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20180219_103926Less than two years ago, if someone had told me I’d be using indie vendor bar soaps, I might have smiled while giving them the side eye. But, if they’d told me my husband would be using and loving them, I’d allow a wide berth and think they were nuttier than a soup sandwich. He has been a gold Dial bar man since I can remember, buying them by the six-pack, until one day last year he realized he’d run out just when heading into the shower. I jumped up and said, I got you, while grabbing the bar of Old Whaling Co. soap I’d tucked away. A prize from the giveaway package I’d won from Heather and Alyson of Southern Sisters’ Wax, I knew nothing of the brand. I sniffed it, thought, that’s nice, and forgot about it in a bathroom drawer until that moment.

A few days later, I was stunned when my husband mentioned, “Oh, that soap you gave me? I love it, it’s so fresh, it smells great!” If my invariably routined spouse was embracing a soap change, that was all the green light I needed.

20180218_115050For Christmas, I ordered him a soap and body butter bundle in the same Indigo & Rice scent. Two 5.5 oz. bars of handmade soap with an 8 oz. tub of body butter were $20, shipped for $6.60. There is a free U.S. shipping over $40 offer on the website. A family-owned business established in Charleston, South Carolina in 2012; I enjoy the clean, coastal prep look of the company and packaging.

Indigo & Rice- named for South Carolina’s cash crops, Indigo is a flower that produces a bright blue dye. With the rich warm scent of Sandalwood, lemon and vetiver, both men and women love this scent.

What my husband likes is the gentle skin feel from coconut, olive and soybean oils and especially loves the not harsh or perfumey fresh scent. To me, it has a unique invigorating quality that evokes a day of calm seas and cool breezes on a sailboat rather than sandy seaweed and salty waves at the beach. As with all bar soaps, keeping them dry between uses is key to avoid the soggy mess they become as they break down. A draining soap dish with lid helps. My husband cuts these in half (they’re pretty large) to help extend their life.

20180218_114425The Indigo & Rice body butter has the same clean and refreshing fragrance. When massaged into the skin as directed, it’s medium-thick consistency is not runny and stays put where you need it to combat dry winter skin. I’ve sneaked a little of the lotion myself, the scent lingers lightly and makes my skin smooth and bouncy. The shea butter and aloe create a winning combination, I’ll be ordering more, for both of us.

Also, if you noticed I mentioned two soaps were included in the bundle, it’s true. Only one’s pictured because my husband unwrapped and popped his in the shower before I could photograph them. Not ideal for blogging, but gifts take priority over posts, so I couldn’t blame him.

20180218_120340 (1)Included with the bundle were two soap sliver samples in a pleasant French Lavender and refreshing essential oil Spearmint and Eucalyptus. These are scented more boldly than the Indigo & Rice. Old Whaling Co. also provided a beautifully styled mailer catalog with inviting photos and descriptions of their soaps, bath bombs, butters and salt scrubs. This will spark plenty of inspiration for future orders, I have my eye on Sea La Vie and Coastal Calm products.

In six degrees of separation news; when I received the package, I found a note from the vendor, writing to say her mom lives nearby in what happens to be the village where I work. While honeymooning in Charleston (another reason we have fondness for local products from the region) we noticed many serendipitous connections between Ohioans and South Carolinians. My husband and I fell in love with the laid-back, friendly coastal community and hope to revisit it for an anniversary soon. Perhaps we’ll check out Old Whaling Co.’s storefront, opened this year, on Ashley Hall Road or catch them while strolling the shops at historical Charleston City Market.

Any scents or products inspiring vacation dreams for you?


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