Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid Challenge 2018

The last 3 days I’ve been as busy as a hibernating bear and loving it. 20171230_161442Cozy afternoons at home with cookies, mugs of cocoa, melty snowman marshmallows, candles and reading have filled my cup. I happily rang in the new year in my stretchy pants. Although, it’s back to work today after the holiday weekend, I’m looking forward to a fresh new start. Beginning with a reading co-challenge:

Welcome dear bookworms! The lovely Julie at The Redolent Mermaid and I have teamed up to provide a 2018 reading challenge that you can sink your imagination into, one to prod along your reading goals and expand your novel horizons.

1. A classic, defined loosely or found on either of these sources: Modern Library 100 Best Novels or Radcliffe’s 100 Best Novels
2. Adventure awaits! Choose a rather adventurous read.
3. The next one in a series, there is always another on to get to…
4. A purple hued tome, be it lilac, lavender or deep royal purple.
5. A memoir.
6. A story set in a forest or mountains, or depicting either on the cover.
7. An epistolary novel, told in letters or journal entries.
8. A collection of short stories.
9. Pick up one of those neglected TBR books you have lurking about. I know you do.
10. A story set in the Middle East or Asia.
11. Be extra naughty…. no… not that kind of book (well, unless you want)… read a banned book!
12. Art and literature, whether just a gorgeous cover or actual art is in the storyline. 
13. A heart pounding thriller!
14. Non-fiction to tickle the brain cells.
15. A book from the library.
16. Historical fiction.
17. Get your microscope and pocket protector ready… a book dealing with some aspect of science.
18. A book with a bird, on the cover or in the plot. 
19. A book with a child protagonist. 
20. It’s about time this one happened: a book dealing with scent, fragrance or perfume.
21. Travelogue, a book taking place on a journey. 
22. Re-trying that Hemingway, Steinbeck, or John D. MacDonald authored book.
23. An epic tale.
24. A sensual read.
25. A candle on the cover.
26. A book title that sounds like a cool name for a band.
27.  A book that was gifted to you.
28. A book by a debuted author.
29. A story based on mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian… any.

30. Second-hand stories, a book picked up in a thrift shop.

Above photo credit by The Redolent Mermaid

Shooting for the stars with 30, after my failed challenge last year, I even joined the #unreadshelf project on social media for further inspiration to read through my personal stacks before acquiring more books. This will be a true challenge!

Unabashedly embracing my fandoms with these winter reads!
 Julie and I do hope you will join us! Feel free to shoot for ticking off all 30 boxes or even just a few. Read a traditional book, an eBook or listen to audiobooks! If you join us in the challenge and post on social media, please use the hashtag #bookishjayandreadingmermaid so we can see what you are reading and cheer you on.

Happy reading, friends!


9 thoughts on “Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid Challenge 2018

  1. I am in! I have a goodreads goal of 20 books so maybe the two will push me along a bit faster than last year! I like the categories! Happy Reading!


    1. AHA, yes! You kicked my butt w/your challenge last year, anyway. And we have similar reading preferences so we can glean some good book titles from each other. Cheers to a fun friendly reading year:))


    1. Yes! I’m so excited you’re back and you are in:)) Your literary inspiration posts give me life and your reviews, truly freakin insightful! If we get halfway through we can feel less shamed but I’m pushing myself to read harder, easier, any which way to finish this sucker up! Can’t wait to see what you select, buddy.


      1. Aw, that’s so nice of you to say, Jay, thank you. Just put up my so sad end-of-challenge round-up. I did so badly! Must redouble efforts for your challenge this time around. Or at least stop reading so many dystopian novels, they throw me into such a mood.


  2. I love your photo! So cozy and cute with that snowman marshmallow. I spy two Sherlock tomes. I love reading Sherlock. I always borrowed them from the library but now I think it is time to hunt down some to bring home to stay. Thanks for teaming up with me. I think it will be great fun tackling these categories and sharing reviews. I love you book and candle pairings. Always a joy.


    1. Thank you for teaming up with me:) I hope it will spark some fun and inspiring reads. Our category input seems well received. I don’t know exactly how I’ll be reviewing this year. I thought about after every 10, doing so many candle pairings would be too much, but maybe every so often if there’s a good fit. The candle category should inspire something at least!

      Happy hunting on the Holmes books, there’s an abundance out there. I haphazardly collect it, fall into possession of it, at the library so my collection continues.

      Thank you, that marshmallow was too photogenic to pass up. I should have taken an after photo when it was just a floating candy carrot nose, lol.


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