Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decor

The Fall Fun Series prompt this week is Halloween traditions, recipes and decor. I’ve struck out on the first two, so decor it is! Much less than last year’s, however, and majorly less than displays of years’ past. I’ve done just enough to be manageable and illicit a smile when I see it.20171025_131726My copper tray is not the look I originally intended. Somehow, my metallic skull light set broke in storage. Not only did one of the glass skulls break to bits, the wires separated from the switch housing and I can’t weave it back through the plastic to allow the light switch to work. My plan for next year is to restring them into a garland. Still, I’m partial to the skull motif, so I threw the broken string in there with purple fairy lights, my lit wax skull, mercury glass bottle featuring skull head with super reflective teeth, and the Bath & Body Works mini candle in Creep It Real (Flannel scent).20171025_122827This set up is referred to as the Poe table, though I keep meaning to add a photo print of Edgar in a frame, making it more of a Poe shrine.20171025_122738-COLLAGE.jpgA haphazard mix of ravens, books, dried bouquets and candles conjures Poe to my mind. The Raven Night silhouette window holds tealights and is my single Halloween decor purchase this year. I picked it up at Yankee Candle and I think it’s currently on sale.20171025_123510Nothing provides more Halloween mood than a classic jack o’ lantern. Luckily, I acquired this antique store blow mold a few years ago and since I’m lacking a plant in the plant stand at the moment, old Jack looks right at home there.20171019_104632These dancing skellies are my favorite piece this year. From 2016’s Boney Bunch line at Yankee Candle, not only do they have a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies feel about them, they represent the fond memories created this summer as the hubs and I stumbled our way through ballroom dance lessons. Plus, the gravestone reads “Dead On My Feet” and I’m a fan of hackneyed puns.

The only other member of the Boney Bunch to make a spooky appearance (I own double digits of these dudes) is my absolute favorite, the Headless Horseman. As you can see, I go with the more is more approach when it comes to the legendary carousing spectral character. 20171019_104324The next few days are punishingly busy, but I vow to drop in for a late Halloween post if possible. Until then, Happy Halloween weekend, any festivities or frightful fetes? How about a scary movie binge-a-thon? Staying home for a low-key spookfest sounds mighty enticing right now. 

2 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decor

  1. I’m with you on this one – I really didn’t decorate much this year. I love your themes, though! I am still kicking myself for not getting more of Yankee’s Halloween offerings. They just do it so well.

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    1. Thank you, I enjoyed taking the easy route this year. Agreed on Yankee’s Halloween, there’s always something that calls my name, and a unique feel to their Halloween pieces. Happy Halloween!


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