Fall Fun Series II: Scented discoveries

Fall Fun Series II PhotoMaple may be having 2017’s pumpkin spice latte moment but there’s only one scent that’s captured my heart this fall, hay. What? That’s right I said hay. Specifically the sweet scents of hay, dew, leaves and breeze. The Autumn day photo above courtesy of the talented Sandra of Finger Candy.

Hay is not to be confused with grass scents, dune, meadow or freshly cut. Those fragrance oils always wreak havoc with my sinuses and give me a headache. Hay is crisp fall air, warm dry earth and sweet straw. If fresh grass notes can be a punch to the nose, hay is a gentle caress of the senses. Second only to my hay fever :p, is my growing infatuation to cedar wood which started last spring. Today’s fall fave just happens to feature both notes prominently.

Cold Barn Mornings by Dessa’s Homespun Scents20170927_124707.jpgDessa’s description: “Step into the barn on a cold dewy morning in the fall. Surround yourself with the aroma of fresh bales of hay, rich cedar wood and the damp morning air after the rain.” A homespun house blend.

Smelling the inside of a barn may not sound incredible, but this is so much more: Stepping off the weathered porch steps of the farmhouse, glowing lantern light swinging in hand, pulling your jacket tight against the chill. Puffs of crystalline breath briefly hang in exhalation, as the pitched gambrel roof of the barn becomes barely visible through dense foggy mist. Treading the worn earthen path of long grasses, dewey leaves and sod cling to thick boot soles. 

A moment of stillness before the heavy latch releases and the wooden bay door swings aside. When damp fresh outdoor air meets the hidden warmth of the barn, it’s aroma is received like an old friend; moist earth, warm hay tucked in overhead lofts, leather tack, dry timbers of roughly-hewn cedar rafters, hint of scattered citrus peels and dried oats. Soft sounds of whinnying animals precede their animalic musk as wet musty air pervades all. Metallic tools gleam with oil, when the first amber rays of sunlight appear through cracks casting long shadows. Sweet summer hay wafts in as its pitched afresh into the stalls, the work of a cold barn morning begins.

Utterly unique, medium strength, I consider it a breakthrough fragrance discovery. However, it’s not for everyone. In fact, I acquired these little mason jar melts from a friend who didn’t care for it. But I enjoy dry scents and wet marshy scents, somehow this is both, the field and the marsh. Dessa captured the moment when night gives way to morning. I sent one to a friend and not surprisingly she fell for it too, though I am surprised my husband liked it as much. Dessa’s Homespun Scents opens the scent shop for about 3 weeks a month, around the 1st to the 20th. I plan to make a November holiday order and I will be stocking up. 

Harvest Hayride-Willow Wax Craft and Haunted Hayride-The Bathing Garden20170929_180509I’m still glowing from my lovely Willow Wax Craft haul earlier this month and Harvest Hayride was my favorite. Take a hayride to the patch and pick that ideal pumpkin-crunchy leaves, crisp apple cider, pumpkin, and salty-sweet kettle corn. Pure autumnal bliss.

The Bathing Garden’s version, Haunted Hayride, is much spicier. Bushels of various apple slices, sprinkled with fiery cinnamon on a bed of golden hay. Strong and long lasting, currently available in the Scare collection.

Least favorite:

Since my new fall favorite is determined, it seems only right to play devil’s advocate and disclose a newly discovered least favorite fall scent. Look no further than the one named at the top, maple. I’ve never been much of a fan of the syrup but hadn’t realized I’d become opposed to it’s sticky melted sugar sweetness until this year. I own the retired Maple Pancakes fragrance from my Yankee Candle days and will attempt to finish off the jar this year, but I probably won’t enjoy it. Maple may be having it’s moment, or possible renaissance, yet I think it’s trendiness will quickly fade. Whether it makes a return resurgence next year or not, it’s a trend I won’t be consuming.

What are your fall loves and loathes this year? Chat me up, I’m always interested.20170927_123246

10 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Scented discoveries

  1. Oh yack, maple. Im not even a fan of true maple since it is so sticky and when anyone eats it, the smell just lingers on them or around ALL day.
    If someone eats it and they come to work I’ll smell it and then be questioning “Who ate pancakes?!” All day because the smell litterally just sticks to their clothing.

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    1. You’re right, the scent lingers forever! I don’t like french toast /waffle/pancake scents and they always seem to be topped by maple syrup. Radiant Red Maple was good, if a little over-sweet, but that was honestly marshmallow and apples, not even sure maple was in it, lol?

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  2. Glad you liked Cold Barn Mornings! Dessa does create some wonderfully evocative scents I will say, because it immediately reminded me of my twice daily stall duty for three years when I raised and showed steers. Not that there were any manure notes but all the rest was very lifelike much like you described. I melted my Haunted Hayride sample in the girls’ bathroom from Willow but it didn’t throw well for me. Bummed about it because it is such a great scent. I love TBG’s Haunted Hayride as well. I think you may like Dessa’s Scarecrow if you are planning to order in November. It is another nice hay scent but it does have a touch of spice. I know sometimes you are sensitive to that. Beautiful post! Maple I can down with as long as it is not overwhelming. It has to be cut with something. And I love maple candy. ❤ Which we never have around here, but a Vermont maple farmer brought it to my agriculture classroom once when he gave my kids a lecture about maple sugar farming. It melted in my mouth. Mmmmmmm.


    1. I might be singing a different tune regarding the essence of cold barn scents had I actually ever had to work in one, clearly I’ve romanticized it. Thank you for the gift and the compliment😊
      Yes, some intense cinnamon heavy scents aren’t for me, but if well layered I enjoy them. I will check out your recommendations when I order.

      Maple can be very sweet and is usually paired w/breakfast food scents I hardly ever like. My mom is a huge maple flavor fan, smelling the real deal syrup does bring on the warm + cozies, bet your students loved it.


  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed CBM as much as I did! I will be ordering it again. It is now one of my all-time faves. I think it’ll be my go-to this fall with my remaining GOT pieces tossed in. We are binging season 7 of GOT today so Melisandra is going in! Maybe Brianne in the other room too…

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    1. Ooh, pls share what you get. I won’t order till Nov and we have similar tastes, so let me know if there’s any other must haves! Glad you enjoyed CBM and you know I’m a sucker for a good themed melt😀


  4. Well, thank you for the credit on the photo. 🙂 Heading out that way later on this week, actually…

    I think everybody says this about those little mason jars, but those shapes are so darn adorable. Perfect for this time of year and perfect for the scent. I hear you about the maple thing – my husband loves maple scents, and I find them so cloying. Real maple? Sure, it smells fantastic, but not so much essence of maple.


    1. You’re welcome and thank you for the photo. I hope there’s some more countryside pics coming.
      Yep, the jars are darling and so photogenic I couldn’t stop myself!

      When the Canadian isn’t feeling the maple scents either, I feel vindicated. It’s been maple madness over here with the newest coffee flavors and scents. My mom loves maple and I can eat a teeny bite of the candy before I’m done – it’s toothache inducing sweetness I usually don’t go for.


      1. Ha, things to have known before I sent you that maple candy floss! Although that stuff is not like other MAPLE products – I don’t particularly care for candy floss or maple-flavoured things, but I do like that stuff, weird.

        And actually, the only maple scent I can really tolerate is a Yankee scent called Canada Day which I guess they put out in Canada for Canada Day (durr…) I got one this year and it was really yummy – straight-up maple syrup – but the flame was gigantic – it looked like a flame thrower.


        1. Love when Yankee captures a good scent and candle idea! I’m always on the lookout for the UK Union Jack they did.

          Oh, hey! I enjoyed tasting that lovely floss you sent. It was so special but a few bites was all I could handle. Family finished off the rest and loved it😊


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