Halloween Candle collection + Yankee outlet trip

The ghostly white halos around the candles is caused by light reflection coming from the window, no filter used, but I thought it was fitting.

Top, l-r: Two swirl jars of Pumpkin Patch (Harvest and Spiced Pumpkin), a cauldron candle filled with Witch’s Brew. 2nd row, l-r: Halloween trio of Ghostly Treats (toasted mallow), Candy Corn and Happy Halloween (licorice), tealights in Witch’s Brew and Ghostly Treats, Black Magic pillar (similar to Autumn Lodge, smoky with leaves) 3rd row l-r: Fright Night (Midsummer’s Night), Cider Web (Apple Cider), swirl in Moon Pie (Buttercream and Whoopie Pie) Bottom: Candy Corn topped with Bloody Drips tapers.

Halloween is the only holiday for which I’ve purchased candles with the intention of display rather than use. Mostly because I wanted the festive packaging, but also because I don’t like a lot of the scents chosen, such as licorice or candy corn. I have burned and enjoyed both Pumpkin Patch and Black Magic though they’re light throwers. My Halloween white whale is a Ghostly Treats full-size jar because it came out during my Yankee employment, but our store only received 4 which sold out before I was able to buy one. They were under-produced and for some reason I never understood, Yankee Candle hasn’t brought them back, nor any marshmallow scents, since.

Missing above is Forbidden Apple, first released last year, which I reviewed here for FFS. Literally missing is another Halloween candle, Toxic Tonic swirl (Forbidden Apple and Spiced Pumpkin) which I misplaced last year and it hasn’t turned up yet (a tell-tale sign of owning too many candles). My goal for October burning is to use up the halfsies, the rest remain display fodder for my Halloween themed holders. Do you have any candles purchased solely on packaging and not for burning?

Project Wax update: minimal progress 4-5 since July20170813_161146.jpgThought I was in good shape by avoiding the Semi Sales, then Yankee Candle released some fall treasures I’d hoped would return for years, Be Thankful and Pomegranate Cider. Also, their National Park candles went down to $10 and I loved the Great Smoky Mountains in theory and scent, how could I resist, I ask you? I suppose if I got really serious about not buying I’d unsubscribe from the email lists, which I had not done when a 30% off Outlet coupon came up this weekend-here’s what I hauled and a few new items I thought photo-worthy:20171001_113743My Halloween collection is evident that I can be a sucker for labels. Upon spotting these bird with branch snapshots, my heart melted. My family loves birds, especially my dad who got into bird-feeding when he retired from full time work. My parents have a few feeders and a picture window to view the birdie to-ing and fro-ing. These scents didn’t quite stand out, though Autumn Rain was a pleasant misty ozonic scent. I’m already regretting not picking one up for a Christmas present.20171001_110626 (1)The outlet used to be a sneaky spot to get some Halloween merchandise, but it’s dwindled. I’m proud of myself for not getting Boo Nilla just for the label, it’s an oldie but an unexciting vanilla. Of the “Velvet Pumpkin” candles, the white velvet cream pumpkin smelled the yummiest, similar to this year’s Sugared Pumpkin Swirl. The frosted Raven Gate tealight hurricane from 2015 was much harder to resist, it was half off with another 30% off from the coupon making $10.50 too good to pass up.20171001_111941-COLLAGEThe best part of an outlet trip is searching for new World Journeys candles, though I’ve never been a collector. I believe these 3 are new. Kyoto Autumn Leaves was spotted by Kari from Yankee candle sisters blog and yep, was totally scentless. Italian Tiramisu smelled fairly realistic but not my style. Siberian Fir, however, gorgeous uplifting frozen forest aroma with depth and nuance. There used to be a Siberian Silver Fir in the regular Yankee line, but I’ve never smelled it.20171001_112215 (1)Plenty of the now discontinued Pure Radiance jars lined the shelves, these two are pretty and reminded me I own a small Lavender Chiffon crackle wick somewhere…20171001_111648Wild Blackberrries smelled mouthwatering and I have just recently thought that Yankee has never done a proper blackberry scent. The closest being Black Raspberry.20171001_111151.jpgI have been known to collect UK exclusive candles when I can find them. These are part of Yankee UK’s 2017 fall release. Autumn Glow has a stunning label, but a disappointing feminine perfume scent. Vibrant Saffron is a unique, but muddled floral spice.20171001_112324These two UK exclusives were lovely. A sparkly orange with holiday spice mix and the subtly fresh Warm Cashmere. Okay, so I did walk out with one candle. Warm Cashmere has received great word-of-mouth and I’m looking forward to using it in the bedroom this winter. At least using it rather than saving it will be progress, baby steps.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Candle collection + Yankee outlet trip

  1. Woah, giant candle blowout! I love Yankee’s candles at this time of year, particularly those drippy tapers. I used to have a pair, but they got broken in storage. I also had these candy corn tapers that they released one year, they were so cute. Yup, Yankee generally does it up pretty well for the Halloween and Fall seasons. I bet you’ve still got the skinny on all the cool Yankee stuff.

    Oh, ack, that Moon Pie one sounds scrumptious. Or is it just that I’d like to eat a Moon Pie right now? Hmm, probably the latter. Very interested in Wild Blackberry, too – I love a proper juicy blackberry, none of this jam butter cookie business.

    And your pic looks great – I love the ethereal glow; you’re right, it’s quite apt. 🙂

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    1. The Moon Pie was a gift for the hubs bc he loves em. I like YCs buttercream but chocolate is usually a no go. It’s subtle in the swirl, so I can handle it.

      Yes, those dreadful drips are freaken cool, I carefully wrap mine in bubble wrap each year, but I’m still always surpriesed when they come out intact. I lean toward skull and skeleton motifs, which YC doesn’t always represent, the last few years they’ve done well, with the ravens too. Thanks, I honestly could not edit that glow out so I left it in the photo.


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