February: Wax and candle recap

20180220_211817 (1)Wow, is my warmer stained, oops. So be it, a symbol of my chaotic wax melting existence this past month. With little rhyme or reason to my choices and habits, as, thanks to my current wax buying hiatus, I’m not reviewing anything new. I’ve gone through all the wax no-buy stages: rummaging through my stash for hidden gems, melting a scent theme, using up older stuff, blindly reaching for a melt, re-rummaging through my stash, and proclaiming, “I’ve got nothing,” while sitting amidst the equivalent of Mount Waxmore. I struggled, and ultimately (written with utmost shame) caved, *more on that in a bit. 

Feeling a lil’ less than inspired to review, but enjoying a few goodies here and there, and consciously melting through some gifted wax. Which leads me to the heart-shaped trio of scents by Candles from the Keeping Room pictured above.

Tokyo NightsA subtly exotic and beautiful fragrance, filled with amber and sweetened with hints of plum…also in this fabulous scent are pineapple, hint of blueberry, amber wood, a hint of strawberry and raspberry and a splash of vanilla oak and coconut. What complex chemistry is this? Ultra-rich coconut and prominent plums provide uplifting fruitiness with a sprinkle of relaxing powder. Then the surprising mix morphs into a concentrated marshmallow ambrosia with pineapple bits, tart berries and pillowy cream. An ever-changing juicy melt that’s heady, sensual and airy, that’s what CFTKR’s Carol does so well. 

Maple Cashmere-a unique Maple scent…a whispering maple top note nestles on a bed of light musk, woody, hint of green, with a splash of creamy vanilla. This melted to a strong but harsh soapiness that wasn’t recognizable as maple, or soft cashmere, or even a fresh clean soap which I like on occasion. A rare miss by Carol.

Beachwood VetiverClose your eyes and breathe in the exotic salty sea air with its notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine, carnation, and vetiver followed by sun dried driftwood and the tanginess of seaweed. Ooh, so nice. I’ve melted this exact driftwood note in a Super Tarts scent that soured horribly, but with Beachwood Vetiver it’s uplifted to that sweet spot that’s soft, yet, possesses a chewy wood note one can sink their teeth into. Fresh ozonic breezes with fruit and woods? I’m sold. Collage melts (2)February’s wax melt haphazadry(?) even led me to grant carte blanche to my husband, permitting him to grab anything he chose to melt. Inevitably something’s always off-limits because I haven’t photo’d it or I’m saving a certain piece, etc. A fun experiment that proved beyond doubt, we are scent opposites. First he chose a strawberry sugar milk sample from Vintage Chic Scents, more VCS’, Milk Glass, Election Day from The Scented Squirrel (apple pie + American cream) and Ravenclaw by Super Tarts (blue raspberry + lavender, loved♥). The two middle pieces were a bundt shape of Winter Palace by The Bathing Garden that overwhelmed me with berry, I modified it with a Rosegirls’ Nag Champa mini-melterwhich amped it up even more, but made my husband exclaim “That’s amazing!”

*So, I’m struggling with my wax no-buy. I’ve done them for a limited time before but haven’t wrestled with myself to this extreme to abstain. Last weekend (Saturday nights are especially vulnerable for some reason) after passing up many tempting vendor restocks, I impulsively ordered from a new-to-me brand. Empire Alchemy Wax listed numerous blends that were right up my scent street, I couldn’t resist and didn’t try too hard. I’ll receive the pre-order in a month and hope they work out, but I’m disappointed in myself. Maybe, as Sandra, from Finger Candy extols, low-buys are the safer way to go? 20180226_090340Project candle update: managed to finish off four candles in February, wooo! That’s a lot for me and it was easy since three were halfway burned and the Root candle was accidentally left going overnight in the bathroom. Not a recommended method for using up one’s candles, major oops!

I have a back-up of Christmas in Paris from Yankee’s World Journey collection and plan to re-purpose the jars from my beloved Snow Mountain Lodge and the friendly looking Jack FrostJapanese Cedarwoood was a fundraiser jar but unfortunately smelled of cheap floral perfume. I’ve heard great things about Root, but unsure if I’ll try again. 20171231_164702 (1)I know that I haven’t been around as much lately; writing, reviewing or visiting others. There was a dip in February last year too, it’s such a busy time of year. I also devoted many prime time hours to watching the Winter Olympic Games every chance I could, (total Olympic addict). Otherwise, I’ve felt off-kilter for awhile now in blogging and social media use and I’m not sure how it will resolve. With plans for books and candle updates sometime in March, I hope to catch up with everyone then. How are you faring with wax or candle low/no/rebuys? What else is up in your worlds, friends? Any fellow Olympic-viewing fiends? What to do with post-games withdrawal?


5 thoughts on “February: Wax and candle recap

  1. Until I stumbled across your blog, I thought wax for candles consisted of huge slabs of plain wax found at a local Ben Franklin store. I’m fascinated by all the options and am inspired to try making candles from your blog posts.


    1. Hey Lisa, I’m glad you stumbled in and reading your comment is music to my eyes:)
      Working at Yankee Candle started my fragrance love, but all of the marvels currently made by small business vendors keeps my obsession going. Feel free to ask questions anytime and keep me updated, I love to chat wax.

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  2. Haven’t been an Olympic addict for a long, long time (especially since we literally, as in physically, cut our cable – makes just flipping through the channels and deciding, “Huh, bobsled at 2 am seems like a good idea” a little difficult. Takes some of the fun out of it, actually.) I have great memories of the Nagano Olympics during my second year of university – we were all burning the midnight candles at every end possible, going to school all day, going to the pub to dance at night, and then watching Olympics until 4 am every day. A friend of mine attempted to get out of writing a test on account of his “Olympic fever” – our teacher said no frickin’ way, but at least he smiled. 🙂

    But if you are – were, as they’re now way passed – an Olympic junkie, we hopefully have much to discuss about Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Oh my lord, they are sex on skates. I’m down with the rest of the country – those two need to get it on. Possibly in the midst of a performance. It could only do great things for their scores.

    Sorry to hear your wax ban is giving you grief. The reason I do extol – nice word – low buys is because that way when you slip up a bit, you don’t feel so bad and get so darn down on yourself for perceived faults. I hope your order is awesome; it’s always fun to find a new vendor, and there are so few of them these days, it seems. As you noted, closures left, right and centre.


    1. Yes, they’re pretty hot, no argument there. Admittedly, I’m an unabashed patriot who roots for US above all (I was ridiculously happy our men’s curling team finally won gold) but our ice dancing pairs weren’t too exciting this time. I convinced myself the Shibitani sibs were cute, not creepy, so I could root for them. I was most touched by the Italian team, I think. Fell in love with the event though, such beautiful choreography and perfection timed to soaring music ❤ Infatuated with some slopestyle dudes and women, too, literal withdrawal.

      Yeah, thanks, shoulda listened to you in the first place. I also believe I'm more discerning on a low buy rather than letting my discontent build up, torturing myself and ordering anything that catches my eye. I have to say, I think it's outta my system now, priorities shifted and all that.


      1. I used to be a huge figure skating fan as a kid/young person when I lived at home and my parents watched it allllll the time (ah, the Battle of the Brians, Kurt Browning and Casablanca, wee little Elvis Stojko, Torvill and Dean going way, way back.) So I admittedly don’t follow it much now, but I’m sort of informed – and I’ll never not be freaked out by sibling dance/pair pairs. I liked the Shibs’ number to Coldplay, but damn, you just can’t set the ice on fire like Virtue and Moir do when you’re trying to stare all lustily into your brother’s eyes. Also, Virtue and Moir look like a Disney couple come to life – he’s a total Prince Eric (just hopefully not as DUMB) and she’s Snow White on skates. You know, with a bit of face-sitting!

        Some of those slopestyle folks are hot, hot, hot – always had mad love for the extreme sport set (as have you, am I not mistaken? Always keen for the snowboarders when I was younger.) Mark McMorris, who won something right at the beginning of the games, is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on the slopes – Canada turns out some pretty hot X-types.


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