Festive Candles

20171206_085928.jpgBarring the real possibility of a lost candle crate lurking in my basement, I’m surprised to see the smallish gathering above is the extent of my festive candle stash. But there ’tis. A good amount of evergreen, cedar and berries, with a scattering of winter rosebuds. 

Fresh Balsam by Bath and Body Works (last year’s freebie), Iced Pinecone, Yankee Candle, and Christmas in Paris, a favorite, from Yankee’s World Journey line satisfy that fresh cut tree feel. 2014’s Sleigh Bells Ring provides a heavy rose note peeking out from a blanket of soft snow, the current version of which appears to be a 180 degree difference of a cinnamon spiced vanilla scent. Nutcracker and Red Berry & Cedar are virtually identical, reviewed previously

Mixing it up a bit are the sweetly floral Poinsettia treasure and small jar crackle wick, Holly, which has such a pleasant sugary effervescence that I’m a little bummed it can no longer to be found. Gingerbread warms my kitchen with a spicy fruitcake essence, and a crowd-pleasing true to life fragrance. That baby jar of Holiday Bayberry is a New Year’s tradition and the Christmas Cookie was a gift. I’ve never understood the hype with that one, as it always reminds me of a generic vanilla cookie candle. 

As for my project wax update:20171206_091624.jpgThree jars doesn’t seem like much to write about, but oh yes I am, because those were three full jars at the beginning of Fall. It is the first time I’ve ever burned through that amount in as many months, yay to constant and consistent candle lighting. Those 180 hour approx burn times for Yankee candles are no joke; however, I could never get through a large jar in the month of December. I will shoot for tackling a couple of halfway started burns and pack up the rest, good thing for Yankee’s endless candle shelf life. In January, I gravitate to smoky marshmallow types, you’ll see some Marshmallow Fireside, Smoky Mountain Lodge and my first triple scented Wood Wick featured in an upcoming stash. 

Which scents make you merry during the holidays?

2 thoughts on “Festive Candles

  1. You made a seriously great indentation in the pile – those big Yankee candles are no joke! I’ve never had much luck with the largest sized candles. I do all right with the three-wicks, but anything bigger and, you know, all the usual, unfortunate complaints. I approve of the Marshmallow Fireside – that’s one I also like in the winter/over the festive season, although I really prefer it in candle format as opposed to wax melt. There’s just something to the actual FIRE of a candle. I always think Marshmallow Fireside smells like a holiday party – a little smokey, mingled scents of various colognes and perfumes, something kind of vanilla-y. Plus, grey candles – why aren’t there more grey candles?


    1. Interesting, I equate MF to staying in and staying warm, no partying vibes to me. You know I think I prefer it in candles too. Have I mentioned grey is one of my fave colors? I have a grey striped ombre candle I’ll reveal next month.


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