Fall Fun: Thanksgiving

On Thursday, I’m gonna be:Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-22-41

But never:Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-23-06This is a possibility:gallery_TurkeyTrotPotatoTurkeysCostumes

 However, this is definite:dog show


This about sums it up too:this-about-sums-up-every-thanksgiving-67906

If I seem to be avoiding an authentic Thanksgiving traditions and plans post, indeed, I am. Forgive me friends, dealing with the holidays, the grief, and how the gatherings have changed the last few years has been tricky. Though my family tries their best to put on positive faces, Thanksgiving is honestly a low point. My husband is better at embracing the present and celebrating the day, but his family too has experienced turmoil and recent difficulty. We’re both feeling low and defeated by a few circumstances lately and there’s no sugarcoating it, this holiday will be difficult. But it will also be good for us to have a couple days off together. Good to catch up with cousins we see infrequently, to feast on delicious dinners (two of them) to play games, to remember, to take a moment to be grateful for family, friends, each other.

And so I am buoyed by this appropriate sentiment from A Thanksgiving Tale:Thanksgiving tale.jpg

Wishing a warm Thanksgiving to all.



3 thoughts on “Fall Fun: Thanksgiving

  1. I hope you can enjoy the present. I know it is hard but we must try! That’s all I know. I will be thinking of you guys! -R ❤


  2. I’m so sorry to hear Thanksgiving is giving you all the hell – it feels extra not fair when bad things are tied to what’s supposed to be a joyous time. I hope you can enjoy your two meals (you almost say that like it’s a bad thing!) and get a little bit of time to relax, just you and your husband.


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