Fall Fun Series: Into the Woods

Walden Pond
Sign entering Walden Pond, Concord, MA {Pinterest image}

Or to put it less poetically, what’s Autumn good for if you don’t wander outdoors and explore it’s splendor? It was that thought that led to me talking my husband into accompanying my dog and I one September afternoon on an early Fall hike. We traveled to resplendent Rocky River Reservation, a woodland park about 45 minutes from our home.


It happened to be a beautiful blazing sunny day, but not yet peak season for Fall color in Northeast Ohio. So sunny, that I couldn’t quite see what I was photographing half the time and many of my pics came out overexposed with sunlight, but you’ll get the idea. Ah, I wish I could revisit the real-life scent of these woods above. There’s a vast variety, but the area is known for cottonwoods, willow and sycamore.


We hit the trail head and hiked about 2.5 miles down to the river.


Scaling mossy logs below and craning our necks to the towering trees above.

The Rocky River


Scrambling down the soft shale cliffs and playing in the sun-dappled streams.



We chose a steeper climb back up the trail along the river to better take in the rocky landscapes from above.



When we were pleasantly tired and hungry, we stopped to picnic in a pretty grove.


Feasting like kids, with abandon, on peanut butter ‘n jelly sandwiches, fruit, cheese and juiceboxes. Soaking in the peaceful surroundings before heading back home.


When you wish to take the cute selfies, but your dog’s just there for the hiking, you compromise.
When you wish to take the cute selfies, but your dog’s just there for the hiking, you compromise.

It may seem simple and commonplace to go on a weekend hike and I do wish we could more often. Autumn means 12 hour-long days and six-day weeks for my husband, however, with Speech competitions starting for both of us last weekend. We won’t see the freedom of another carefree Saturday afternoon until February, but the beauty, sunshine and family time of this one will sustain us through the upcoming winter (hopefully).


After arriving home, my husband picked out the scent to melt and chose Ten Digit Creations’ Cabin in the Smokies-notes of freshly fallen leaves, woodsmoke, and evergreen trees. I admit it was a perfect choice for the day. A gentle wafting smoke drifting through a canopy of pines rustling over head, the next best thing to spending a Fall day outdoors. After our hike, we settled in to an OSU Buckeyes game and a nice cozy nap:)

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4 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Into the Woods

  1. That sounds like an awesome Fall day – I love those kind of “directed lazy” days; you know, there’s not much going on, but you do have a plan. 🙂 A walk in the woods sounds so nice (especially one followed by good TV and a nap!) but especially when you’ve got a cute little doggy beside you – what an adorable little nugget. Friends of mine had a stupendous English Bulldog some years ago, but Frenchies run a close second in my books.

    Sending you all manner of good vibes to get you through the next little while – gosh, you’re so busy (things you don’t need telling.) Best to enjoy the much deserved time off while you can.


    1. It was a good day:) We get ridiculously busy, my husband more than I, but the pace kind of keeps me going. We are always beyond ready for a break at the end of Feb when the season winds down.

      Thanks, he is a cute bugger and actually, Johnny is a Boston Terrier. Frenchies are squatter with fatter heads, but have that smushed face too. Let me tell you something about Bostie’s, they are up for anything. He’s ready for a hike, a football play session in the yard and of course a nap, whenever we are. He is the best, though his health has declined since last year. We are enjoying as much time with him as possible while we can, ya know?

      Thanks for the good vibes! I’m freaking exhausted thinking about the next 3 months.


      1. Oh, I’m such a jerk, of course Johnny’s a Boston Terrier – he doesn’t have those gigantic, telescopic bat ears that Frenchies have. We are AWASH in Frenchies in this city, but very few Boston Terriers (years ago it was the Pug-a-Thon, but they seem to have diminished a bit in popularity.) Anyhow, apologies to the wee man – he is a Boston Terrier (said in my best Fight Club “His name is Robert Paulson” voice.)


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