New vendor: Gypsy Monroe Wax Co.

20171109_081433In many areas of life I can be downright practical. When it comes to turning away from sparkly, glittery pretties, however, I’m worse than a magpie. On such occasions, my husband will refer to me as Jeremy, the distracted crow from The Secret of Nimh. I do gravitate to shiny bits, although he’s just as bad, gleefully looking forward to retirement when he plans to pick up a metal detector to locate buried loot. 

It was this sparkly-spotting tendency which caused me to pause mid-scroll through my feed as I came across the shimmery wax offered by The Gypsy Monroe Wax Co. How can you blame me? As far as I can tell, the shop opened in January 2017 and has gained plentiful popularity. My order shipped within a week for $6.25. I was unable to find oz. information for most options.20171109_075350 (1)Minty Fresh Fluff spearmint + toasted marshmallow ($6.30)

Bright, fresh and as unmistakable as an emerald creme de menthe cocktail, or mint topping drizzled over a dish of melty vanilla ice cream. It actually smells fluffy if that’s possible, airy and finespun, the mint frolics forward but doesn’t offend as some spearmint oils may. The sticky marshmallow lacks a toasted quality, similar to pillowy mallow fluff. A thin layer of shards, less than an ounce, produced strong throw. 

What you see is what you get with this melt. Cool, minty, intense. I think it would be fantastic with an added something to ground it, possibly a Flannel type with bergamot and musk, or a vanilla waffle cone. Thanks to these perfectly portable wax shards, I can use it as a go-to scent blender.20171109_082930 (1)Black Magic WomanBlackberry Jam + Cotton Candy + Barbershop ($6.30)

Wow is this syrupy sweet! I admit to not usually going for this scent type, it was the barbershop addition (obsession) that drew me in. Bursting with tangy seeds, flowers, vines, the whole berry bush may have been thrown in there. Mouth-puckering tartness appears at first sniff, a slightly metallic note follows. Thick plummy jam is the overriding scent. Moderate throw on warm where cotton candy peeks out, adding to the sweetness. I threw in a mini-cube of Rosegirl’s Shaving Cream which toned down the sugar, but it’s still too saccharine for me. Passing this on to a fruity scent lover.
20171109_093243Winter– Pine + Warm Spices + Oak Moss + Clove + Allspice ($5.39 for 4.3 oz)

This stunning tartlette shape with the shimmer, now that’s the twinkle I’m talking about. I adore the triple layers, fluted edges and 3-dimensional snowflake embed. Labeling a scent Winter seems like a tall order to fill, I believe it to be a dupe for the Bath and Body Work’s candle by the same name but I don’t have one to compare.20171109_094340Though not exactly like walking in the woods on a crisp winter morning, it is reminiscent of those orange-clove pomanders that were popular air fresheners during the Victorian era. Martha Stewart is always making them for the holidays too and I can see why. A festive fragrance possessing a blast of beautiful citrus-spice that warms the room. Capturing the stimulating essence of pine needles with a hint of cold air, the bright orange is rolled in a smattering of subtle clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and possibly ginger spice. One fourth of the tart made a cheery melt with loads of throw which put me in high holiday spirits.20171109_092520Dream Weaver– lavender + coconut milk + marshmallow cream + white musk ($3.19)

This lavender smells familiar, clean and astringent; made new by the foamy swirled coconut milk. I’m crazy about the luminous muskiness right from the top, as the creamy smooth mallow softens the pungency. Very keen on this blend, but wish for a higher ratio of coconut cream to lavender. 

Samples:20171110_081632Black Raspberry Vanilla– Without hidden scent surprises here. A no-muss, no-fuss basic berry vanilla combination, not as tart as Black Magic Woman.

Baby It’s Cold Outside– No description, but there’s a delicious candy cane mallow cream going on and a really good one. I’d definitely purchase if available.
20171109_092706Sweetly packaged including pour/cure dates and crystal lunar label motif, I know I’m not the only one whose head has been turned by Gypsy Monroe. I even missed one of the scents that caught me eye, Mermaid Snack, as it sold out within hours; this vendor’s star is rapidly on the rise. Gypsy Monroe is restocking this Sat, Nov 11th at 2 EST and there’s a special custom wax giveaway entry with any purchase. As usual with Etsy, import taxes may apply for my international friends. I expect lots more loveliness from GMW in the future. 

4 thoughts on “New vendor: Gypsy Monroe Wax Co.

    1. Shiiiiiny! Seriously, I cannot pass the stuff up. I’ve yet to dip into the pines but actually have a wax review free week ahead and plan to melt anything my lil heart desires, so it could be soon. Which pines are you digging this year?
      P.S. That mint fluff is awesome sauce, I will save you a bit so you can try this vendor for yourself:)


    1. Thanks for stopping by Natalie:) I know I will be re-ordering some time after the holidays, I love the sound of a few of her new earthy blends. I think April is on an etsy shop vacation for a little while, you may want to check again in December.
      Agree about the Insta-activity, the vendors who announce soley through facebook are my least fave!


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