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‘Tis the season for the Christmas spirit to gently fill our hearts and homes. Mine is merrier, thanks in part to this beautiful order received from Dessa’s Homespun Scents.  Following Dessa’s social media posts and beholding her website the last few months gives the impression that the company title is more than a name. It is a brand, a lifestyle, a distinct character of quality: folksy, unpretentious, handmade goods. I believe Dessa and her creations truly are homespun.

Offering bunches of traditional scents in timeless shapes; no wacky trendy blends, but time-honored, tried and tested combinations, along with a few new scent recipes each season. I’ll testify there is nothing wrong with that, at Christmas in fact, it feels really right.20171207_085546

5-packs range from $5.30-$5.50 with choice of available shapes. 

Warm Vanilla Nutmeg– (ice cream scoops)-Creamy French vanilla, vanilla beans, warm spicy nutmeg blended to create this warm and comforting scent. Upon sniffing, my husband thought it might be weak and although it’s subtle, I disagree. Not exactly warming; there’s a distinct coolness to the vanilla, almost medicinal with an underlying redolence of fine liqueur. A splash of vanilla infused bourbon cream in a chilled mug. The nutmeg dusted froth suggests a woody spice, adding depth, not pungency to the custardy cream. Suffused the living room with a grounding fragrance.20171207_090839Christmas Eve- (lollipops) T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house, with visions of sugar plums, holiday berries, fresh cut Christmas tree, and the warmth of the hearth come together in this nostalgic scent. Homespun House Blend. Saving for gifts and Christmas Eve melting. Candlelit smokiness arises quieting the spice, creating a sacred mood. Sugared candy plums bob in the background decorating the freshly cut tree. Traditional holiday goodness.20171206_143727Smoky Mountain Christmas-(punched tin buttons) We have blended our popular Smoky Mountain Berries with our Christmas Tree. Homespun House Blend. Stately Fraser firs and spiky pines upon a moon-bright hillside, crisp woody aromas carried on chill winds mingle with smoky embers from the crackle of a warming fire. A basket of winter bounty laid beside the hearth, filled with red berries, pine cones, holly and bayberry leaves for making hand-formed Christmas wreaths. Stunning in it’s simplicity, a perfect forest scent; the smokiness gently diffuses the edge of the pine, while the berries draw out the true-to-life evergreen sweetness. Lasted for days in my 18-watt hot plate warmer.20171207_092129Cold Barn Mornings-(Prim candlesStep into the barn on a cold dewy morning in the fall. Surround yourself with the aroma of fresh bales of hay, rich cedar wood, and the damp morning air after the rain. Homespun House Blend. A favorite earthy melt reviewed in depth here.20171210_134451Candy Cane Snowball Cookies-(mason jars) Buttery sweet shortbread cookies are dipped in a sweet vanilla glaze and rolled in crushed candy cane bits. Homespun House Blend. At first sniff, there was an ‘off’ note that continued for several minutes of melting. After the offender dissipated CCSC developed a pleasantly strong sweet smell. A bowl of pastel mint candies that melt to cream on the tongue, crumbly biscuit cookies with hints of salt and lightly drizzled with confectioner’s sugar. Not a typical peppermint cookie scent, light-medium with a discord of flavors.

Samples included the 2 below and Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting which I forgot to photograph. An extremely soapy lavender and artificial spun candy mix, will update if I decide to melt.20171210_135622Caramel Apples- Freshly picked crisp Macintosh apples dipped in a thick, buttery gooey caramel. Well balanced between tart and sugary, Santa’s elf will tuck this in as a gift addition to a caramel apple loving someone I know.

Main Street Christmas- Step back in time as you stroll down historic Main Street during the Christmas Season…This scent captures the scents of the season; tart cranberries, bayberries, crushed cinnamon, hints of orange zest, and a background of freshly cut pine trees. If I close my eyes while sniffing, I can imagine the brightly lit warmth through windows adorned with festive wreaths as carolers revel through the cobbled streets. Magical.

I took advantage of Dessa’s new customer offer, nine 2 oz. cups for a discounted price, but had difficulty narrowing down and threw in a tenth cup. Because there were too many scents I wanted to try, I didn’t limit myself to holiday melts, but I attempted a wax cup tree:

20171203_153322 (1)
top down, left to right

Pumpkin Paradise-Fresh pumpkin puree, sweet cream, and a buttery crust. Homespun House Blend. Intrigued by a rare pumpkin without the spice blend, this is spot on. A ripe fleshy gourd, still green and sour-smelling, melts into a nutty oven-baked graham cracker crust. Strong and bright fragrance, yet the missing spice gives the sensation it’s lacking an important layer.

This Old Cabin-This blend captures the warmth of an old cabin. Spicy hot ginger, warm applesauce, a dash of cinnamon and the subtle earthiness of fresh outdoor pine. A note stood out so much on cold throw, I melted straight away without referring to the description to find it out. Initially thought to be orange marmalade, it turned out to be the applesauce and it’s outstanding. Golden stewed fruit, deeply spiced and spiked with pine needles. Woody, rustic and smelling of homemade treats, I would spend my holidays in This Old Cabin if possible.

Cranberries & Cornbread-Traditional tart cranberries with our old fashioned cornbread is baked together in a cast iron skillet. Delicious. Homespun House Blend. Upon melting, I thought I mixed up the cups between this and Cranberry Woodlands because I don’t identify much breadiness. It’s possible, although I think this is C&C, regardless it’s divine. Rambles in the woods, crisp twigs snapping underfoot, leaves caught in your hair as you stumble upon hidden forest depths. Tangy cranberries bursting with zest provide a jolt of vitality and natural sweetness. The BEST cranberry I’ve ever tried. 

Stormy NightsReminiscent of the clean brisk air after a rain storm – clean and refreshing. I believe this to be a dupe of one of my favorite Yankee Candles, Storm Watch.  It captures the fresh rain and sparkling ozone and doesn’t seem to be as perfumey as YC’s version.

Cedar Wood-Warm, earthy, aromatic fresh cedar, reminiscent of the inside of a hope chest. Dessa has the most precise aged cedar wood oil that I enjoyed intensely in Cold Barn Mornings and knew I needed individually. I hope to acquire Blender Bits in this scent sometime to create other combinations with this excellent crackling wood.

Cranberry Woodlands-Tart cranberry, black currant, cinnamon bark and musky woods create a warm and cozy scent. A less tart, effervescent version of B&BW’s Cranberry Woods. 

Fall Foliage-There is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing and it is beginning to feel like fall. The dewy scent of earthy autumn leaves after the rain and the warmth of crackling logs on the fire fill the brisk outdoor airHomespun House Blend. Campfire smoke, wet leaves, refreshing outdoor air without the overused cologne scent found in this type. Doubtful I’ll save it till next fall as I’m enchanted.

Autumn Pear-Fresh juicy pear slices lightly sprinkled with warm spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and a splash of creamy vanilla. Pear is seasonally a winter fruit, and this more authentic than any vendor wax pear I’ve tried. Intoxicated with vanilla extract and heightened by spice, the fleshy pear comes through, bright and sweet.

Winter Wonderland-A festive fusion of fresh winter balsam and delicious sweet sugar cookies fill the air during the holiday season. I’ve yet to try the popular vendor spin on sugar cookies and Christmas trees. This smells of citrus, musk and uplifting balsam fir crowning some tasty baked cookies.

Apples and Evergreen-The aroma of freshly picked Macintosh apples with the backdrop of a pine forest. Homespun House Blend. There’s a spoonful of caramel sweetening the Macintosh crunch and toning down the tartness. The same precious heart woods of fir trees flourish in a harmonious blend.

As a one-woman business, Dessa only ships within the U.S. currently and has an upcoming pre-order January 13th-15th. Such artful blends and authentic scents will find their way into my home for many seasons to come, I’d repurchase all except Snowball Cookies. Thank you very much Dessa, this order makes my Christmas merrier. Which fragrances are adding mirth and merriment to your home this year?

4 thoughts on “Dessa’s Homespun Scents: Holiday order

  1. Cozy photos! I love many, many Dessa scents. I think Smoky Mountain Christmas would be my pick from this bunch. Classic Christmas scent. And to only have one that was a miss out of all of these is most excellent. ❤ Enjoy your holiday smells! I hope they bring you and yours much joy and a celebratory atmosphere.


    1. Goodness, it is excellent. I can’t believe I waited so long to order from Dessa, although I think her winter scents are the most enchanting. It’s one of my favorite orders this year, no, ever.


  2. Lovely haul, Jay, and your photos look so great. Really nice setup you’ve got going there. I particularly like the little sprinkling of peppermint dust on the offending Snowball Cookies scent (hmm, cookies, peppermint, salt…should work. I wonder what’s off there? That plasticky artificial note that comes along with so many vanillas is a dastardly thing.


    1. Thank you, I wanted to capture the names without featuring the plastic baggies, hence the chalk stickers. But they were soo difficult to fit the words onto, oh well, the scribbled by a kindergartener look adds to the charm?
      None of the single scents in the cookie combo would offend me, it may have been something about the ratio, but it did burn off after 15 minutes, thankfully, I was getting ready to dump the scent. The candy cane lingered, so it could have been a rank vanilla culprit.
      This is a company I wish Canadians had access to, truly wonderful stuff:)


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