September Superlatives

My monthly bests/worsts recap with a new name (thank you, Jimmy Fallon). I’m saving my favorite scents from the past month for tomorrow’s Fall Fun post, so look for it Saturday morning. September’s been another strange month, but not as dream like as August felt…

Saltiest: That’s me, after my first salt spa experience, treated to by a friend.20170909_130921We ventured to a spa which uses Himalayan sea salt rooms for salt therapy. The purpose is to “simulate a microclimate of therapeutic air found deep in Salt Caves in Europe & Asia.” I’m sure I’ll never visit an actual salt cave to compare, but the spa was pretty salty-walls covered in huge salt rocks above, tons of sea salt raked into zen patterns on the floor, salt lamps glowing everywhere. And the most reputed aspect: Himalayan salt pumped into the room through the air using these Halogenerators.

The mineral-rich salt has many supposed benefits: breathing in dry-salt aerosol clears the respiratory system absorbing mucus, reducing inflammation, and killing bacteria.  Having skin exposed to salt improves micro-circulation and rejuvenates the skin’s surface (lots of exfoliation properties) and the calming atmosphere is relaxing and helps reduce stress and fatigue.

Of these claims, I can confirm it to be a relaxing experience that did boost my mood. There were scenes of flowing waterfalls projected on the walls and meditative music playing. My friend and I had the room to ourselves, after chilling in the lounge chairs with the heated massage balls, we got right down onto the floor and played in the stuff. Imagine a sandbox filled with pink salt. Ultimately, my friend enjoyed it more than I did, she claimed it made her feel more awake. What I enjoyed most was hanging out and chatting in a calming space for 45 minutes. The air took some getting used to, it tasted of salt. I felt like it lined my nasal passages and irritated an earache I’ve been dealing with most of the month (that’s related to a jaw issue which has no easy remedy). The best way to describe the experience is like being in the ocean, surrounded by the marine air without being wet. Interesting and mostly positive, but I don’t know if I’ll do it again. The cost was $35 ea., but she used a half off deal making ours $17 for 45 minutes.

My feet covered in the protective caps. If you plan to try a salt room, beware of open cuts on your hands, yee-ouch!

Most Riveting: The Vietnam War documentary series by Ken Burns. Rarely do I consider a show to be event television, especially in this age of subscription services when one can simply download on demand, or binge watch an entire season in a weekend. PBS advertised Ken Burns’ documentary series for a year and this history nerd has been excited for it just as long. Last week it premiered on PBS for four consecutive nights and returned this week for the final four. I was riveted. Set my phone and computer down and became absorbed into the storytelling for those eight evenings.

You see, I thought I knew a lot about the Vietnam War. I took a semester class on it in college, read many books, created units for lessons surrounding the topic, interviewed veterans, including my Dad who served two tours. Knowing about Vietnam was my thing. As it turns out, what I knew could fit on the head of a pin. What Ken Burns captured left me speechless. So many individual story threads woven together to make a tapestry of the war, and its impact on America and Vietnam. I’m so grateful to Ken Burns and Lynn Novick for it, I don’t think I’ll find anything more thought-provoking for a long time to come, highly recommended.


Most likely to become a new addiction: collecting handmade pottery, especially mugs. Somehow, I’ve acquired three pottery pieces during recent months. One sweet little incense burner by CBE Ceramics and 2 Mountain mugs from Pitch Pine Pottery. I used to set alarms for wax restocks, now though, it’s pottery shops.

Less Conflicted: At the end of August I mentioned it was weighing on me to continually post wax hauls, meanwhile, many people in the country affected by the hurricanes just lost everything they owned. I needed to find a way to resolve my feelings and continue to do what I love doing. Here’s what I came up with so far:

  • We donated to four charities directly helping communities in Houston and one in Puerto Rico. Any money I would have spent on wax since Sept. 1st was contributed too.
  • We recently withdrew many children’s dvds at my library, I’m buying them and searching for schools/preschools/daycare centers in Houston who will need them.
  • Craving more involvement than sending donations, I’ve contributed to local charities I care about too. Running in two 5Ks, one benefitting a dog resue and scholarship memorial for a coworker struck and killed by a drunk driver, and the local Pink Ribbon Run, which I was so happy to get back to after missing a few years. Tomorrow, I’ll be walking (not running again, thank goodness) in my valley’s American Heart Association Healthy for Good Heart Walk.
  • October’s wax budget will also go to a good cause. I’m not depriving myself, just making myself prioritize and feel better about doing it. 

What have you been up to this month friends?

3 thoughts on “September Superlatives

  1. A salt spa? Very interesting I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing. I think they come up with something new every day. The salt lamps have always intrigued me, I just have never really understood their use.
    My wax buying has really slowed down the past month and a half too. I have a few hauls to post that I’ve had for awhile and are Halloweenish. I just recently let myself buy a RG fall box since I havent bought but it actually has felt nice to not be buying left and right. I actually haven’t placed an ST order in awhile, you would be proud. 😊


    1. The spa was…an experience, but I didn’t get too much out if it. They had salt lamps of every possible size, shape and motif. Funnily enough, I’ve been shopping w/a friend and twice talked her out of buying a salt lamp with “do you REALLY need that?” I kind of like their glow, though.

      Yay, good job Jessica! It’s a constant struggle to not buy more wax because the vendors we follow continually amaze w/their creativity but I don’t need it and feel better about putting that $ where it will do some good. It really only slightly helps the struggle though😂


      1. It truly is a constant struggle but it is getting easier. And it was nice to actually buy something (like my small makeup haul recently) for myself that I’ve let myself go so long without and needed to replace instead of spending it on wax. Next it’ll be needing to buy myself some new tennis shoes as mine are a little worse for ware now that fall months are here and using it on other important things like you said and saving it.

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