Notes from the Stash: retired vendors edition

Notes from the stash retired vendors2As news of more wax shop closures spread this month, I’ve reflected on the many vendors I’ve seen come and go during my relatively short history as an indie wax buyer. Gathering my remaining wax piles from these vendors I pondered this phenomenon as the owners of one of my favorites, Southern Sisters’ Wax, announced they too decided to move on. Saddened by these closures, however, I understand the creators choosing to pursue other facets of their lives, personal and professional. I’ll bid my adieu by melting through my stash and savoring these scents, knowing there won’t be another order to follow them.  20180121_152251 (top left-clockwise):

One last wax round-up with these brands, all but one from 2016:

Wild Vine Soapery- My first ever vendor wax purchase, in May of 2016, was Wild Vine Soapery. The maker Lindsey displayed the sweetest nature, often responding directly to her customers, many of whom still miss her. Some even starting a hashtag in support, after her disappearance from the wax world sometime last year. I have a handful of WVS scents left and as I melt through them, I’m surprised most improved with age. This is a business I hope returns someday.

House of Phoebe- I fell hard for HoP during the Fall/Winter of 2016, and although Casey only restocked maybe 5 times, I ordered from at least 3 or 4 openings and featured the shop on this blog. As my sister and a good friend were also customers, I’ve sampled nearly all of her blends. I’ll miss the excellent scents from the Women of Ice and Fire collection, especially Cersei and Margaery, the latter was the favorite rose note I’ve tried from any vendor yet. It reminded me of my grandma’s precious European-style rose garden. Though Casey quietly closed House of Phoebe last summer, I managed to acquire more of her wax through a swap with another generous vendor. 

Wax Junkie Melts- Sierra, the young entrepreneur behind Wax Junkie, still spreads her vendor love to deserving wax makers on social media, even though she no longer creates any herself. She has a good eye (and nose) and I always note her thoughts, not to mention her rambles are positively entertaining. Above was my remaining wax cup in Mahogany Coconut, and it aged well, throwing like a champ.

Lasting Scent Candles– I was able to grab only one pre-order from this beloved brand in 2017 and after many years in business, there’s been an outpouring of emotion and tributes to Pam since the announcement. I have 1.5 cups left plus a smidge of a loaf gifted by a friend. This brand stood out not only for incredible combinations but an interesting super sticky soy wax, that threw well. Also a stand-out to me because the scents I typically enjoy, such as earthy patchouli and minty mallow, I didn’t, but her bakery blends, I loved. I hear she’s selling the last of her stock soon, if any kind friend would take pity and also let me know as they are jumping to order, it would be wax-ban busting worthy! 

**Sugar Blossom Candles- Another soy wax vendor I enjoyed. Jessica’s Homemade Cranberry Bars blend smelled so much like the real thing, I couldn’t get enough. **Not actually fully retired, possibly retiring? There’s currently some products still available in the SBC etsy shop, but no update since summer of ’17.

Southern Sisters’ Wax- I will miss this brand most of all because of the special ladies behind it. Heather and Alyson’s creations with a Southern flair and sensibility were some of the first indie waxes I purchased and reviewed. They also held a giveaway where the generous prize I won introduced me to several new-to-me vendors at the time, including Candy Panda Wax.

SSW channeled the sass of Dolly Parton and the class of Gone With the Wind, with a little bit of Graceland flash thrown in, all were scent inspirations. Known for their cute piggy-shaped “Glitzy” molds and their fun samplers, I had a fondness for their fresh scents Blush and Bashful, Heather’s Dixieland Delight and Dixon Evander. Ladies and business owners who take time to lift up the others around them will be successful at whatever they do and I wish them both all of the prosperity their hearts desire.

House of Usher Wax Museum- 20160814_120955House of Usher had a unique style and injected impressive amounts of detail into  collections, like the Halloween sampler above. I admit, I never found the black wax cups appealing and didn’t experience much throw, with one or two exceptions. But the themes! Gothic poets, literary classics and horror movies, it was always fun to see what was on offer. retired vendorsThere have been many others who closed their virtual doors since 2016. I still have some scents from Smell Goods Wax and Save Your Scentses and Create Beauty Boutique. There are a few below who I wished to try but either missed out on or never got around to catching. 

  • Lake Providence Lodge
  • Moo Scents
  • Scoopable Tart Wax (closing later this year) 

I can only imagine a fraction of what it must take to create a successful small business and I applaud the makers who can envision, establish and maintain a wax brand, not to mention the constant marketing required. Many makers also work, parent, or attend school full time; I’m exhausted at the thought. Bravo to these bright stars of the wax world, whether short-lived, or scenting homes for a decade, I thank you for enriching mine.

Any I’ve forgotten? Is there a vendor you hated to see go or wished to experience, but didn’t? Who is missed the most?

13 thoughts on “Notes from the Stash: retired vendors edition

    1. I know, she had such unique ideas for blends and most worked:( Ah well, at least Bonjour’s doing better than ever, did you see Mandi’s changing to a new wax formula?


  1. You may add K’s Kreations to that list as well; she announced that they’d be closing the wax side of things the other day. They were the first vendor I ever melted. 🙂 Did I send you a piece of her rainbow brittle? I hope I did, it was great stuff, and so pretty, too.

    Jeepers, do you suppose there’s something in the water right now? Because it seems like everybody – vendors and their customers alike – are kind of pulling back from the wax and bath and body stuff a bit? Even Lush doesn’t seem very popular any more (I gave up on them ages ago.) It’s kind of weird, no?


    1. You know, I’m beginning to think there is something in the water, or in the scented air. I wonder if these many shop closures are a tipping point of some kind? Hmm, there does seem to be a new vendor opening every other day though, too. I think what’s changing seems to be taste, what worked once isn’t what customers crave these days…I’m sad to hear about K’s Kreations and alarmed, because, would you believe I just scrolled through her scents and made a wish list a few days ago (that’s what a wax no-buy does to me) and I also had a wish list for LPL before they closed. Crap, hope I’m not the kiss of almost-ordering wax death:(

      P.S. that rainbow cookie bread was beautiful and I loved it! Still have a bit I was saving.


      1. Oh, I believe it, because I did it myself – I had a big ol’ list for K’s on my phone at the end of last year. So I don’t think you’re the kiss of death. I think it’s most likely just a confluence of a whole bunch of changing behaviour on the part of both the customers and the vendors. I can’t even think of anything I want or “need” aside from some hoped-for Haunted Mansion-themed wax from The Melting Duck, and that’s just something on my wish list, not a guarantee! SMT customs maybe, because I apparently don’t ever learn my lesson.


        1. It is a strange time for wax, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. There’s a lot (too much) out right now I’m excited about and one of my favorite parts of melting is figuring out how my tastes and preferences are changing.

          How fun! TMD Haunted Mansion theme sounds like a need, I mean you are practically an official ambassador. As for SMT, they got you good, or you got them bad or whatever. Someone’s a glutton for punishment, but it is fun rolling that wax die.


  2. 2018 is shaking out to be a year of change for many. Not just wax. I was so bummed when my all-time favorite perfumer hung up her perfume testing strips. There is also rumor of one more of my favorite perfumers thinking about moving on. I wish all these ladies the best. I will do my best to enjoy the last that I have of their creations. Kyme at Bohemienne Life is moving on form wax too, she is going to do mostly EO soaps from here on out. I don’t think Carol will be making wax forever either given her husband’s health and wishing to slow down a bit. I will miss her most when she decides to retire.

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    1. I know you are losing some loves, I don’t know much about those perfumers, but is Sonoma Scents Studio closing? If so, I’m grateful for the lil vial of Equestrian you gifted last year, I shall relish wearing it more:)
      After you posted about Kyme’s change, I perused her site and nearly ordered, such lovely products and so many bookish-inspired scents! What a shame to lose a gifted wax vendor. There are a couple of other small vendors I’m worried will be closing too due to a supply issue or other reasons. Speaking of, I do hope Carol produces a while longer, I only ordered once, but oh my gosh, all of the lovely blends you’ve gifted over the years were incredible. Her talent and skills are amazing and her wax so memorable. I shall double my efforts to reorder sooner rather than later if possible.


  3. I’m really sad about Scoopable Tart Wax. I just stocked up the other day. It’s a sad time in wax with so many greats that have come and gone.


    1. Hello, Danni:) Indeed, it’s a little sad. A friend gifted me some STW, and although it’s not my preference, it is a unique alternative to solid wax melts, did you get anything yummy that you’d recommend?


      1. I haven’t received my order yet but I will let you know. I got a mystery box as well so it’s fun, 🙂 I like to blend them with hard wax and the way the scoopables store. I will say that I love Lavender Dreams and Pistachio Jelly Waffle Cone.
        By the way, I’m glad I found your blog. Great stuff for my wax- aholicness.


        1. Sweet, looking forward to hearing bout them. Blending with hard wax is a great idea, maybe I’ll fancy my scoopable up that way. Lavender Dreams sounds like my kind of blend, definitely, I enjoy lavender with most anything.
          Thank you, I’m glad you found it too, wax-aholics unite! Although, lately, I’ve been struggling with trying not to add more to my stash and use up what I have. It’s tough when vendors are leaving and I want to grab more before they’re gone:/


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