Holiday Decor 2017

As I sit here on a snowy Friday afternoon, home from work thanks to a severe 12-hour stomach bug, I realize that Christmas is only 10 days away. Disheartened by the thought at first, knowing that I won’t accomplish all the shopping, gathering, wrapping, cooking, visiting and general christmasing I’ve planned in that time. Also knowing that this is my last obligation free evening until after the holidays and it’s doubtful I’ll be able to pull off more than a trip to the drugstore (at least I can grab the candy canes I’ve been meaning to while there). I allow myself to freak out over this realization for a few minutes and then…I let it go. The theme to this year’s holiday season is adapting. I will adapt my expectations, my commitments, and my worry over not having the perfect presents (and presence) this year.20171214_090804At this moment, I’m doing my best to enjoy my surroundings: the fresh snowfall blanketing the landscape, the anticipation of seeing former speech students, home from college, at Saturday’s tournament, the scent of Fresh Balsam, Red Berries & Cedar and other festive candles lighting my house today (now that I’m no longer nauseous) twinkling lights and the lovely decor I’ve finally managed to set up this week, making my home a little more joyful.20171211_082611This is the first time we set the tree upstairs in the living room rather than downstairs in the rec room. It took some adjusting; it’s not a corner tree, yet it’s shoved into a corner, a few burnt out light strings led to an interesting experiment of outdoor lights rigged up to indoor strands. Also that lit snowflake is a window decoration, but it needed something to top it and somehow it works, kinda like Frankenstein’s Christmas tree monster. I love it!20171215_103845 (1)I delight in filling out my Buckingham Palace advent calendar scene, complete with marching guards, carolers and corgis. About five years old from Old Durham Road-English Country living catalog. 20171215_144402 (1)Clearly, I did not adhere to the less-is-more-approach to decorating the piano top this year.


That is a screech owl wearing a top hat:) My antique ceramic tree is a favorite. Luckily, I found it adapts to 120 volt bulbs, apparently 130Vs are no longer produced. The cozy white cottages complete the snowy scene.20171215_144037 (1)The eclectic mix featured on the tree carries over to the copper candlescape tray with an assortment of ornaments, pine boughs, birch logs and candles. All presided over by Gandalf the Grey, the impish lil’ button-nosed gnome from The Little Green Bean. Her online shop is closed for the season but I have an inkling I’ll be adding more of Missy’s crafty creatures next year.20171212_093129The recycled book tree is from the Jolly Holiday Boutique. I keep a mostly white and neutral color scheme with pops of red. Pine cones and cardinals are favorites.20171215_114001I found a wonderful wood-burning artist on Instagram, Forage Workshop, featured in my gift guide for lovingly made ornaments, bowls and magnets from slices of salvaged wood. In September, Amy customized these cardinal Christmas ornaments for me with my brother’s initials set into the heart. I got them for family members and myself. They are so special it’s hard not to get emotional just thinking about them.20171210_150129

20171210_145018Thank you, Amy, for guiding me through the process with Etsy conversations. I know all of the recipients will cherish these as I do.♥20171213_123020

20171215_105616 (1)An extra sidecar tree sits atop the bay window, holding a little collection of The Christmas Story ornaments.20171213_141318The newest addition to my holiday decor is something I didn’t even know I needed; an adorable ornament ball ‘melter mat’ from the Paper Box Quilt Co. I require one for every season now, I think. Perfect under my jolly Santa warmer.20171215_112515Last, but never least in my family, a Peanuts display perched on a kitchen shelf. The Peanuts gang are a family Christmas tradition.

That’s the end of the tour, other than a few glass urns filled with ornaments, poinsettias and plenty more candles. I may need to consider downsizing a few items before next year. Do you go all out for Christmas? What color scheme fits your home; traditional, vintage, eclectic? Is anyone else as behind on Christmas to-do’s as I am? 

9 thoughts on “Holiday Decor 2017

  1. You did go all out and I love it. Wish I would have decorated more this year but maybe next year!
    I’ve even been neglecting to plug in the tree when I get home in the afternoons which is so unlike me and my husband even questioned what was going on as we both enjoy this time of year so much.
    Guess it just doesn’t feel like Christmas just yet and has been go go go lately.
    Oh, I’ve always adored the look of the vintage trees. They come along with so many childhood Christmas memories. I will have to have one someday. I want to say I may have seen some that were revamped this year that may have been instores this year I just can’t remember where.

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    1. Aw thanks, it feels random and cohesive at the same time. We did a good job on our outdoor lights this year (more understated than Griswolds) so I felt inspired to do up the inside too.
      I hope this week you embrace the decor and the festivity, or that one leads to the other. I tell myself its only for 1 month, enjoy it, cause its a pain to take down!

      My ceramic tree dates to the 70s, I think. So do I, so not sure if it’s antique, lol, but I got it in an antique shop. I think I’ve seen the trees you mention in a commercial, white with colored bulbs? I can’t remember where either. Hmm that’s gonna bug me…


    1. Thanks sis:) When I manage to get all of the candles and tealights lit, I adore the glow and greenery. Almost on the edge of too much, but not quite.


  2. Well, I found this (four days late) at just precisely THE right time – I was freaking out a few moments ago about all of the things I have to cram into the next 36 hours (by the way, did I mention – trying to keep it on the DL, but you’re inner circle, I can spill – that we’re going back to Disney for Christmas?! Because we are.) Anyhow, I’ve been merry merrying all over the place, but the guilt over leaving my parents for Christmas (only child, spent every holiday ever with my parents) is kind of weighing on me, and I’m trying to do too much in too little time. Like, there is no more time! I need to take your sage advice and accept this.

    I love your decorations, so beautiful. The cardinal plaques are wonderful, made all the more so by your response to them. That’s the best kind of art – the stuff you have a connection with.


    1. Thanks, Sandra. Little did I know that the day this posted, life was going to get much crazier due to a fender bender I got into-no one was injured, but it put any holiday troubles into stark perspective.

      Inner circle, secrets, moi? Exciting:)) You guys are taking that magical Christmas literally, eh? I’m happy for you, I bet it will be fun and more relaxing this time since you get a head start to plan. I know what you mean about family obligations, ours are heavy and complicated, but I’d imagine an only child gets all the guilt. I say, since you asked, now is the perfect time to go. If your parents are in good health and can fend for themselves, it could push them into a new type of celebration, rather than the same old usual (you). There may come a time, later on, when you must be there for them and winging off to Disney isn’t an option, so wing away and enjoy every moment. Just make sure to make your visit with them extra special when you get back. I hope you get everything you wish, and if that’s Christmas breakfast at Cinderella’s castle, or 25 straight rides on the Haunted Mansion, then that too. Happy Christmas, friend!


      1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Jay, that’s cruddy right before Christmas (more than cruddy; just the chaos of being bumped out of your routine or your schedule is unfortunate at this time of year. Very fortunate, though, that no one was hurt – glad you’re okay.

        Excellent insight, my friend, and things I’ve actually already discussed with my parents. Still feels kinda bummy, but I’m trying to be mature about this. Trying. I’m a sentimental softie that way, and so are my parents. Guess I get it from them (I’d better!) I’m also going to miss my cat. So much.

        I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Jay, and a very merry Christmas. I can’t wait to share my adventures when I return and to hear about what I hope is at least a *bit* of time in that hectic schedule of yours for a bit of relaxation and (actual) festive fun. Catch ya at the cusp of the near year. 🙂


  3. Beautiful decor!! I love your cardinals and those wood ornaments featuring them. I should have something like that made for Savanna. She is my cardinal lover (and it is rubbing off on me too). Your trees are lovely. What really makes me swoon is the view out your window. What a lovely scene. Thank you for sharing. I hope today was a peaceful and magical day for you and yours. ❤ Merry Christmas.


    1. Thanks. I enjoy glowing candles and accessories so much this time of year. Forage workshop’s owner, Amy, was a dream to work with, you should!
      I’m partaking in some day after Christmas peace and laziness today, thank you.


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