Fall Fun Series: It’s the Great Pumpkin post

Back in the swing of posting for Fall Fun series with pumpkins aplenty, and combating the sadness of this week for my family with as many happy pumpkin pics as possible:

Starting with a family trip to a pumpkin twilight walk in a lovely park about 40 minutes’ drive from home. The pumpkins were carved into jack o’ lanterns for days in advance and set up in pathways stretching far and wide across the park grounds. 20171015_183010

Whether designed simply, 20171015_181852-COLLAGE

or intricately,20171015_175405

happy-go-lucky, 20171015_181439-COLLAGE

or morose…20171015_182427these festive gourds brought a sense of wonder and a smile to my face.

I spy Willy Wonka, who do you see?

A few favorites:20171015_181719






Chilled to the bone by this one, those eyes followed me everywhere…

I’m curious, what’s the best jack o’lantern design you remember viewing, or making, if you are the artistic type?

Melted Crayon Pumpkin craft:

Last week’s FFS prompt was to share a new-to-you fall craft or recipe, I decided to include both in this week’s pumpkinfest post.

We did the crayon art craft pumpkins a few weeks ago: Pinterest link found here.20170923_163443Peeling those crayon wrappers off was surprisingly difficult, my tip: use a boxcutter, slice lengthwise down the wrapper, super carefully, and get those little fingers a peeling.

Glue the crayons so that the pointy ends face inward, less flying wax from the blunt ends, though slightly less fun.20170923_173506Use the most powerful hair dryer you can get your hands on, we started with two, but the less powerful one took forever to start the melting process. If the crayons aren’t melting after 2-3 minutes, increase the heat.20170923_183310It was fun channeling a little Jackson Pollack. The results could be left as is, or sprayed with a coat of varnish.

Mini roasted pumpkin with applesauce

pumpkin bowl
photo from Allrecipes.com

This pie pumpkin recipe is beyond easy and couldn’t get any cuter presentation. Actually making this one today, will update after a taste test. 

Pumpkin Melts

Any Fall Fun post certainly wouldn’t be complete without a few pumpkin scents or shapes in wax melts. Below are those I’m melting through this month:20171019_122240.jpgCandles From the Keeping RoomFrost on the Pumpkin “A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.”20171019_122402Pumpkin Festival- a heavily cinnamon-spiced, fresh pumpkin and juicy apple tart found at the Yankee Outlets.20171019_124315Halloween Pumpkin Sampler from The Bathing Garden, I still have several to try including Tombstone Dust, Black Magic Laboratory and Phantom Queen.20171015_143600Lastly, this little baby yellow pumpkin is currently growing in our garden! Sure, we may have thought it was a cucumber plant but that’s actually because my father-in-law tricked us into thinking he gave us four cucumber pots, meanwhile he sneaked in a pumpkin. Not much of a trick because nothing grew all summer and it choked the cucumber plant nearest to it, but alas, this gourd is growing, here’s hoping it’s full sized by November?

Hope everybody’s gotten up to some pumpkin fun this season, please share below🎃



10 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: It’s the Great Pumpkin post

  1. Omgh! How special! Your very own pumpkin growing in your back yard.
    Maybe you’ll get to be like the Big Pumpkin book by Erica Silverman.( love love love!)
    I’d be so flipping excited going through the rows and rows of jackolanterns. Thank you for sharing it with us and letting us live it with you.
    That owl carving is exquisite! And look it’s Gizmo! And Jack! Oh I bet you all had a blast.
    Your pumpkins turned out great too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re really hoping that pumpkin makes it, yet we also want to winterize the garden, so it needs to hurry up and grow. Wouldn’t you know I looked up the Big Pumpkin storybook and our copy just went out on hold, I’ll have to read it upon it’s return.
      It was a cool pumpkin walk and kinda funny because my sisters and I got separated from our mom. There were thousands of people there, anyway, we couldn’t find her anywhere, wasn’t answering her phone, etc., and we found out she went back to the car! We had to convince her, gee Mom, we wouldn’t leave without you, lol!


  2. What a fun outing! We plan on taking the girls somewhere fallish next weekend. I love the Captain Jack pumpkin. ❤

    I bet those mini pumpkins filled with applesauce smell AMAZING when baking. Interested in seeing how they turned out.

    Loving all your pumpkin melts, especially Frost on the Pumpkin. I need to break that one out soon.


    1. Captain Jack had some major mini detail. It was nice. You can’t see it in the photos, though I tried to get a wide expanse most came out blurry, there were thousands of people around. Except for being a little crowded and slightly rushed, we enjoyed it. I’m sure your fall weekend with the girls will be memorable.
      I like Frost on the Pumpkin, but my nose zeroed in on the maple:/


  3. Wow, you full on pumpkin’d-out! I was just, like, “Yeah, here’s some things that vaguely smell like pumpkin and make me feel sick to my stomach” but you’ve got actual pumpkins! And what pumpkins, too – some of those carved Jack-o-Lanterns are fantastic. This Miss Piggy one I spy in front of that one picture beside Kermie is perfection.

    And I really love your crayon craft – can’t believe that actually turned out, to be honest. I really thought all Pinterest projects were kind of doomed to fail, including anything involving crayons and hair dryers. But the red and orange one (more traditional colours) looks fantastic – what a very cool effect.

    And that pumpkin’s not morose. He looks more like one of the test subjects in that Stephen King story “The Jaunt” that goes into the abyss fully conscious and comes out all “It’s an eternity in there” before going catastrophically insane. That’s a lot of emotion for one pumpkin, I think.


    1. I did pumpkin out, totally, but when titled The Great Pumpkin Post I needed to deliver, right?
      The crayon craft was a surprising success. I like the fall colored one too, but my niece did the dark rainbow and took it to her house where her friends raved and I think I earned some cool aunt cred.

      P.S. Agreed on the sad pumpkin, I almost used that exact description, but it didn’t fit in the caption;)


          1. Sorry, sorry, I forget you don’t speak Buffyese. This one character once described his Jack-o-Lantern’s expression as dryly sardonic – I’ve always thought it was an interesting descriptor for a pumpkin.


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