Hot Tea and Cocoa by Grimoire Tea & Herbal Alchemy

20171120_090558With an abundance of fandom inspired teas out there, it raises the question, what about fans who prefer the sweeter, darker nectar of the cocoa bean? Aha, such fans are in luck, sort of.* The incredibly popular Grimoire Tea and Herbal Alchemy is a one-woman small business run by Samantha, who whips up cocoa blends in the shop on occasion. Now lucky cocoa connoisseurs can proudly sip flavored hot chocolate while watching a favorite movie or revisiting a beloved read.

*As Samantha is offering just one more extremely limited hot cocoa restock this Friday, it will take more than luck to nab a coveted cocoa. The nimblest of quick shopping fingers are a requirement. I was able to score a pair of delectable cocoa mixes myself on the second, or was it my third attempt, as they were being released in waves this Fall. Never did snag the Butterbeer version, but that provides irresistible incentive for next year. I’m happy with the variety I did get, which makes approx 8 cups for $12 a piece.20171101_134511 (1)Black Flame Candle Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa. Expecting a spicy chai, however this blend is creamier and more subtle. Not detecting much pumpkiny flavor on the first try, I added an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder to heated milk on my second mug and was rewarded with a unique savory chocolate brew.
20171119_125537Inspired by Hocus Pocus, I enjoyed this as a Halloween treat. I liked the light texture and not too sweet flavor, (no dreaded furry teeth after drinking) resembling a sophisticated cross between a powdery cocoa and pumpkin spice latte with extra cream. And I so appreciate a frothy mug of chocolate.20171101_135944Sandy ClawsPeppermint Hot Cocoa. There’s the big guy in all his Nightmare Before Christmas glory. As specialty hot beverages go, I prefer a java mint chip over a PSL any day and this hit the spot. The same signature milk chocolate base studded with peppermint bits, infusing the blend with a refreshing twist. Smooth finish and only semi-sweet makes a grown-up hot chocolate, though perfect with added swirls of whipped cream and crushed peppermint candies.20171119_132958 (1)These are generously sized and will last a long while. The only minor issue I had was that the turn-around-time wasn’t explicit and seemed long. Placed my order Sept. 1st and it arrived October 12th, though I probably wouldn’t have tried them till colder weather appeared anyway, so not a deal breaker. No stranger to 6 week TATs thanks to the wax vendor world; however, I noticed multiple rounds of tea and cocoas were released before this round shipped. 

Which did not stop me from impulse buying a set of Harry Potter themed teas the next month. (I have yet to turn off Grimoire’s post notifications). Teas are what Grimoire is known for, and I’ve eyed a few but hesitated because much of the selection is herbal based and although I’ve tried, I just cannot enjoy herbal blends. When I saw a listing for a green and a black tea, combined with Potter packaging and free shipping, I leaped right on it. The TAT for this set was 2 weeks and was stated in the listing.20171119_145033What is it about a wax seal that makes something extra special? A touch of mystery, sense of refinement, prized archaic value? Whatever it is, the effect is undoubtedly cool. These are the smaller sized bottles for $8, with free shipping discount.

The Grim– Black tea blend with peppermint and cocoa nibs. Ahh, the Grim, one of my favorite magical concepts (portents?) from the series. Though one can hardly blame Harry Potter for being less than excited to find one predicting his doom in the bottom of a teacup. Being called on in class when you don’t have the answer is bad enough, imagine being called out by your professor for producing an omen of death and then attempting to manage the rest of the lesson without notice. 20171120_103326The taste: Cocoa nibs convey the richness of a dark chocolate ganache pierced through with creamy mint extract. How thrilled was I to discover The Grim tastes like a liquid York Peppermint Patty? If that’s not your thing, this won’t be either. It’s strong and tingly on the palette, definitely not a bedtime cuppa, but a proper black tea. 

Polyjuice Potion- green tea with butterfly pea flower. This is a straight-up genius idea for a tea. With the addition of an acid, such as lemon juice, the pea flower changes color thereby disguising its natural blue hue and transforming itself! I adore the clever connection to Polyjuice potion and couldn’t wait to try it out. 20171119_151504The green tea leaves are blended with large buds of dried butterfly pea flower, which has a vibrant blue color. Upon transformation, the result should resemble a royal purple shade.20171119_151930One teaspoon is recommended but I may not have scooped enough of the flowers into my infuser because the closest it developed was a green-blue tinge. Less Ravenclaw colored, more Slytherin. Still, gleefully grinning like a mad scientist, I squirted in the required lemon juice to initiate the chemical reaction…20171119_152747


20171119_153103a rosy pink hue? Okay, next time I will definitely add extra pea flowers into the mix to achieve more of the reported glow-stick color change. I know it’s possible because Samantha, herself, demonstrated the change in a video post. Oh well, even Polyjuice isn’t fool proof; undaunted, I shall try again. 20171119_153006The taste: Slightly nervous by a floral tea because I didn’t want a drink resembling the water from a bud vase. Adding more leaves to lessen the lemon juice created a robust mug o’ tea. Vegetal with zesty citrus tones somewhere in the lemongrass family, but without mouth-puckering tartness. Complex, slightly bitter and not overly floral, I surprised myself by drinking this tea straight with no added sweetener. A refreshing cup similar to mixed Jasmine Green and Lady Grey, it made a lovely palatable potion. 

Relaxing mugs of cocoa in the morning and steaming teas at night (I may do that backwards, but that’s how I roll) has lessened the stress of the hectic past week. How do you steal a few moments to yourself before the holidays kick into high gear? Do you prefer cocoa or tea?

8 thoughts on “Hot Tea and Cocoa by Grimoire Tea & Herbal Alchemy

  1. Both! Anything warm to help on a chilly night.
    I’m still trying to learn my tea game and my likes and dislikes. Like you, I’m not big on herbal overall floral teas. I’m learning that it’s safe to just stick to my peppermint and an occational diluted black tea. Though I do enjoy adding vanilla creamer in my tea now.
    I tried recently a cold stone creamery vanilla ice cream( I believe it was ) flavored creamer. Delicious!

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    1. How funny, I recently tried that same creamer at the judges’ refreshment table (coffee/donuts) at Saturday’s speech tournament, it was yummy. My go-to in tea is honey, though I think I remember you not liking the scent? Sometimes, I’ll add cream or milk if too strong. Yes, peppermint tea, I almost forgot you recommended that for certain ailments, I’ll pay closer attention now that I have some mint tea to sip. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jessica😊


  2. These sound awesome, and they look awesome, too – you’re right, that wax seal detailing is indeed very sexy. That Polyjuice one? Dope. I hope it turns out a bit better the next time you try it with the extra flowers, or at least as you had intended, because it’s still pretty cool. And palatable, too – what a nice bonus! Herbal teas ain’t my jam either – I prefer black teas. You know, something nice and tooth stain-y.


    1. Drinking these was an experience, especially that Polyjuice potion. A fun product, with lots of variety and gorgeous packaging is well worth it. I just wish they were easier to get hold of, so I could grab some for gifts!
      Black tea will always be where it’s at for me, but I have had a few of the other varieties that were delicious, too. Just like anything else, it’s a matter of quality and for me,if I’m in the right mood to experiment.


  3. Bloody brilliant! I was wondering how those hot chocolates tasted. Good to know you give them your seal of approval. I may have to try for some in the future. It definitely is much harder to order from her now than it was in the beginning but happy her business is expanding so well. Yes, I did notice the overlap in delivery versus release of new products. It worried me at first too when I had multiple orders out. But it worked out in the end, like you said. Enjoy your teas! And hot chocolates! Keep those dementors away.


    1. It has to be a gratifying feeling for Samantha to know her hard work and ideas are in high demand. Just makes it more difficult for the consumers (especially those who missed out on the early days). I appreciate that she does offer numerous releases and it seems like the same items consistenly sell out, hopefully her success will lead to more production in the future. I love the Grim, it is super stimulating and the cocoas were fun to try, a cute lil indulgence.


    2. Oh, I can’t help embracing the Dementors ;p, what fantastic imaginative creatures. But yes, they do suck the mood right outta the room. One must be vigilant, lol!


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