Fall Fashion Favorites

My version of, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink is: In Fall, I Wear Blazers. I don’t wear a lot of pink, and am a pretty conservative dresser most of the time. Blazers instantly complete an outfit, hide a frumpy blouse, serve as an easy removable layer and go with everything from skirts to skinny jeans. I own several, including a smoky blush velvet, but my trusted favorite is an earth toned hounds-tooth pattern with elbow patches that I’ve had at least twelve years. It channels Sherlock Holmes and is very Fall.

My favorite Fall/Halloween single article of clothing? Black tights. I may occasionally don a skirt during summer, but give me a pair of opaque tights and booties in Autumn and I’m ready to take on the world. (Until I get home and slip into comfy pants).

Unless a “dress up” situation of blazer/tights combo is called for, I can be found in my much worn and comfy plaid flannels I posted last year, with denim or leggings and Chuck Taylor sneaks. That’s my Fall fashion reality, not too exciting. This is what my kooky fashion dream would look like:

Rad to the Bone A-Line Dress in Homo Sapiens             Rad to the Bone A-Line Dress in Homo Sapiens          Hell Bunny Happy Skull-idays Cardigan in Snow

I’ve had many versions of this Rad to the Bone A-Line Dress from Mod Cloth pinned on my style Pinterest page forever. I’d pair with an orange cardi and opaque tights, of course, and feel pretty freakin’ festive, or silly. Fortunately, I can get away with a lot at the library, librarians are expected to be retro, though I would probably better pull it off as a children’s librarian. The Hell Bunny Happy Skull-idays Cardigan caught my eye this year. How playful and kitschy can you get?

Currently obsessing over enamel pins and fall-ish styles are not exempt. All pins below from Lit Emporium:

The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe Enamel Pin - Gothic Literature Collection   Frankenstein Enamel Pin

Magic Wand Enamel Pin - Black & Silver Lapel Pin   Wuthering Heights Enamel Pin

There you have it. I may wish for all the Gothic accessories, but you’d be more likely to find me in Cleveland Indians or OSU Buckeyes gear this time of year. Though I can’t help thinking I could go full on Sherlock and rock a hounds-tooth cape.

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10 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Favorites

  1. Ha, I had my eye on that skull sweater on ModCloth, too! Ultimately decided that printed cardis are not for ladies of my, um, boobage. Those poor skulls would be a-burstin’. 😦 ModCloth has some seriously cute Halloween clothes, though. I talked about it a bit in my post, but I bought a beautiful dress for a Halloween party from Pinup Girl (swing dress, sweetheart neckline, white cobweb print on black) and it completely does not fit, even though I bought it according to my actual measurements and not just based on the size number. It actually blows – I won’t be into that dress for a long, long time – definitely long after the party.


    1. That particular cardi looks a little junior, but I guarantee you could rock a print cardi, given the right fit. The shrunkeness probably wouldn’t work on me, even with less boobage:p I covets it, though.

      Oh poooop! I was so excited for you to show off the party dress, that is a bummer. I ordered up a size on the dress I got for my Broadway show and I still had to have it let out, any chance it can be altered?


      1. Okay, I’m sorry, I swear I wasn’t ignoring you, but I just found two back-to-back comments of yours that I have been summarily ignoring – not on purpose, I swear!

        Oh man, my dress…it’s so far away from fitting that altering it just can’t happen. Not enough fabric to let out. It’s such a bummer because 1) I was super excited for a pretty Halloween party dress and 2) I purchased it according to my measured-with-a-tape measurements, and it’s not remotely close. And there’s really no excuse for this sizing BS, because it’s American made (so you’d think you wouldn’t run into the common problem with Asian made clothes where it says size 16 on the label but it’s actually a 4.) Bumm-er.


        1. Oh I wouldn’t think that, though feel free, some of my comments don’t necessitate a reply! (This one for instance)
          I almost mentioned the tiny Asian sizes, but if that’s not the cause, then this store is completely off on their sizing and I hope you let them know how misleading it is. I also hope you find a way cooler and cuter replacement.


        2. BTW, have you ever “responded” to a comment in your head, but not gotten to the actual process of writing and posting and thinking you had? I know I’ve been guilty of it and thought, wait, I didn’t actually do it, what the heck?


          1. Oh, totally! Then when I don’t get a response I’m like, “Well, apparently nobody appreciates your cool, dry wit” until I realize I’m the arse that forgot to respond in the FIRST place.


  2. OMG those skull items are everything – I need to add something like that to my collection ASAP! Those pins are super cute too, where do you usually put them? I have a small collection growing but never know if I should wear them or if they should be pinned on a bag…?


    1. Skulls and skellies are my preferred fall motif. I’m realizing I probably wear too many dark colors and should look into brightening up the wardrobe at some point. Just haven’t been into clothes much, with all the wax and enamel pins to buy lately 😉
      Thanks, I’m slowly building a little pin collection. I wear mine on my badge lanyard at the library, but they are often worn on tote bags, bookbags, and jackets, etc. I plan to display them on a pin board (fabric covered embroidery hoop) soon, when I have more than I can wear.


  3. I have actually been obsessing over pins lately, too! I have no idea where it came from. I’m just glad to know I’m not alone. The bulk of mine are related to music or TV; I have yet to collect any for purely fashion purposes.


    1. The bulk of mine are literary references, which is bound to happen working in a library. There are some excellent pop culture ones out there, please show those off whenever you feel like it, I’d love to see them. I think of them as little works of art you can wear like emblems, I change mine with my moods sometimes, for example, this week I’m wearing my Golden Girls pin to feel uplifted:)


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