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Over the last month, I’ve featured the illustrated editions, book-inspired teas and a Hogwarts candle, but I hope I’m granted one more Harry Potter related post. I couldn’t pass up dedicated Potter wax, or else I just wouldn’t be a zealot would I? L3 Waxy Wonders hooked me again with bookish blends and a sale, ordered in November and arrived in December. L3WW is one of the most underrated vendors around in my esteem. Jennifer Westing and crew create constant new stock of flamboyantly colored wax featuring nerdom-inspired blends and always have some rotating on their website. They offer an exhaustive list of house blended recipes which smell as good as they look. In my experience, fruity based blends are their specialty.

The Houses: The most thoughtful Hogwart’s House scent interpretations of the many I’ve come across. Regularly $2.85 for approx. 3 oz. chunks, these were on sale for $2.30 and affordably shipped for $6.50. *They do offer international shipping, but it’s only flat rate for a standard padded envelope.

20180124_132058Slytherinclean steel, peppermint and pheromones. A sensation-stirring fragrance note appearing with vendors in 2017, the chrome-like stainless steel. A coolly polished contemporary scent I’ve found too flinty in some blends. Sniffing a metallic-tinged steel blade isn’t my thing, but this is the best version of that I’ve tried. Likely because the mint sweetens the pot and those sneaky pheromones increase the sleekness with a citrus-cologne edge. Clean, bright and slightly sexy, possible repurchase.

Hufflepufffresh baked cookies, sweet cinnamon sugar, pumpkin pasties. I’m unsure what went wrong here, but what smelled of spiced cookies from the Hogwart’s kitchens on cold, turned into a muddled mess when melted. Obscured by a stale bread note and overspiced nutmeg that steeped the blend in bitterness. I do solemnly swear I remain a Hufflepuff fan, just not of this scent.

Gryffindorfireside, mahogany, and woolen blankets. Notes of incense and sweet curls of smoke waft from the common room fireplace as flames cast shadows in the comforting light. Supported by a base of rich woods, amber warmth tones down the resin and faint aftershave lingers. Huddled whispers made romantic tucked underneath the fresh fragrance of woolen blankets. Nurturing warm tobacco, rosewood and crisp cedar lulling intrepid dreamers to sleep alongside the firelight. This hurts my Slytherin House pride, but Gryffindor wins the House scent cup, by a ruby-colored wax landslide. Definite repurchase.

Ravenclawblue sugar, sugared violets, earl grey tea and books. Trendy tea leaf is becoming my newly preferred scent note, especially as Spring scents leap onto my radar. Bursting with fresh uplifting aromas, this civilized blend is a beauty warmed. There’s gourmand blue sugar cologne, intriguing with patchouli and vanilla, but the mandarin and bergamot play well off of the bergamia found in the earl grey. Strewn chamomile tea leaves and potted violets perched upon high wooden bookshelves. A little muted in strength, but befitting a refined Ravenclaw wit, I’m pleased with this illuminating new favorite.

The Wizarding World:

20180128_1646019 3/4-leather suitcases, after shave, and vanilla oak. Representing the harried hidden entrance to the magical world, this blend transports you to the thick of the bustling station.With blockbuster tannins, the leather is clean edged, like a buffed nubuck suede. Whiffs of aftershave accentuate it’s hardiness while polished woods shine subtly in the background. I appreciate the use of oak and vanilla, however, 9 3/4′s too brawny for my taste. I might blend it, but not repurchase.

Diagon Alley-marshmallow fireside, graham crackers. The magical main street beckons with sweet toasted mallow, yet I feel this scent was a missed opportunity. Not expecting Diagon Alley to be fancy, but the descriptions are chock full of inspiration. Between Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream Parlor and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, I’d welcome a more inventive scent combo. As it is, the just-browned mallows softly satisfy but the baked graham cracker crust is pale and underwhelming. There are stronger marshmallow fireside blends out there I’d reach for first.

20180128_164322Ollivander’s- silver birch branches, white velvet and cranberries. As unique as each wand in Ollivander’s shop, there’s a note to please everyone. A feminine flirty breeze of citrusy yuzu from white velvet perfume, bright and sweetly camphorous silver birch adds a gentle earthen note, meanwhile, a whole universe of fruits, flowers and spices is revealed. Black raspberries and dried cranberries create a frothy zest so refreshing, if this was punch, I’d drink it all day. Definite repurchase.

The Spells: two of my favorite wizard spells. How convenient would it be to summon an out-of-reach item into your hand with the flick of the wrist? I’d wager Accio’s the most used wizarding spell, certainly the most practical. And the idea of the protective guardian charm of the Patronus, brandished to defend against the dark arts, falls right in my mythological wheelhouse.

20180128_162638 (1).jpgAccio- french vanilla lace. Warm French vanilla balanced by musky sweetness, powdery amber and honeyed florals. A luxe version of a Victoria’s Secret fragrance dupe I’ve never used. Accio conjures an extra sugary light comforting melt.

Expecto Patronum- white woods, peppermint. Frosty patches of mint dotting the forest edge. Misty white birch, cedar and possible pine trees shrouded in ethereal musk, followed by a flash of icy peppermint. An almost zen-like scent, as entrancing as the positive energy inducing spell should be, and a repurchase.

The samples:

20180124_135359Autumn Sunset- a favorite Scentsy dupe. Peaches, apples and honeyed pumpkin on the nose with soft spices and scattering leaves. Fruit-forward but warm and bright, I don’t think of this as a Fall blend, it would be lovely for summer, in winter too.

Ambre Lumiere-a sophisticated white amber/vanilla Voluspa dupe. I’d love as a roll-on perfume.

Dark Winter- Pepper spice and perfume mingle with incense, smoked fir, heady cloves and intrigue, love this too.

Thanks for indulging another Harry Potter-inspired post. I’m not even sure I’m done with them, but, in fact, it’s my last sizable wax haul post for awhile, other than my custom creations (by this same vendor). I’ll be melting through my exhaustive wax stash and oh yeah, still burning those candles while dreaming of Spring days. What have you been melting, or reading lately?

12 thoughts on “L3 Waxy Wonders: Harry Potter collection haul

    1. You’re welcome, I enjoy a lot from this brand, it’s the stuff! Finding a few new favorite scents is always a good start to the year. How are you?


    1. Thanks Doreen:) Ravenclaw is unique and just right this time of year, love the tea in it! I’ve recently discovered your blog through Julie’s and I’m looking forward to diving in.

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  1. Of course I LOVE this subject matter. Those scent creations do sound thoroughly thoughtful. I ordered from L3 many years ago but the throw didn’t work in my house at that time so I never went back. I may have to reconsider after seeing all these fragrant goodies. ❤ Too bad about Hufflepuff… my alma mater.


    1. Aren’t these creations well thought out? I was pleasantly surprised.
      I’d rate the L3 blends I’ve tried as winners 75% of the time, but there have been a few underperformers. I recently received my New Year’s custom blends and I think you’d like some of them, I’ll save a few to pass along to you.
      Oh Hufflepuffs, I love them so, well-intentioned but that scent was not happening. Even my Hufflepuff husband didn’t like it.


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