Fall Fun Series II: The Finale

It’s time to put the Fall Fun Series to bed with a countdown of favorite products and moments of the season, and a sleepy sort of season it was. After the leaves settled I can say, I celebrated in every Autumnal moment save two (Seasonal movies/songs/reads and Fall craft or recipe) but I did combine those prompts into later posts. Enjoy the rundown and remember to check out what the other FFS participants are up to at the close of the season.

Top 10 scents of the series:

Wallflower scent plug-in: Sweet Honey Bee  and Yankee Candle plug-in Haunted Hollow: I rarely mention fragrance plug-ins because they always seem to fade quickly and are rarely noteworthy. These are exceptions, the Bath and Body Works Honey scent was powerful and satisfying with four-week longevity, what a rarity. Yankee’s new Haunted Hollow didn’t make many waves but the plug-in smelled EXACTLY like Palo Santo smoke. I know because I’ve been lighting and loving the holy wood and initially thought it lingered for days until I located the source to my outlet plug-in, now I have to track this scent down so I can enjoy the subtle Palo Santo in other forms.

20171008_131325Peanut Butter Cookie: Small Flame Candle Co. I am recommending a cookie scent, how bout that? It’s crisp, crunchy, nutty and buttery. Check out this veteran-owned and supporting small company if you haven’t yet.

Anarchy’s Child: Willow Wax Craft. The scents and style really spoke to me. Though I loved most of my Willow Wax Craft Haul, Anarchy’s Child became the one I looked forward to melting often and thought so unique; a blend of nougat-y candy stuffed into a pillowcase, smashed pumpkins and fall leaves. Samantha is an innovative maker to watch and just released a Winter collection.

20171115_114036White Magic: The Bathing Garden. The favorite from one of my more popular hauls of the year and the only scent of the Halloween Mystery Sampler that I ordered in a clamshell: shaved cinnamon, orange tea, hints of spicy patchouli. The epitome of sweet, sexy and strong spice.

Thessalhydra: Bonjour Wax CoMandi from Bonjour Wax always delivers pop culture blends a little differently. This one stunned me with it’s complexity. A mash of dark amber, exotic guaicwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, burnt sugar maple offers a complete olfactory experience. I hope it makes a reappearance. 

Cosmic Caramel: Handmade in Florida. The thrill of discovering a caramel scent that I can not only stand, but absolutely love, has not worn off. It’s a creamy concoction of sweet and spice starring warm caramel and clove, from my personal favorite wax haul this Fall.

Cabin in the Smokies: Ten Digit Creations. Four words conveying a hard to capture concept, a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, but Amber did it. Evocative of those ideal Fall days, wandering outdoors through brisk mountain air tinged with campfire smoke, twigs and leaves crunching underfoot. I’m looking forward to trying the new formulas and scents TDC is producing.20171112_163945.jpgIncense: Bath & Body Works 3-wick. The most enjoyable candle of the season with black pepper and patchouli essential oils. Pleased with the turn to natural fragrance in this collection, the warmth of this woody spice radiated through two rooms. I wish it wasn’t sold out, I’d love to have another one.

Ritual Lavender: Handmade in Florida. From the Earthy Surprise Me pre-order sampler, lavender, sage, rosemary and woodsy smoke billowing from the sacred ritual of smudging. Deserving of a second appearance on the list. Thankfully, I have more on the way from HiF’s flash sale last Sunday. Did I say I was on a wax buying moratorium? I mean it’s starting now.  20170927_124707Cold Barn Mornings: Dessa’s Homespun Scents. It should come as no surprise since I named this my favorite new Fall fragrance and it still holds true. I have more CBM on the way and no qualms about it becoming a winter melt favorite as well. 

Favorite Moments:

Into the Woods: The day spent hiking and exploring with my two favorite beings, my husband and pup, is a memory I’ll safeguard closely until we can get out and do it again, perhaps on a warm Winter day.

Favorite body care product: 

I’m honestly still glowing (literally) from my Euphoria Soap Works‘ giveaway win. The sandalwood scent sends me into fits of pleasure to use. However, I’m enjoying another body scrub this Fall that I haven’t mentioned yet: Bath and Body Works’ smoothing body scrub:20171022_111525 (1)It’s an oily formula due to the essential oil content, but my skin loves the way it exfoliates and hydrates, while I love the convenience of the tube and the manner in which the slick texture thickly coats during application. The Comfort scent fits me just right, too.

Sending a friendly little shout out to my fellow FFS participants. I know it’s been a busy time and we couldn’t touch on all that we wished to, but I’m sharing my favorite Fall posts from your sites below: 

Finger Candy’s pinspiration and Thrifty Polished’s Autumn inspiration (I miss you Amanda!) The Redolent Mermaid’s Farm and Pumpkin Fest, Angela Kay’s festive entertainment, and Fall Fun Series’ newcomer, Melting With Michelle’s magical honeymoon. Much respect to you Michelle, getting married and embracing a blog series had to be hectic, thank you for participating, I look forward to reading more about your fragrance loves and adventures.

Also a grateful shout out to my new followers who came on board during the series, thank you and hello:) Click the links for information on any of the products above and I must admit, I prefer Winter and the holiday season, I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s in store for those too.  Thank you for joining us in a celebration of Fall fun.

15 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: The Finale

  1. Oh my. So many yummy scents. I’d totally be up for a peanut butter cookie scent, and Cabin in the Smokies sounds like my ideal winter fragrance. I completely missed that B&BW candle, though… oops. It was so much fun participating in this series again! My fall season was a lot busier and less festive than usual, but all of you helped remind me to appreciate it anyway. Looking forward to all the winter posts!


    1. I’m so glad Angela:) I know the Fall series helps me appreciate some things I wouldn’t make time for otherwise. Unfortunately, it’s such a busy time and seemed so for you and many of us. I’d like to slow down a little more, but that’s not possible till Spring. I’ll be sure to pop in and check out what cozy scents you’ll be blogging and looking forward to your Barretts Wax Craft order too.

      The peanut butter was so different, it had a crispy note that I adored, my husband liked it too, which I cannot say for the Incense candle but I’m in love with it so too bad for him;)


    1. Thank you, I appreciate that:) Totally agree, I rarely buy the same scent twice because I want to try ALL the wax. I enjoyed this season’s scents more than in past years and found a few I’d repeat for sure.


  2. I love it, how nice are you? I’m basically all, “Hey, crap got in the way, whiffing and biffing everywhere, see yous maybe next year!” This was really lovely, Jay, thanks for giving us all the props. I am 100 percent on board for a more winter-oriented series next year. Plus, post-holidays, it’s just the time of year when we could all use a little bit more of a push (in every area, but also usually in blogging.) I miss Amanda as well, and I’m in complete agreement about Michelle – series MVP!) To next year.


    1. If you whiffed it, you still managed to contribute celebratory and thoughtful posts that were exactly what I needed to read/hear, you are like The Beatles of the FFS! Yep, post-holiday push required in all aspects (pre-holiday too, I tend to slack the busier I become).

      Thank you for your kindness, humor and friendship through the season buddy:)


      1. You are most welcome. 🙂 I reciprocate muchly! I also wanted to make a sarcastic Beatles joke, but I really have none. I actually don’t know my Beatles that well. I think this might be a major gap in my life’s musical knowledge (my parents were big fans, of course, but bigger Stones fans – that’s the band that still gets their chimes ringing.) Do you like the Beatles? I like Helter Skelter (yes, of course I do.)


        1. I do not like the Beatles, I love the Beatles. Perhaps I haven’t stated it explicitly, except possibly during my Central Park/Imagine Mosaic/Strawberry Fields visit. The Beatles were heard as my wedding march and at family funerals, and I may wear black most 8ths of Dec:(
          Ages ago when I was being wooed, my husband (bf at the time) played Norwegian Wood for me for the first time on his guitar. I also may have thought, well, I’m going to have to marry this guy, now:))

          I realize you’d probably wish to be the 21 Pilots of the FFS, sorry, that was Michelle!


          1. Now, would that be My Michelle? 😉

            I remember now that the Beatles have been a major part of your life, but I didn’t know you were so passionate about them! I’ve known this guy since about grade 6 who, since grade 6, has been totally spun for the Beatles. Musician type, always yammering on about how they laid claim to all the best chord progressions and melodies. I think you’d probably get along.

            I love that your (going-to-be) husband played guitar for you. And what a bizarre choice – not exactly the most well known of Beatles songs, and extra heavy on the sitar! Them’s some bona fides, there – you were right to hold on to him. At least he didn’t come at you with Can’t Buy Me Love or one of the more linear cheeseballs.

            Oh, 21 (twenty one?) Pilots, I love you so much. As we were stepping out the door one day on our little trip down in Florida I said to my husband about my outfit, “Do I look okay? Everything in place?” and he said, “You look like 21 Pilots going to the theme park, black on tunic on skinny jeans.” I almost cried, I was so happy. 🙂


          2. Nice, well chosen on the Beatles references. LOL, no sitar, I would have thought twice in that case! My Beatles love is a constant back-burner as far as fandoms go, it’s just always there. Can’t say I’d know what I was talking about as far as chord progressions, BUT I know that Ringo revolutionized some drum beats. Often considered less seriously than the rest, few drummers could hang with him. (This knowledge is supported from my Beatles Rockband skills) I’m a fan of the Stones too, my favorite serenade was You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

            OOh, an alternative electronica pop princess is just what Disney needs: all black costume, symbolic tats, black make-up and red eyeliner…


          3. Are you (were you) a Rock Bander? Me, too! Or us, too! I was drums because I’m the only one in my family with rhythm. Wait, I think I already knew that you played Green Day Rock Band, I think? We’ve talked about this before, right?

            YES to the TOP princess (Twenty One Princesses?) I’ll be the one with my red mascara running down my face after a particularly damp ride through Splash Mountain.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Yep we’ve conversed on this subject. I’m sure Tre’s skills weren’t quite Ringo level, yet Green Day’s Rock Band drums kicked my butt most of the time.

            Haha, yes, I’m the Queasy green-faced princess.


          5. Aw, I love Tre Cool – he looks nigh uncontrollable. He also didn’t have the easiest go of it in the early days – he was a lot younger than the other two guys, and there was this weird power play thing going on with their old (and older) drummer where he would sometimes play with them (a show where somebody of note might show up) but most of the time he just, you know, wouldn’t. The last time they ever played with him he showed up out of the blue, having not played with them in ages, and bounced, like, this 16-year-old kid (Tre) out of the drummer’s seat so he could play instead. I think they “officially” let him go after that (LET IT GOOOOOO!)


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