Woodwick: Warm Woods Trilogy candle

20180204_131111Purchased months ago and sitting in a bag in my home office, this candle (my first full-sized Woodwick) has been patiently waiting for it’s time. That time has come, during this, the tenth week of January (am I the only one who feels that way?). As the snow falls, again, fine and powdery and at the rate of an inch per hour, as emergency travel bans are announced, schools and programs are canceled and it’s unwise to venture outdoors unless one simply has to; this crackling wick candle is essential in contributing to the cozy contentedness required on such chilly days. 

At present, on it’s second burn of sputtering and crackling awhile, I’ll provide my impression. I enjoy the design of the Woodwick hourglass shape, a modern contrast to Yankee Candle’s housewarmer apothecary jars. Full priced at $18.99, I split this purchase during a buy one, get one sale last Fall. The ombré gray wax pools across after about an hour in the medium size. The unmissable feature is the vigorous crackling of the wooden wick. Described as soothing, these Pluswicks are supposed to duplicate a fireplace ambiance. I’ve found I have the same issue with these I had with YC’s Pure Radiance line, the crackle isn’t soothing, it’s annoying. 

Woodwicks are even less relaxing to me because they propel the crackle with a torch-like ferocity. It must work for a larger space, but it doesn’t work for mine. I got used to it, though it never achieved that background ambiance and somewhat distracted from anything else going on in the room. On the bright side, I’d never forget to extinguish it. 20180207_093720The trilogy is fragranced in Warm Woods, a triple layer of Fireside, Redwood and Sandalwood Clove. Fireside has amber, vetiver and musk. Offering a sweet clean alternative to the blazing logs and thick smokiness of the Slatkin fragrance found at Bath and Body Works. Brightened by a touch of floral and gentle cedar it captures the warmth of glowing embers from a smoldering fire. It throws a light-medium in my living room.

The middle layer of Redwood has more complex, robust woods. An earthy cologne drifts up into a fuller, less sweet fragrance from the addition of dry leaves and hint of vanilla, without any smokiness. Having not yet reached the third layer of Sandalwood Clove, I can’t comment on the fragrance, but I know from experience Yankee’s Sandalwood is hit-or-miss, I’m curious if Woodwick’s performs better. Hoping for some spicy action from the clove, I should reach the last layer this month, I’ll update when I do. 20180204_132337I particularly love the fit of this candle in my hanging wrought-iron holder from Yankee a few years back, but I think I’ll move it downstairs to our larger family room to better enjoy it. What are you burning to lift your mood during this long season? I’m anticipating the start of the Winter Olympic games tomorrow and am actually looking forward to spending the next couple weeks snuggled up, watching from indoors. 

8 thoughts on “Woodwick: Warm Woods Trilogy candle

  1. I love the design of that candle! Especially like the look of it in the little hanger/ holder. Hubby hates the crackle sound of the woodwicks (it is just annoying or unsettling to him), so I have stopped trying them. Very pretty though!


    1. I’m officially in agreement with M, how bout that? It can be unsettling, strangely it doesn’t bother Shel. I can handle the crackle in the kitchen or downstairs, but not where I’m sittin down to relax, read or do anything.
      That is a great holder, one of the best Yankee designs and only $14 retail.
      Are you two out and about enjoying this weather, or hibernating like us?


  2. I think you might have cottoned on to a heretofore undiscovered safety feature for candles – one that begins screaming at you if you’ve stepped away from it for longer than a minute. Might get annoying real fast, but yes, you’d never forget to burn the thing out.


      1. Yes! That’s it exactly! Some sort of magical doodad that shrieks nonsense at you until you extinguish the candle. I really think you might be on to something here, Jay – this definitely fits in your recent HP wheelhouse.

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  3. “Woodwicks are even less relaxing to me because they propel the crackle with a torch-like ferocity.”
    Laughing so hard at this!!!! Lovely pictures also. 🙂


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