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What you should know about Bonjour Wax Co.: An order from Bonjour is more than wax, it’s an experience. Mandi cultivates a treasure trove of cool ideas that she turns into reality. Especially winning are her pop culture-themed samplers, everything is spot on, from the scent interpret ation to the packaging. Mandi also considers her customers’ feedback, reworking and fine tuning her formulas and recipes, not to mention, constantly planning and sharing her process with us. It’s these details which stand out as special and make Bonjour Wax very popular with a loyal customer base. 

  • Mandi assures that she uses sustainably sourced palm wax w/o petroleum by-products, which releases easier from melt warmers.
  • Shipping is a flat rate of $7.50 (awesome) though International doesn’t appear available.
  • Restocks are typically every other Friday at 12 pm EST, and many products will sell out. That time doesn’t work for me, luckily she also offers occasional preorders such as the one below:

The World is turning Upside Down sampler


20171008_140337 (1)I mean come on, the packaging alone is reason enough to purchase, AND a free bookmark? Be still, my geeky heart. Containing 9 Stranger Things inspired scents for $20 of major wax melt eye candy.20171008_141646There is a sweetness to the show due to the characters’ interrelationships, but also an undercurrent of brokenness, an edge of pain and pang of misery to their lives, even Steve’s (who redeemed himself, yet I can’t help thinking a return to douchey behavior is imminent. UPDATE: or maybe Steve will become a wounded but hilarious sidekick!) These scents are sweet and edgy, based on iconic moments from season one and previews of the upcoming season two, premiering tomorrow night. 20171008_141158.jpgEleven-vanilla crunch waffles covered in maple syrup. Representing the mysterious interdimensional traveler, El, whose powerful telekinetic abilities are equally useful for helping locate missing children and procuring Eggo waffles. Light, buttery batter swirled with vanilla extract topped off with pools of maple syrup floating inside all the little ridges. Not into maple scents this season, I melted one, recommend two for light-medium throw. Evenly composed of maple and vanilla, not overly sweet. 

Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation-coffee beans & cinnamon sugared donuts. A straightforward coffee with a light spicy note. Based on the morning motto of haunted Hawkins’ Chief Hopper, who I’m not gonna lie, is my favorite character and this, my favorite quote from season oneI literally live by this motto. Not as potent as dark roast but still a comforting cup of familiar warmth. A crunchiness comes out reminiscent more of graham crackers than donuts. Smooth, balanced classic American coffee that one can swig (or sniff) all day. This medium scent had major longevity, I used 3 mornings in a row for around 8 total hours.20171025_134355The Pumpkin Patch- pumpkin, ginger, brown sugar, patchouli & clove. Featured in a preview of a season 2 episode, there’s more going on than pumpkin picking. Patchouli introduces an earthy tone and musky finish underlying the sweetly spiced fragrance. The hidden creamy pumpkin just peeks out, or was that a pollywog? Light throw. 

One of the most clever and cult follower generating aspects of Stranger Things is it’s homage to pure geekiness. The young foursome at the show’s heart are unapologetically geeky; AV club members into strategy gaming, ham radios, and electromagnetism. Their curiosity and conspiracy theories provide comic relief and nostalgic innocence. The following scents are unapologetically sugary and brightly colored. They’d surely be eaten up as the boys gamed away their weekend.20171008_142724Demogorgon-blood orange & patchouli. As powerful a mix as the demonic Demogorgon is a monster. Wickedly bright and juicy orange with a hint of grapefruit, actually more sweet and tangy than tart. Effervescence emanates, creating a fizzy backdrop to the pungent patchouli highlighting the radiant citrus. This is a stunning combo that has grown on me more and more. 

When I asked my husband if the Demogorgon was a creation of the show or actually appeared in the Dungeons and Dragons game, he answered with “It’s real (in D&D) and it’s alignment is chaotic evil.” So there’s that.

The Flea and the Acrobat-black licorice, mandarin orange, sugar cane and fizzy soda. Intrigued by the blood orange above, however, this is similar to opening a fizzing orange soda, gulping it down and grimacing as the bubbles travel up the nostrils and the tang burns the throat. It’s akin to Mentos candy popped into a bottle of Coke, maybe crushed Smarties in Fanta, either way, too much for me.20171008_142853Dragon’s Lair-Creme soda, Skittles, sweet and salty popcorn. I cannot wait for the arcade scenes this season, such a perfect 80’s homage interlaced with seriously scary footage brewing outside. Careful, those video games may just lead to real danger. As spot on as this scent is capturing junk food offerings at arcade snack counters, Dragon’s Lair causes a toothache. Fruity grape soda and buttered popcorn, totally gag me with a spoon;)

The Upside Down (netherworld, Vale of Shadows): Guess which are my favorite scents? These embrace the darkness of the show, the lurking horrors, spooky goings on in the woods, the shed, and, gulp, the swimming pool.20171008_144335 (1)The Vanishing of Will Byers-autumn leaves, patchouli, balsam, vetiver. Fall in Hawkins, Indiana is a spooky, atmospheric place. This scent captures crisp autumn nights, crackling twigs and leaves, resinous balsam fir. Stillness descends on the woods bestowing a sleepy stupor of cooling calm. A creamy sweetness comes through when melting, just wish the woody notes were stronger. 

Thessalyhydra-dark amber, exotic guaicwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, burnt sugar maple. The biggest, baddest shadow monster happens to be my favorite, who knew? A complex blend of as many scents as the creature has legs. Here the maple has crystallized from syrup to a yummy burnt sugar glaze atop the crisp cedarwood. The spicy guaiac wood burns sacred oud and incense, alight with sharp cinnamon bark and warm fiery amber resin. Saving this one to melt for the premiere. 

The Upside Down-smoky woods, patchouli, a pop of effervescence. Darkness closes in like a veil with no escape from the thick musky patchouli. Heady, disorienting, the fragrance almost reaches out and takes a bite. Perfect. 20171008_145925Mandi always delivers in the little extras and the sampler was no exception. Thanks for the candy and sugar skull samples!20171008_140422When pre-ordering, I  had to take an opportunity to grab a few cups from the 80’s nostalgia single scents. No show pays tribute to the iconic movies from the 80’s more than Stranger Things.20171008_132433I’ll Be Right Here-Moon shadows, cedar, oak, amber, vanilla and musk. Admittedly, E.T. was never my fave, my 6 year-old brain couldn’t relate. I relate to these scent notes though. On cold, an ethereal musk is all that appears. I’ll update after melting, and maybe rewatching.

This House is Clean-Cleansing white sage & fallen leaves. Spoiler alert: my house will never smell this fresh and clean. Fortunately, Bonjour Wax does spa scents so well, it will never need too. I admit to getting this for the name and label, but totally love it. Crisp, clean and uplifting, the white sage oil has a subtle cooling musk and is the fresher version of the smudge sticks. Must get more.

Cabin in the Woods-fresh air, cinnamon, nutmeg, amber, sandalwood, white cedar, and vanilla. This Sprucey, woody blend is amazing, verdantly herbal, possessing beautiful depth when warmed.20171008_132942 As the 24 hour countdown begins for Stranger Things’ 2nd season, I have high hopes it delivers as superbly as the first. I love to discuss, but won’t be binging the entire season, we might have time to catch 2 episodes this weekend. No spoilers!

If these scents caught your eye, Bonjour Wax is restocking this Friday, the 27th noon EST and is rereleasing many from this sampler. Also, there’s a new minty Barb inspired scent! #neverforget

7 thoughts on “Bonjour Wax Co. Stranger Things sampler

  1. So are you done, are you done, are you done? I have a friend that I am positively GAGGING to discuss season 2 with; she just finished today and I can barely contain my glee. We also need to discuss this imminently if you are finished. I loved it SOOOOO much, maybe even more than the first season, if that’s even possible.

    I love all these tarts, even the stinky Demegorgon guy. 🙂 The eggos are so outstanding, I adore them.


    1. I’m happy you love them, isn’t this a fun waxhaul? I enjoyed setting these up/reviewing more than I have anything in a bit.

      Noooo! We’re so lame, we’re only finished through ep 4, Will the Wise. Too busy to binge, managing 2 eps per weekend. Shel and I only have 3 shows we watch together and it would be such betrayal to finish on our own:/ I can discuss some parts, though (said lamely) I will email you tomorrow. Lame.


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