Wax Round-up 2017

Amidst 23 different wax vendor hauls (down 14 from last year, but with more multiples from single vendors) in addition to another 17 or so brands generously gifted to me this year, I am not wanting for wax melts. Which means narrowing down to a top ten would be nigh impossible; therefore, I’m highlighting my absolute favorite fragrance notes and categories from the countless scents I’ve tried in 2017. Intrigued? See if you agree or think I’m far off the mark with my best picks of the year:  

Best bread: Bonjour Wax Co., specifically the French baguette that Mandi just named part of Bonjour’s signature scent. Turns anything it’s blended with into a fresh, warm and cozy scent. 

Best candy: The Melting Duck, gifted. I’ve tried a handful of candy types, and TMD’s Trick-or-Treating with the Barber is a puckery sweet-tart version of the real SweetTarts.20171231_090142

Best caramel: Handmade in Florida. Zahida’s Cosmic Caramel made me fall in love with the gooey stuff that used to turn up my nose, that’s a first.

Best cedar wood: Dessa’s Homespun Scents. Dessa’s does cedar earthier and richer than any I’ve tried, which was quite a few, as it’s become a preferred scent oil. Beautiful by itself and raised to a whole other level in deeply dark, Cold Barn Mornings.20171207_092129Best coconut: Dapper Dachshund’s Pumpkin Coconut. Toasted, nutty coconut flesh, so real one can almost taste it. Honorable mention to Blank Label Products’ Pomegranate Coconut Citrus, gifted. 

Best cotton/linen: Pour Girl’s Wax Creamy Cotton. I was lucky enough to grab a sampler based on this crisp, but comforting oil earlier this year. It mellows everything around it, including me.

Best cranberry: Dessa’s Homespun Scents. Yankee Candle turned me off of the festive berry due to their fake, too-sweet versions, Dessa’s turned me back on with an authentic, woodsy tart gem, offered in many variations. 

Best earthy: My constant quest for interesting earthy melts revealed several treasures. Stars of this type: Dessa’s Homespun Scents, Ten Digit Creations and Handmade in Florida.20171105_134528Best fizzy: Southern Sisters’ Wax Mountain Dew Key Lime Cupcake ‘Glitzy’ loaf. Haven’t forgotten about the comical and lovely southern sisters, Heather and Alyson. Will have to reorder more in 2018. Thanks for the tangy, bubbly mini-loaf y’all sent.

Best lavender: One aspect that I love about lavender is how varied it can be, also it’s outside the realm of other floral scents to me. Barrett Wax Crafts, Pure Lavender, gifted, is second to the winning Handmade in Florida’s crisp Ritual Lavender and of course, The Bathing Garden’s metallic-tinged lavender is no bridesmaid either.20171029_110630

Best leather: Willow Wax CraftLiber Arcana is soft, romantic, and raises the status of leather, from the stable to the elegantly-bound library of my dreams.

Best Lush dupes: Rosegirls‘ Olive Branch, Rockstar, American Cream. Haven’t experienced many actual Lush products, but I have in wax and enjoy these fresh interpretations.

Best mango: The Fakery Bakery Wax. I adored many Mango Smoothie blends last summer and FBW’s Twirl parades the sweetest, frostiest one.

Best marshmallow: Rosegirls, be it a smoothie, campfire toasted, or mixed with vanilla, Jenny’s reigns supreme. Period.

This entire half-moon pie of Vanilla Sandalwood Campfire Marshmallow is mine!

Best peppermint*: There are many good ones obvs, I currently have more mint than anything else in my collection. A few stand-outs: The Bathing Garden (Snow Globe WorldStorybook Mint, Russian Ice Bath), L3 Waxy Wonders (Buttermint in Snooze Button) Sniff My Tarts (Peppermint Swizzle Sticks) all satisfy my minty lust. *I crave the stuff, but do not like the ultra strong versions that overpower anything else. (lookin at you, RG)

*I know VCS’s mint is highly popular, so much so, I’ve yet to manage to grab any. I guess there’s always next year. Barrett Wax Craft’s famous Snoozy was bold, but my husband couldn’t take it and made me turn it off!

Best pink sugar: This was a tough one because I’ve tried countless blends of one of my fave scents. I think the edge goes to Sassy Girl Aroma, although I no longer support that vendor. That’s okay, I’m taking a Pink Sugar break after smelling too much of it this year. Sniff My Tart’s version is creamy goodness, too.

Best pumpkin spice latte: Willow Wax Craft’s long-lasting, toasty brewed version is better than a lot of mediocre PSLs out there. 20170915_085003

Best shaving cream: Fave! Pour Girl’s Wax tied with Super Tarts. Honorable mention to Aftershave, which is close, by L3 Waxy Wonders. These 3 deliver on the airy shaving cream note which get’s lost in lesser versions.20170828_092722Best smoke: Dessa’s Homespun Scents tied with Ten Digit Creations. These ladies know their earthy oils and smokiness is not one to get wrong. Smoky Mountain Christmas (DHS) and Cabin in the Smokies (TDC) are stunners. Wispy, mysterious, warm and cozy.

Best spa: Bonjour Wax Co. Mandi’s a magician with fresh, green tea, sage and other cleansing notes.

Best spice: The Bathing Garden Widow’s Walk, White Magic, etc. Shannon has superior spice blending skills, always strong-throwing with layers of complexity.20171115_114036Best strawberry: Candles From the Keeping Room, gifted. No secret that I have a distaste for strawberry, but in order to demonstrate it can be done well, I was gifted several blends. CFTKR does the berry quite realistically, ripe and juicy. But I will likely still abstain from the berry in wax form.

Best sugar milk: Vintage Chic Scents Milk Glass. Often thought of as love it or hate it, I’ve found there are vast quality differences. Milk glass is creamy with just a touch of caramelized sugar and hint of fruitiness, not spicy, burnt or sour. 

Best woods: Dessa’s Homespun Scents, dominating the balsam, fir and pine landscape, Candy Panda’s Meet Me in the Woods, woodsy marshmallow perfection.

Best zucchini bread: Pour Girls’ Wax Fun Bread, honorable mention to Vintage Chic Scents Beehive.

I’d be remiss not to mention the ultimate cream of 2017’s scent crop: Snooze Button Aftershave by L3 Waxy Wonders, reviewed here. I hope I can grab more when customs come around again, if some wax-loving friend would please let me know when that is!20170611_180308

Most elegant orders: Handmade in Florida. Zahida is the queen of presentation with every detail from labeled scent notes, to darling molds, to scent variety absolutely perfected. 

Sweetest responses to my reviews: Unless expressed in the post, vendors don’t ask me to review their products and have no obligation to respond at all. Still, it’s rad when they do. The raddest girl bosses who expressed major personal appreciation have been Courtney from Bento Wax Co, April from Gypsy Monroe Wax Co. and Zahida from Handmade in Florida. And although I’ve yet to do a full review post, Amber from Ten Digit Creations is extra cool too. Thank you all, it means a lot.

Most fun photo session: Bonjour Wax Co. Stranger Things sampler, while I’m at it, Best themed samplersBonjour Wax Co.


Best body care discovery: The Dirty Goat’s natural probiotic deodorants still rule my world and I’ve blogged them a couple times this year, though technically, I purchased my first two in 2016. As far as recent skin saving beauty gems, Sunny’s Cuticle Oil roller balls are delightfully scented, convenient soothers that I’ve come to rely upon. Thanks to Sandra from Finger Candy for generously sharing!

Now, what did I miss? I’m still hunting for the best apple scent (I think Yankee does apple well) because I’ve tried more I haven’t liked, than have. You’ll notice not much bakery (sorry) or beachy (still lookin for a strong one) or floral. I’ve been gifted a few Golden Willow Wax florals and I think they’re winners, but haven’t melted yet. Let me hear your thoughts and suggestions. I have no open orders, but 3 hauls left to share in January, and I can’t wait for what 2018 will bring.

2018s a’ comin and I wish all of my friends and fellow scent lovers a happy and prosperous new year! 

14 thoughts on “Wax Round-up 2017

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the inclusion ❤ You know if I had my way, I'd be 100% earthy scents….but, alas, I've yet to convert everyone to the dark side 😉 I appreciate your business and support of Ten Digit Creations! Happy New Year!!


    1. You are welcome Amber:))
      I know you are an earthy mixmaster, one of the many reasons why your brand stands out. I’ve loved earthy/fresh for years, but the great part of vendor wax to me, is that you get to try scents that are out of your comfort zone through samples, blends, or word-of-mouth. I’ve even found a few berry and bakery that I enjoyed this year, in between my dark and stormy faves. Happy New Year!


  2. I would like one of each of your faves…please and ty! Lol. Great recap; as it is hard to keep track for some of us. 😉
    I am 100% on board with your love of Bonjour Wax Co. and Dessa’s Homespun Cold Barn. Looking forward to trying some of these vendors and more from Dessa’a.
    Also- hope you get into some natural body lotions and creams next year. Been looking…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It just so happens I have a few of my very favorites just for you<3
      Wish I had more of the L3Waxy Wonders lavender mint aftershave blend, it's amazing. Oh I know! Cold Barn Mornings is really something special. Dessa is having a pre-order from Jan 13th-15th, all scents available….
      Okay, I've tried some natural body care: the Dirty Goat does all natural, high-quality. I suggest following on IG to know when she restocks. I really like Salted Rock Bath Co, I think I reviewed in Julyish. They are more affordable, have sales and have an entire all-natural menu on the site. Lisa got one of her friends an all organic bath gift set from them for Christmas, based off my suggestion!
      Please let me know if you find some good quality natural stuff-I'm all ears:))


  3. Great round-up! Looks like you ran across some yummy scents this year, and not just the ones I sent your way! 😉 I love these end-of-the-year posts – really gives you an opportunity to assess the state of your stash and such, figure out which vendors you want to continue with and those you might wish to leave in the dust. I can’t get over how cute your little duckies look – they came in such adorable colours! And I have such envy over the Handmade in Florida items – I’m with you on everything you like about them. 🙂


    1. Thank you, those lil trippy ducks make me happy. Didn’t get much shave cream from them, but the candy note was stellar. Dessa’s and Hif were stand-outs both received in December, thank goodness, or the list wouldn’t have been as grand. I know I’ll reorder from those two again. 2017 was the year I figured out what I really like and not what I thought I did.


      1. I regrettably didn’t get much action off any of my Melting Duck order. 😦 I did choose a number of lighter scents (candy corn, marshmallow, pumpkin cream things) but all the same, there ain’t much action there. Dang it all to heck, too, because those little shapes are sooooo cute.


  4. Learning more about wax companies and trying to experiment with brands so this recap was amazing for me. Just curious, why are you no longer buying from sassy girl? I’ve not tried them, but your review from earlier in the year seemed so promising.


    1. Hi, glad it was helpful:) I had a six to eight month learning curve when I started. Now I pretty much figured out what I like. Feel free to ask ?s any time.
      Irreconcilable differences w/the vendor over using my photos w/o permission. After consulting with a few friends whose opinions I respect about SGAs business practices, I no longer buy, but I did enjoy the 3 I tried.


      1. Thanks for the reply! Totally get your reasoning. Another reviewer (makeup) recently went through the same thing. Totally get it. If I were in your shoes, I’d have done the same.


  5. I’d love to see your list of Top 10 vendors for 2017, even though it’s difficult to narrow the list down :-). I’m quite new to vendor wax but I have tried an obscene amount of vendors in the last 4 months. I definitely have a Top 10 list so far. I’d love to know yours :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello:)
      I did post a top 10 my first wax buying year ending 2016, so I wanted to mix it up and ultimately include even more vendors this year. I hear ya and I feel ya pain, I ordered tons my first 3 months and another 40 new vendors tried this year, hence my current wax buying ban!

      Now I have a strong sense of which scents I enjoy. If you twisted my arm, I’d list Dessa’s Homespun Scents #1, Handmade in Florida #2 (lesser/shorter availability, but divine bath products too) #3 L3 Waxy Wonders (underrated imo, good sales and lots of variety) #4 The Bathing Garden (hit or miss, but can’t go wrong with Shannon’s lavender, spice or mint) #5 Hmm, probably Bonjour Wax Co. for ease of access and fun samplers, although not the strongest throwing melts. Oh then there’s Rosegirls, can’t usually go wrong, Jenny’s wax is hugely popular for a reason, but you just have to catch a preorder.
      Feel free to ask questions anytime, I’m always up for chattin wax!


  6. Jay, Thank you so much for all of the love (and of course, the honest feedback). Hopefully, you’ll love the new parasoy blend. -Mandi


    1. Aw, thank you Mandi. I hope and believe the parasoy switch will be great, and I’m looking forward to trying in the next few months:)


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