Jake Ford Ceramics: Rainy day Mug

20180110_092412 (1)Hello all. It’s early on, but the way 2018 is progressing makes me want to crawl into the nook of this photo and not come out until Spring. Conceding I’m provided books, tea and plenty of pup snuggles, of course. If there’s one thing I know that perks up dreary downcast Winter mornings however, it is drinking cups of coffee or tea from beautiful pottery. 

There’s little more satisfying than holding a handmade mug in your palms, and it beats sipping from a cardboard wrapped paper cup any day. The newest addition to my small growing handmade collection perfectly captures my existing mood, the Rainy Day mug by Jake Ford Ceramics.

Journalist and sky-watcher, Gavin Pretor-Pinney writes, “clouds are Nature’s poetry.” I must agree and propose this mug a dreamy poetic example. 20180110_095346 (1)Purchased for $40 and shipped for under $7, this bargain beauty was a last-minute Christmas present to myself. The spherical shape is itself reminiscent of a cloud, and likewise each one is unique. I’m especially attracted to it’s stormy watercolor blue hues and slick glossy glaze.20180110_143815The most whimsical feature, the pop of hand-painted clouds adorning three sides, outlined in lustrous gilt. Their shapes wonky and playful, with a smattering of gilded raindrops falling beneath. The contrast of that rain’s golden guise with the swirling blue background and textured scoring of the clay is what stirred my interest. Jake Ford does have a tonal wintry version with snowflakes, if silver-linings are more your style. I prefer this statement and the ever-present reminder that in each life, a little rain must inevitably fall, but one can still appreciate it’s ephemeral beauty.20180109_101730You can view more items on the Jake Ford Ceramics Instagram account and his etsy shop is having a restock this Sunday, Jan. 14th at 8 pm EST.

I don’t believe ounce information was provided, but the mug is wide-barreled and hefty, at least 18 oz. Holding the circular handle took some getting used to as it’s a squeeze for three fingers but roomy for two. Now a comfortable fit, the only drawback being because of the gold luster, it isn’t microwave-safe. I tend to putter around doing other things as I sip my morning coffee, so I must re-heat in a separate vessel if this one gets cold. Perhaps using it will cause me to sit awhile, settle in, and enjoy at least one piping mug before I dawdle on. Provide more incentive to keep my head in the clouds a bit longer, so to speak. Are you a cloud gazer? Any objects helping you navigate through the winter blues?

2 thoughts on “Jake Ford Ceramics: Rainy day Mug

  1. Gorgeous mug, Jay! Great find! I love the gold and pearl luster accents too but yes, hand washing and no microwaving do add limitations. But I like how you turned it around by making it into a positive. It certainly doesn’t stop me from buying them. I love your first photo. Hoping you can get warm soon.


    1. I know! It’s a really soothing mug to use/hold, and I’m a sucker for a nice drizzly day. I didn’t have much success capturing the raindrops because unfortunately it was truly gloomy outside and I had no light to work with. They do add a playful touch, I think.
      We’ve warmed up, but I am counting the days until Spring!


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