January Superlatives

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Best moments of the month:

*Spending MLK day weekend with our great friends who live a few hours away. Spinning my friend’s LP collection late into the night, and basking in the up-close sounds from legendary voices, Holly, Cash and Lennon, while our husbands played guitar along with the Beatles, Petty, Floyd and Zeppelin.


Craft beer tasting at Arch City in Columbus kicked off the festivities with a memorable sparkling grapefruit IPA called Elvis Juice, but Southern Tier’s bewitching Pumpking proved the night’s tasty winner.

Accompanying our record-spinning and revelry was a chill music-playing game gifted by my buddy and created by one of our favorite artists, Eric Hutchinson. Songversations asks questions about your personal music preferences and allows you to share the tunes and the feelings evoked by certain songs. It’s a perfect game for friends and we loved it, there may have been a conga line at some point, that part was kind of a blur.

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*Celebrating my Dad’s 75th birthday. He is the cutest, hardest-working, most generous-hearted Dad and I’m lucky everyday that he is in my life. Reflecting on a year of significant birthdays in my family has me dumbfounded at the quickening passage of time. Beginning with mine last summer, now the 75th for my dad, and for the kids; an 18th and two sweet 16’s this Spring. It would have been my late brother’s 40th this October too. I find that so hard to believe, and am feeling extra emotional lately, but birthdays tend to make me sentimental.

Worst moments of the month:

*The fallout from my pre-Christmas car accident. I’ve run the pain-in-the-ass gamut from back and forth with insurance reps, the totaling of my old car, rentals, relying on rides, and dealing with straight-up ambulance chasing lawsuits, to shelling out some savings for a new-to-me used car. To put it mildly, I’m over it.

*Less than stellar results for our speech team. Not a surprise as we knew we’re in the descent of a peak-trough cycle, but it doesn’t make it any easier saying goodbye to some seniors who missed achieving their goals. There’s still a chance we can finish strong with the remaining national/state tournaments this year. On to better times.

Best melts of the month:

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Dragon’s Blood/Barbershop 1920 by Sniff My Tarts-deeply sensual musk of spicy DB balanced with that crisp bay rum of shave cream, warmth and coolness in one melt. You bet, I love it.

Chestnut and Pinecones by The Bathing Garden. I only possess two cubes of this from an order I split with my sister last year and oh my, if I’d known what gorgeous creamy spice cake it gives I would have gotten more this year. Oh well, I won’t forget it when the holiday collection rolls around again.

Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla melt cup by Yankee Candle. I don’t know if this scent is easily available as I bought it at least a year ago, but I’ve loved it even more lately. Divinely baked plump cookies with nutty pistachio shards sprinkled on top, providing a satisfying crunch. One of the rare Yankee bakery blends that hits an authentic sweet spot for me.

Most looking forward to:

*Down time! Having the next few weekends off before our big two-day speech tournament in February. The husband and I have plans to go out to dinner at a normal hour and snuggle in for our first responsibility-free weekend in many months.

*Also, reading! I’m enthralled with my current read and hope to update the Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid challenge in the next couple months.

Age of Austerity: the one in which I’m currently taking part. With the cost of a replacement car, insurance deductible and the realization that my phone only has a few more good months to live, wax funds are on the very bottom of an already tight budget. A wax no-buy (and general low-buy) is in full effect and I’m unsure when the ban will be lifted, but I plan to hold out as long as possible before ordering…wish me willpower.

Until then, I have a few hauls left to share and a series of “Notes from the Wax Stash” posts planned as I tackle my wax melt mountain. I’m actually looking forward to getting through it. How was your month friends?

2 thoughts on “January Superlatives

  1. Such a great visit and so much fun! It was like the old carefree days! I totally agree, it was the highlight of the month. (by the way-check EHutch spelling.) 😉


    1. Oops typo, thanks, bud.
      It did feel carefree, like I was back in college. We needed it to shake off that winter malaise. I loved the sound of those records too, it added to the nostalgic vibe. Hope we can do it again sooner rather than later:)


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