Winter’s grip, I am in seasonal candle limbo. What to burn? What to attempt using up, or re-pack for next year?

I’m halfheartedly lighting my Fireside/Redwood Woodwick and Marshmallow Fireside 3-wick just to get through them. Yet, I’m not ready for full-on light, bright flowery Spring fragrance. And with Easter only two weeks away, my poor bunny cake candle doesn’t have a chance to see the light of day, maybe next year. What’s a seasonal burner to do when the season is In-between? Gather some everyday, any time of year scents to switch things up.

20180315_092203 (1)Several of my favorite scent notes are versatile enough to use each season depending on what else they’re paired with, but I have a few go-to’s which fit the any time category on their own.

Large Jars:

Silver Birch– “The slight crispness of an early morning fall breeze mingled with the spicy dryness of just turning leaves.” Top: watery notes, ozone, Siberian pine Mid: clove, eucalyptus, cypress Base: pine, patchouli. Fall may be in the official description, but the clean aftershave quality mixed with crisp woods creates a refreshing atmosphere I find perfect this “transitional” time of year. A scent I rely on in unreliable weather. Light-medium thrower in my living room.

Great Smoky Mountains- Yankee Candle See America collection/limited edition. “Experience clean, fresh air combed through the piney woods of the Great Smokies.” Nostalgia for my long ago trip to the Smoky Mountains gets credit for this one. I loved the idea for a candle line celebrating America’s National Parks, but the scents weren’t as special as I’d hoped. Top: pine needles Mid: juniper Base: cedarwood, pine, patchouli, musk. A brisk green pine dominates sharply with a background of smokiness and something metallic coming out, not sure what that is. The label depicting the beautiful rolling blue-green hills deserved a more layered fragrance. I always think of the Summer storms which sweep through the mountains and valleys in late afternoon and are gone just as quickly, leaving soaked earth; at the very least a variety of trees would have better represented the lush climate of the Great Smoky Mountains. A strong one-note throw.

Campfire Treat- Returning Favorite.The joys of camp….mesmerized by the fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection” Top: marshmallow Mid: crystallized sugar, vanilla fluff Base: cedarwood, glowing embers, firewood. Here’s a candle confession that would get me shunned in the larger candle society: I prefer Campfire Treat to B&BW’s Marshmallow Fireside. First-off, they’re pretty similar profiles, but CT has a cooling sensation to it that I enjoy. Mostly, MF is starting to edge near the overly sweet side to me, while I want the toasted note to be the front-seat driver in the blend. Of course MF has stronger throw, all 3-wicks will out throw a single wick and I admit CT gives intermittent performance at best. The difference is, I burn Campfire Treat any time of year, but Marshmallow Fireside only in the Winter.

Of course MF has stronger throw, all 3-wicks will out throw a single wick and I admit CT gives intermittent performance at best. The difference is, I burn Campfire Treat any time of year, but Marshmallow Fireside only in the Winter.

Honey & SpiceRetired/gifted. “Golden nectar and sugar cane mingle with cinnamon and cocoa to create this gourmand concoction.” Sweet honey, agave, sugarcane, chocolate, jasmine, cinnamon stick, vanilla, cocoa and patchouli. I confess to a time when I was obsessed with this fragrance. There’s something about that dripping honey and thick heady spice that reminds me of a swanky European smoking club, sporting plush chairs, rich woods, leather-bound volumes and sumptuous tapestries while members smoke flavored pipe tobacco and sip old-fashioneds. Or how I imagine a club like it would be. It gives my home that same luxurious feel, however, it is a notoriously light candle. Still, that hasn’t stopped me purchasing two jars and professing my love enough to be gifted another.

Relax:Lavender & Cedarwood– Semi-sale purchase. Calming Lavender Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil. Lavender might be strict Spring/Summer territory for some, but it’s too soothing to deny myself half the year. Layered with one of my favorite oils, crisp crackling Cedar puts it in a special comforting category which requires fulfilling year-round.

20180314_152856Warm Cashmere– UK exclusive/Outlet find. “With a top note of orange for an initial citrus impression, the scent gives way to a heart of cashmere wood, amber and cardamom, before leaving lasting aromas of sandalwood, musk, white patchouli and French vanilla.” I have been craving clean linen scents lately and I hoped this would be a winner. Although I liked it better than U.S.’s Warm Luxe Cashmere, I’m only picking up musk and vanilla, with a sheer wavering citrus. A more sophisticated, dare I say sexier, version of Soft Blanket it may be, but lacking when compared to the model of soft cotton scents, Cozy Sweater.

Soft Blanket 15 oz. tumbler. “A lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.” Cashmere vanilla, powdery rose, tobacco flower, amber, cocoa and musk. Okay, so the teddy bear isn’t sexy. But sniffing this perennial classic is like nestling into a cushy pile of fresh bedding, warm from the dryer; ultra comforting. I notice the powdery note overwhelms more than it used to, but my tolerance for powder bomb types is lessening. Always a solid thrower.

Are your preferences as mercurial as mine this time of year? Not pictured, but much loved are coffee scented candles, I crave them rain or shine. What scent do you turn to no matter the season?

2 thoughts on “Any Time of Year Scents?

  1. Mmmmmarshmallow Fireside – really starting to come around on that one, although it HAS to be in candle form, not a wax tart. There’s just something about that, um, flamey scent? 🙂 It really makes all the difference. Do you know if the Yankee scent is still available, or is he an oldie and goodie?


    1. The Yankee Campfire Treat is a ‘Returning Favorite’ which is what they call retired scents they bring outta retirement for a glory run!
      I’ve sniffed too much toasted mallow this winter, a la what happened w/you and apples last fall.


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