Euphoria Soap Works: “Gift it to me baby” giveaway

20171112_141534A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway by the purveyors of Euphoria Soap Works. Not only was my prize delightfully presented in autumn gold and plaid ribbon, I was given a scent choice for the winnings. It was a tough decision for this indecisive Gemini, but Vanilla Sandalwood is one of my favorites, I couldn’t let it pass me by. Other sets included Fig, Cranberry, Apple Spice and Pumpkin Creme.

November is a hectic month in which I often let any self care slide, I so appreciated this excuse to soak in a relaxing bath and indulge in a favorite fragrance. The spa bath gift set is valued at $29.95, five scents are currently available on the website. Included is a large bath bomb and full chunk of 6 oz. soap, along with 4 oz. shower scrub and 2.5 oz. body cream, all hand-made.20171114_093711.jpgEuphoria’s VS scent description,”So warm, and surprisingly sweet in a delicate way with a hand-blended fragrance that is not a bakery vanilla scent, but more of a wearable vanilla, with soft floral undertones.”

One hesitation with choosing Vanilla Sandalwood is that I’ve been disappointed by the scent interpretation from vendors many times in the past. There are lower and higher grades of the exotic sandalwood oil and truly no substitute. My ideal is thickly dense sylvan woods, aged to dark rich resin. Not grassy or musty, but seasoned into a crackling dry spice, with a fine powdery finish. And holy smokes, I found it! Actually, it found me, thanks to the giveaway, but I’m delighted for it. That satisfying smooth oriental spice that I crave from the sacred sandalwood, skillfully blended with the creamy bitter vanilla bean. The result, an intermingling of both cool vanilla and warm sensual sandal spice, it’s divine. 

Soothe & Relax Bath Bomb- The one item I was least excited for, until it arrived. (I rarely use them). Smelling the gorgeous sandalwood vanilla through the wrapping and seeing the gleaming gold touches swathed across this planet-sized bath bomb so charmed me, next thing I knew I was running a bath on a Tuesday night. 20171112_142603Robustly scented with a distinct almond note when dissolving, this effusive bomb gushed properly for a full minute or two before fading to a softer, sunken fizzer. The golden sheen created a funky olive green bathwater but the rich scent of calming sandalwood mingled with misty steam (and a glass of red wine) made for a heavenly experience.

Luxury emulsified sugar scrub- of the four products, this has the most intense vanilla aroma. Speckled with vanilla bean pod essence, lathering this scrub onto my skin became a creamy custard-scented experience. Comparing textures, I’d place this scrub between The Bathing Garden’s coarse paste and the finer grains of Soak & Unwind’s thick whipped soap. Which puts it at a happy medium, offering enough gritty exfoliation while still a gentle touch for daily use and a nice clingy lather. The base of vanilla sandalwood lingers lightly on the skin. If this was a body oil, I’d use it too.
20171114_085316 (1)Sandalwood Vanilla Bliss Body Cream- With mango, cocoa and shea butters, organic coconut and olive oils, this is one thick But-tah. The thickness requires this cream be worked into the skin, but it doesn’t leave behind any greasy sheen. A softer concentration of vanilla than the scrub, the sandalwood imparts a delicate earthy wood note after applying. Designed for scent layering with the other products, I’ve been slathering this on post-shower and reapplying to my hands after washing, with noticeable results. Yesterday, my husband commented that my hands were ‘oh, so soft’. In the words of Austin Powers, “yeah, baby, yeah.”


Vanilla Sandalwood Silk soap- the only item I’ve yet to try as I’m working through another soap and it’s best to use up one bar at a time. Looking forward to scrubbing up with the musky sweetness of this hand-crafted signature though. Tussah silk is listed as an ingredient, fibers containing silk amino acids, which purportedly increases lather, shine and silky skin feel. I’m anticipating the complete Vanilla Sandalwood experience to leave me in a halo of my beloved scent all day. 

These “gift it to me baby” sets are obviously no-brainers for holiday gifting. I’m also impressed by the delicious looking Home for the Holidays soap sets, currently on pre-order at Euphoria Soap Works. Thank you so much for this incredibly generous giveaway! 

 Anyone anticipating luxury bath items this year? Which body care scents do you prefer to slather and layer with? I know a few people on my list deserve some relaxing spa experiences…



2 thoughts on “Euphoria Soap Works: “Gift it to me baby” giveaway

  1. “Give it to me baby, uh-uh, uh-uh…and all the vendors say I’m totally on for a BATH BOMB!” No, not how that song goes?

    What a lovely little treat! Nice work on the winnings. 🙂 And SCORE on the scent – sounds right up your alley. The texture of the sugar scrub sounds so nice, too – like you said, a good “halfway happy” compromise. 😉 I used a Bath & Body Works scrub the other day that was just like pouring oil onto my skin – two days later and I’m still feeling quite slippery! I like to emerge from the shower feeling squeaky clean as opposed to slimy, and this guy is erring dangerously close to slimy territory.

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    1. Oh yeah, I’ll be working all the bombs, uh-huh. Well I would if I had a more relaxing bathtub.
      I have a B&BW scrub that I’m loving funnily enough, I kinda like the change of an oil slickness texture, my skin is hella dry usually though.


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