Mixing it up: Holiday Style

20171221_192911Just popping in to present my festive Yankee mixology blends and wish a wonderful Christmas to all. With two days until the big day, we’re in the final hurried holiday push. Anyone else notice the recent obsession with counting the number of sleeps left before Christmas? How is this useful? It would be abundantly more helpful to track the remaining hours of daylight which I can use to get stuff done.

Since I haven’t purchased any new scents lately, I was limited to what I already had. However, when it comes to Yankee Candle tarts, that still means quite a stash to choose from:

The Good:

20171219_084552Cinnamon Stick + Vanilla Bourbon=Cinnamon Toast Punch

Better than expected, the ultra spicy cinnamon bark adds a necessary kick to the soft vanilla blend. The aged bourbon oak, cacao and roasted coffee notes present in the VB complement the simpler bundle of cinnamon and clove, elevating both scents. Reminiscent of a spicy chai spiked with spirits, or a stimulating coffee cocktail, this is a winner. One of the few mixology recipes I’d repeat often.20171220_104739Christmas Rose+Sugared Plums=Victorian Noel

My mom recently melted Christmas Rose and it was so potent, I knew I’d better tone it down or it would overwhelm my house. For some reason, I enjoy rosy notes in Winter more than Spring, and this was a charming blend. Candied fruits add a touch of sweetness, subduing the bright rose and pine potpourri in the festive floral. A slight effervescence created a cheery uplifting perfume. These were both older melts and still blended beautifully with strong throw. 

The Bad:

20171217_183035Cranberry Peppermint+Sparkling Balsam=Lost in Peppermint Woods

Sparkling Balsam is my favorite pine scent Yankee does and it’s truly authentic; however, it overshadowed Cranberry Peppermint completely. In turn, the CP hindered the balsam weakening it’s crisp woodiness. A few minty whiffs could be detected but this recipe just wasn’t mint to be. 

The Basic:

What’s a candle fan to do when she’s not buying them but is intrigued by the uber popular candles hyped by Bath and Body Works addicts online? She attempts to recreate them with Yankee tarts, what else?20171220_202454Lavender Vanilla+Merry Marshmallow=Lavender Marshmallow 

I don’t know exactly what’s in the Sweet Shop collection’s Lavender Marshmallow from B&BW, but I’m guessing these notes are involved. Although I adore these scents separately, they didn’t do much for me together. The woodiness of the lavender was made a little bit creamier by the vanilla marshmallow concoction but the throw was flat. I need to take Kari’s advice from Yankee Candle Sisters, and consider scent strength when mixing. Two weak ones don’t equal a strong. This is one candle I may just have to buy from Bath and Body Work’s re-release.

20171221_200027Peppermint Cocoa+Merry Marshmallow=Hot Cocoa & Cream

This recipe derived from sheer curiosity. Hot Cocoa and Cream has numerous fans, yet I’d never actually purchase a chocolate candle. I would use up some tarts to get an idea of it though. I ended up throwing the other half of Peppermint Cocoa in because I wasn’t going to use it again and holy moly, I loved it! More evidence my tastes are incrementally changing, or was this a fluke brought on by holiday madness? Not sure, but the cocoa was decadent and perfectly minty without being too saccharine or strong; the marshmallow, a sweet dollop of whipped cream on top. I guess cocoa and cream isn’t a revolting combo, especially when improved by minty mallow.


January will bring a concerted effort to use up more of my wax stash and attempt to get through these neglected Yankee tarts, I have too too many. I was expecting one more vendor haul before Christmas, but it looks like it won’t arrive till after, so I’ll wish a happy holidays to my followers and friends. Tonight begins four days of festive gatherings and travelings, I will catch up with you after Christmas with my end of year wrap-ups. As always, thank you for reading and share any new scent combinations or old Christmas favorites you love below.

6 thoughts on “Mixing it up: Holiday Style

  1. I like the new background and layout! Very nice. And your photos are looking so great lately – haven’t made it there quite yet, but I love the little wax houses on the “snow”-covered plate. Adorable.

    Some of these blends sound positively scrumptious. I do have such trouble with Yankee’s marshmallow-based scents, though; they’re invariably ultra light, and add little to a blend. And I like where you were going with that tree/fruit/mint one (not mint to be? wah-waaahhhhh) but I’m always so deeply perplexed by fruit and mint blends. I want to like them, but there’s always a little something holding me back. But I was super Team Tree this year. I even got a cuticle oil from Sunny’s in Balsam and Citrus specifically for the season! Kind of a weird scent to wear on your body, but whatever.


    1. Thank you, happy to hear it. My old bare bones theme apparently retired and was no longer customizable, I figured, new year, new theme.
      That lil wax village is darling and has been mighty popular, those cottages demanded a snow village.
      Team tree, I’m a member. I love the cuticle oils, you’ve probably seen them in another post by now, thanks again! B+C actually sounds incredible to wear on your person, I missed my fave festivus deodorant by the Dirty Goat this year but it did make me smell like a Xmas tree, ’twas kinda amazing.

      Yeah, Yankee can’t do marshmallow to save their sinking business, but I did snag a Lavender Mallow candle in B&BW’s SAS, it’s ultra-sweet, so I’ll see…


  2. This is interesting! I’ve never mixed different candle scents, I bet your house smell so wonderful! I must give it a go, however i do need one of these large candle wax burners!


    1. It is my goal to keep the good scents going all the time. Yes, you will need a wax warmer. I prefer the hot plate kinds better than the light bulb warmers, the performance is much better. In fact, I’m in the market for another wax warmer, I might grab a 20 watt from Walmart. I’ve never used an actual candle warmer lamp, because I prefer to light mine, but those are available for melting candles too.
      Thanks for stopping by, feel free to ask any questions:)


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