Small Flame Candle Co. vendor review

These items were sent to me in exchange for an honest review.20171008_125939 (1)Back from a short hiatus and rather excited to share a new vendor discovery. Occasionally, I receive blog requests to review a product, which is how I came in contact with the owner of Small Flame Candle Co. Selective over which products to review, when I looked up the brand I was pleased to find the candle creator, Michael, is a U.S. veteran who donates portions of his profits to veteran charities. There was no doubt this brand deserves a shoutout. 

Also an opportunity to continue this year’s blog goal to feature more “little guy” vendors and the chance to review actual candles, which I’ve been lax on and uninspired with lately. These cute 4 oz. tins hold an approximate burn time of 20 hours, are 2.5″ diameter, 1.75″ in height.

Michael sent some of his top selling scents and personal faves:
20171008_131325Pumpkin Crunch Cake-The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling surrounded by freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice. One of Small Flame’s best selling scents and I can smell why, so cozy and inviting. Cinnamon blooms in the creamy cake batter as it rises concocting a warm and toasty atmosphere. Pumpkin spice mingles with golden pats of butter melted into liquid pools, creating a gourmand twist to the heart of the scent. Pleasantly surprised by the medium strength throw in my living room. 20171008_131229Peanut Butter Cookierich, buttery, freshly baked aroma, make everyone in the house mad when they find out there are no real peanut butter cookies. PBC is the vendor’s favorite and I love the unique scent profile. A savory balanced blend of salty and sweet. Yummy aromas of freshly roasted nuts, vended piping hot in their crinkly paper bag. Crunchy peanut shells, lightly salted to perfection combine with velvety smooth peanut butter and dollops of rich buttery dough. The best part is true to life notes of sugary browned and toasted cookie bottoms. Strong throw in my living room, I also burned this in my sister’s large open floor plan and it performed well. This cookie delivers a classic crowd pleasing fragrance, definite repurchase. And now I’m craving a nutter butter.20171008_131009Black Raspberry Vanilla- a scent favorite of the vendor’s wife, Katie, and as it turns out, my husband’s too. Bright berry top notes bursting into a tartly sweet and sour combination. Luscious raspberries intertwined with sweet honeyed vanilla, more so rich honey than cream. Nuances of musk and wood provide surprising depth, almost a blackberry wine rather than a dessert. The lightest strength of the tins, however.

Formula Onehits you with the scent of exhaust from high performance engines, delivering a wonderful smoked petroleum scent. Some readers might be surprised to learn I used to be a zealous racing fan; traveling hours to catch qualifying races, standing in long autograph queues, touring garages and cheering on pit crews, final laps, and racers shutting the door. I know, doesn’t seem like me, but it was a fun period of time around ’05-’10 when I followed the sport. My interest has since waned and nowadays, I can’t watch a race without taking a nice long nap, but I still love the sounds and smells of being at the track. I requested this fragrance and I’m happy I did.
20171018_124301Formula One is inspired by open-wheel racing and I was into stock cars but this candle captures all motor sports. The penumbra of flame dancing above the black wax looks like a glistening oil slick. Deep and dark with smoke, leather, petrol, oily metallic notes and hints of burned rubber and woods. Surprisingly sophisticated, better warmed than on cold, medium throw. 20171008_130043Butterfly Gardens-summer dandelion, refreshing verbena, and soft heliotrope; followed by middle notes of spring meadows, lily of the valley, and weeping willow; all sitting on base notes of sweet pea blossoms and Kentucky blue grass. Unfortunately, fresh cut grass scents are not for me. Clusters of robust white flowers provide a base without soapy notes, soft tones of verbena and spring breezes come forth when warmed, strong throw.

Fresh Brewed CoffeeThe aroma of strong black fresh brewed Arabica coffee beans. Can’t imagine starting my day without a steaming mug of joe, but I prefer mine Cuban strength and this is more diluted in scent. Aromatic coffee beans appear, weakly reminiscent of a flat-bodied decaf. Nothing offensive here, just neutral, not the full-bodied bite I crave in coffee aromas. I plan to use the rest as a blender.20171008_130246


Started in 2017, there’s limited wax melt fragrance availability and no house blend offerings as of yet.

The wax melt texture is extremely sticky making removal of the cubes difficult.

Couldn’t find any international shipping, but Canada is an available option. 


The scent list is expanding, including a fall candle bundle of 4 for $20 with adorable festive fall photo labels found here.

Affordable. Candle tins are $6 a piece and there’s a large selection of 12oz. jar candles for only $13. Wholesale discounts offered too.

Soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance which is becoming rarer in the vendor world.

Unique scent offerings like Craft Brew, Fireplace, Motor Oil and Drag Strip. I’m thinking stocking stuffers for dudes, done.

*Feel-good company* 10% of all sales go to Homes For Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post 9/11 Veterans.

Thank you, Michael, for giving me the opportunity to try your products, I love that Small Flame Candles has a big heart.

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