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We’ve entered the second week of the Fall Fun Series II and I can deny it no longer: Summer’s lease has faded, now autumn’s grasp is within reach. No more lengthy evenings spent on the deck listening to the song of unseen crickets, in fact, it’s gotten too chilly and windy for much deck lounging at all. In the Midwest, leaves are just starting to turn and signs of impending autumn ceremony are everywhere.

Fall is the most photogenic of the seasons, therefore inspiration is abundant. Below are photos I captured that evoke Fall feelings, followed by a few Fall wishlist items:

Outdoor elements:


Hay bales harvested and rolled for the long winter stowed in the barn.


Cold blue morning skies and once green crops turned into fields of spun-gold.


A weathered, wooden plank barn sighs as summer recedes, unsure if it will see the spring.

20161008_123917 (1)

Knobby, pastel pumpkins hoping to be picked by their curly stems.


Does a more perfect autumn pairing exist than simple pumpkins and mums?


Murky moonglow illuminating an eerie night sky.

Indoor comforts:


Jewel-toned glass and glittery pumpkin scatter among fall hued candles aglow in my copper candlescape tray.

Sherlock socks by Out of Print

Cozy sock Sundays spent sipping coffee, immersed in classic suspense. (Yep, those are my socks and there’s probably a Sunday football game on in the background too.)

Countdown calendar from Victorian Trading Co.

Perched on a vintage style sign, a wee witch keeps watch of a Halloween countdown.

Twilight holder from Yankee Candle 2015

A favorite decor piece houses glowing tealights while bare trees cast spindly shadow silhouettes.


September’s candlescape inspiration is owl woods. Leaf magnet and Incense candle-Bath and Body Works, pierced owl light strand-Victorian Trading Co. Owl-head perfume decanter, vintage. The leaf magnet reminded me of the foliage clasps on the capes worn by Hobbits, the mixed media owl box houses the battery compartment and matches. At first too bare and metallic, I tucked in bunches of moss for an earthy texture.

Handmade wishlist

Photo from

Fabric pumpkins from maker, the Little Green Bean in a variety of patterns and colors. Two of these burlap fall treasures are currently on their way to my home, but didn’t make it in time for a photo shoot. Missy creates all her items handmade to order and I can’t wait for these adorable additions. 

Fall body care desires:


Stunning handcrafted cold-processed soaps in Autumn Nights and All Hallows Eve by Euphoria Soap Works, Santa Carla Vampire by Future Primitive (sorry Sandra, I think this has already sold out) and Maple Mocha by Potter Made Soap


Or if yummy polishing sugar scrubs are more your thing (and mine), Caramel Candy Apple by Sunbasil Soap and Pumpkin Gingerbread by Salted Rock Bath Co. All product photos from vendors’ websites.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my Fall inspiration board, all photos are mine (the countryside pics are from the village where I work), except for product photos. We’re also to share a memory or poem that gets us into the seasonal spirit, below is a Fall (ish) poem:

Grandmother Moon

Each day is a journey, a leaving home,

over paths that wind between rocks and bog. 

Behind each rock is a shadow; behind each shadow, a flower,

or a wellspring, or a trembling rabbit, or an unfolding fern.

Only if you look will you find.

Only if you leave will you arrive.

One step, then another, as day unrolls itself along the road toward night.

And at evening, look who welcomes us–

Grandmother moon, waiting in the doorway, 

the stars in her hands–to lead us safely home.

                                                               by Jane Yolen

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16 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration Board

  1. Love your fall inspo post; so thorough! It was interesting to see each blogger’s different take on fall inspiration. I especially enjoy your candle pics and the socks with the books looks so cozy; totally me all fall long! Stunning images, thanks for sharing!


    1. Agreed, that’s my favorite part of the blog sharing, seeing all the different perspectives. Thanks, I felt very scattered with this post so I put the indoor/outdoor/wishlist sections to focus myself. Still turned out a little random, but I’m satisfied with it.
      Love me some socks in the fall/winter, I’m a sock sleeper too and a bit of a Sherlock nut.


  2. Beautiful post, Jay – your photos look fantastic, so nicely composed. And be still my Corey-loving heart, that soap sounds phenomenal! Although, honestly, someone could brand a bag of cat poo to The Lost Boys and I’d seriously contemplate whether it was something I needed in my life. I actually just bought some Fall and Halloween-themed soaps from Dreaming Tree Soapworks, but those ones are just gorgeous.

    That Yankee candle silhouette holder is so gorgeous. I love those kind of tealight or votive holders that look like shadow-casters.


    1. Thanks for saying so!
      Apparently there are many Corey-loving hearts because that sucker sold out quickly, so much for my aspirations of getting one (or two). It was berry and licorice scented so I don’t know if I’d like it, but it is such a cool concept.
      Ooh interested to see your fall soaps. I may have put my wishlist up to curb my actual desire to order. I’ve been ordering left and right lately but should be slowing way down, which is tough when I come across such pretties.


      1. I’ll be putting them up pretty soon, although I already took my photos so I could cut them up and use them (I cut them in two, because they’re kind of gigantic.)

        Okay, dude, you want to talk about ordering? I don’t know what came over me this weekend, but I not only bought a very special dress for a friend’s party in October, but I also placed an order for something special I can’t tell you about because some of it is for you, as well as an order for a bit of nail polish and then that big Super Tarts order…WHAT was I thinking?!


    1. You have these same socks?! Did I know this? I got mine at Book Con in NYC for $5, it was a score I couldn’t pass up. Almost nabbed a necktie, but didn’t think my husband would wear it. I like the socks, but they are a little thin and floppy on my feet.


  3. You have such gorgeous photos. All of them are warm, cozy, or comforting in their own ways. Fabric pumpkins?! I love it! I really enjoyed the poem you chose as well, as it highlights the natural beauty of fall to me.


    1. Thank you, I love yours too:) I just received my fabric pumpkins and they’ll be making a blog appearance soon. Aw, thank you, that is a “children’s poem” but I find it comforting and love the natural references too, though it isn’t very fall specific.


    1. Thanks Michelle, I took that photo last fall and it’s cloudy, but I love the tree branches silhouettes, kind of spooky. I visited an art museum this summer and saw a painting that really reminded me of my moon pic, but the picture I took of the painting came out blurry:(
      We’ve seen cooler temps the last few weeks here, as if I woke up after Labor Day and it was fall.


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