Death Eaters Tea Club-quarterly Winter box

20180101_145947Great news! Santa received my letter and didn’t even bat a twinkling eye at my wish for goods called, Death Eaters Tea Club; thanks for not being judge-y Santa. This is the premiere box of fandom-inspired tea designed by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, mentioned in early December. The cost was $37 and arrived about 3 weeks from the pre-order date. It’s a quarterly box, purchased individually from RTS quarterly on etsy.20180101_144312The friendly skull logo and polished black aesthetics are appealing and perfectly suited to the elite force who wield the dark arts. Every item arrived securely, individually packed and tucked into a sturdy sealed box.

The cauldron mug proclaiming ‘Superior Wizards Drink Tea’ was also featured in my December post. A much requested item from Riddle’s shoppe and although not included, mug pre-orders were just re-opened on etsy.20180103_103341The above assortment of brews and sugar crystals made up the tea portion of the box. Two 4-cup packets of seasonal loose-leaf blends, Voldemort’s Gingerbread Cookie and Candy Kreacher, designed with festive character labels displaying the whimsical style cultivated by artist and creator, Aun-Juli Riddle.

Voldemort’s Gingerbread Cookie: black tea with ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and natural caramel flavor. A spice-dusted savory blend with hearty body and hint of sweetness from the caramel and gingersnap cookie flavors. Finds that sweet spot between a dessert tea and a spicy chai. A warming winter cuppa, what else would one expect from the Dark Lord? The thought of Voldemort, apron draped over his robes, grudgingly baking holiday cookies for his loyal Death Eaters gives me some serious chuckles.

Candy Kreacher: Decaf blend of peppermint, rooibos and ceylon tea with cocoa nibs, chocolate mint and candy canes. Per the instructions: use 1 tsp per cup and live to serve the noble house of Black. A refreshing character of peppermint swirls and chocolate-y flourishes bring briskness and sweetness to each sip. Lighter, less candy-like than other chocolate mint blends which taste of peppermint patties, there’s a freshness that lingers on the palate as a result of the cooling peppermint tea. Delighted to see Kreacher, because I have such a soft spot for him. His subversive character especially amused me in the Half-Blood Prince and proudly served the right cause in The Deathly Hallows. This tea is extra nice with a bit of cream, just as Kreacher can be with a little love.20180101_160906 (1)The detailed packaging of these items are standouts. A wee glass bottle of “sugar spells” Essence of Morsmorde, is as harmless as the glazed decorator’s sugar used on cookies, or is it?  The ornate design of the Dementor’s Kiss keepsake tin suggests an ancient vibe for the shadowy haunting souls . 20180103_113553Dementor’s Kiss: black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cocoa nibs and natural flavors, 20 grams. I’ve never come across these lustrous sugar pearls within a tea blend before. Dementor’s Kiss expels a robust aroma with notes of sharp ginger. First taste is of leafy greens which ripen into mellow woodiness and subtle kiss of sweet vanilla malt for the finish. The little chocolate chips melt away, becoming not too sweet, or bitter, creating a smooth everyday sipping blend.20180101_153357Draco was not included in the box but he was peeking out of my stocking on Christmas morning. He clamored to be in the Slytherin composed shot, although I’m unclear on his status as a Death Eater. Is he DE too, just by birthright? You’re not your father, Draco! 

As part of the non-tea loot, the enamel pin was a surprise. Although hinted at, I expected the DETC skull logo pin for the premiere box. A more obscure, underground and perhaps elite badge, The Azkaban Historical Society appeared instead. Yep, sounds like an organization the Malfoys would support. I wonder the cost of membership?20180104_093009Glittery gold-ringed with matte and mirrored finish depicting the foreboding fortress of Azkaban prison. A slender figure floats by outside. Unsure if I’d wear this as a badge of honor but it is creative and immersive to the DE storyline. A Winter blues version of the logo sticker was included and all items introduced on a story card. That blurry badge in the top corner? Pay no attention to that, it’s unimportant.20180101_151925If a vision of Voldey as holiday baker doesn’t crack you up, then this Chibi version of the Dark Lord simply must. Come on! Look at his knitted Weasley sweater as he’s snugged into a wingback chair, cozy with his pet snake while the snowflakes dance outside the window. A charming piece of the HP collection. 20180103_131713Saving the best for last, I was stupefied upon opening this wooden bookmark. The fine quality and well-chosen allusion to Tom Riddle’s diary could not have pleased this bookmark geek more. Crafted by Juniper and Ivy designs for this box, it’s laser engraved on thick sturdy alder wood. Impeccable way to mark my pages, I’ll be returning to this shop for future wooden relics.20180103_130959I presume the next DETC box will be offered sometime in late March for pre-order, *update* April 1st. Until then, there’s always uniquely themed goods to discover in Riddle’s Tea Shoppe . 

Hope you enjoyed this box reveal as much as I did, it’s one of the best-curated I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to what Spring brings. Enjoying any magical presents received for the holidays, what did the elves bring you?

20180104_230956That’s it, there’s nothing else to be revealed here, folks.

4 thoughts on “Death Eaters Tea Club-quarterly Winter box

  1. Santa was QUITE understanding! The tea blends sound great, and the labels are stupendous, but oh my gosh, those little vials of sugar are just the greatest. Adorable idea, I love it.

    That little card of happy little drawn Voldemort is so wonderful, though. I hope you have a spot for that little charmer out somewhere. Looks like it would fit nicely on one of those little novelty easels or something like that.


    1. Santa’s the best. So was this box, by the way, the most well-curated I’ve seen because you never really know what you’ve signed up for with a blind subscription. The sugar vials and tea blends are so clever, I’m sold for future boxes too.
      That easel is a great idea and I actually have one or two around for rotating items, onto my bookshelf it goes, thanks!


  2. WOW! What an impressive box! I love the little bottle of green sugar spells. It is so cute and labels like that always draw me in. I will have to keep an eye out for this company once I get through all the Hobbit and LotR teas I bought for Savanna’s birthday party. Sadly, Draco was a DE in his own right. He joined the year Dumbledore was killed as that was his mission given to him by the Dark Lord himself. Ah Draco. So misguided. Love that bookmark too. It is so very cool!


    1. I was so happy to see my mermaid friend dropped by and approves:)
      You’d totally geek out over this box Julie. The packaging and these tea blends in particular were a winning combination. Oh Draco, definitely his own worst enemy. I think he was forced into it, by having the most access to Dumbledore (well alongside Snape) I don’t think he was ever DE at heart when put to the test.
      Yass, that bookmark was a beautiful shiny surprise!


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