Fall Fun Series II: Fall tag and stash

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Fall is such an atmospheric time of year and we all have different reasons to adore the season making this tag the perfect introduction to the series. Welcome back FFS fans!

1. Have you ever participated in a Fall blogging series? What are you most looking forward to this Fall? It’s year number two in the Fall Fun blog series and although last season was a creative learning experience I was gung-ho about, I’m admittedly not an Autumn enthusiast. My current attitude to the approaching season can best be described as aloof. I’m literally bracing myself for the onslaught of pumpkin spice, pumpkin pies, pumpkin wax and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins.

BUT just because I don’t embrace all the fall trappings doesn’t mean it won’t be an undoubtedly fun challenge. Most looking forward to reading the entries of this crazy fall-lovin blogger bunch.

2.  Crisp Fall mornings or cozy Fall nights? To me summer is dreamy, but I feel more awake during the fall. Previously a total night owl, these days I enjoy misty mornings. Lately, I’ve been bringing my coffee out on the deck to soak in a bit of serene morning air before the busyness of the day begins. 

3.When do you start decorating for Fall? Typically, I get the urge around mid-September, but I’m feeling the peer pressure this year. Maybe this weekend? 

4. What is your favorite store to visit for Fall goodies? Share the link! I may be biased from my time as an employee when I helped set up the displays, but I believe Yankee Candle always does Fall/Halloween up right. Most of my fall accessories come from Yankee. I’m admiring the skull/crossbones and ravens this year, and hoping for a coupon soon.


For an explosion of Halloween merchandise and display ideas, Traditions holiday store has it all. One can spend hours searching through the goods ranging from lighthearted to the macabre, I’m drawn to the folk art style pieces. A stop in Pier One Imports at least once to browse the fall merch is a must. The Forest Walk collection is a favorite this year. 

5. If you had to get one Fall-themed image tattooed on your body, what would it be? For extra points, where? The harvest moon. Amber-colored and obscured by shaded clouds, there might be an owl in flight silhouetted in the distance. It must be somewhere I could see it, wrist possibly. I also think a mini skull design under a ring would be a hidden gem.

6. Did you trick-or-treat when you were younger? What was the last costume you wore?  What’s your dream costume (whether you actually got to wear it or not)? My siblings and I trick-or-treated like it was our job. I’ve worn countless costumes from classic clowns and Raggedy Ann, to literary characters, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy of Oz. A memorable year occurred when I dressed as a bride and continually tripped over my real (thrifted) wedding dress and dropped my bouquet. I kept calling for my brother (dressed as Phantom of the Opera) to help me up. Haggard by the end of the night but with sugary smiles over our candy hauls. 

Professor Minerva McGonagall is a heroine of mine. I’d love donning her flowing robes, severely slouchy hat, and severe expression for that matter, while helping to sort young wizards into their Hogwarts houses. (I do that with people all the time anyway).

7. Best treat to get in your trick-or-treat bag/Worst treat to get? Hmm…best would be Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans and chocolate frogs, but who would give those away? I’d be ecstatic to receive Reese’s Cups, however our neighborhood kids go nuts over Skittles and fruit chewy types.

Did I mention this last year? The worst “candy” I ever received was a plastic baggie of Circus Peanuts, so weird.

8. Favorite Fall home fragrance? All the marshmallow, all the time. All of it! Add in some wisps of bonfire smoke and crackling leaves~perfect.

9. Best body care fragrance for Fall? I’m behind on this category but I’ve seen some devastatingly enticing body soaps and scrubs from lovely artisan makers. I’ll share some fall wish-list products next week.

10. Must-have nail polish/perfume/makeup for the Fall? Even more lost here. The only makeup I’ll swap will be my pink-hued lip color for a deep berry or frosty nude. My niece, sis, and I have plans for spooky Halloween mani/pedis this year though!

11. Favorite Fall month? Oof, pass.

12. What’s the weather like where you live? Visited by all four seasons for varying lengths of time. Though to quote a Jim Gaffigan joke: “Spring in the midwest…that was a nice day.” We’ve had some Indian summers, but this one already feels cooler and quicker than previous years.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Depends on the trendiness. I’ll indulge in a pumpkin brew or pumpkin bread. All the rest, from Pumpkin Spice Pringles to Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter can deplete it’s 15 minutes of fame any second now.

14. Favorite Thanksgiving food? A forkful of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, referred to as, the classic.

15. Briefly describe your idea of a perfect Fall day. The sun is shining but there’s a nip in the air. Loaded up the caravan with the kids (niece and nephews) early and headed to a pumpkin patch/orchard in the countryside. We’ve packed a picnic with my sis’s hot ham and brown sugar sliders and my pumpkin patch cake, somehow, grandma’s rhubarb pie is there too. Our day is spent with corn maze scavenger hunts, pumpkin picking, pig races (yep!), apple cider tasting, hiking and hayrides. We enjoy a bonfire as evening falls, my husband plays the guitar. We pile back in the van and catch a football game on the radio as the moon guides us home.

Now for the home fragrance fans, it’s time to show off that fall wax/candle stash:

20170901_180453 (1)

These Yankee Candle scenterpiece melt cups are about the only fall scents I’ve acquired thus far. Gifted by a lovely friend who spoils me too often. For not being much of a pumpkin person, I kinda love Sugared Pumpkin Swirl. And look, a pumpkin warmer!

 I have at least 2/3rds left from last year’s fall stash and haven’t sorted out if/where I’ll be hauling more this season. Though a few vendor collections have intrigued me, I am waiting on the Halloween preview sampler to arrive from The Bathing Garden.

My remaining forest friend wax in The Lodge, by Pour Girl’s Wax.

Last, but certainly never least in these numbers, are my early fall candles. A Halloween stash and late fall collection feature in a later post.


What makes up the majority of your stash this year? Are you looking forward to fall or are you a summer lover? Don’t be shy about sharing your tag answers and visiting the gorgeous blogs below:)

The Participants:

Amanda at Thrifty Polished (thriftypolished.blogspot.ca)

Angela at Angela Kay (angelazen.wordpress.com)

Jay at The Candle Enthusiast (thecandleenthusiast.wordpress.com) You are here.

Julie at The Redolent Mermaid (theredolentmermaid.com)

Michelle at Melting With Michelle (meltingwithmichelle.com)

Sandra at Finger Candy (fingercandy.ca or fingercandy.wordpress.com

19 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Fall tag and stash

  1. I’m also currently waiting on TBG sampler, I figured they were supposed to have already been here by now? Hmm. As for a tattoo, simple. I’m crazy about pumpkins. Not the spice really, just the actual pumpkin itself so id want a cute little pumpkin probably on my ankle with a whimsical vine of some sort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jess, hope work stress has ebbed a bit and you get to enjoy the weekend😊
      Re:TBG order. My sis ordered ours and she sd Shannon updated the preorders are behind due to an illness 😕 My sis is now on vacation for awhile so pardon my french, but I’m screwed on receiving mine, not sure how this will affect the fall rollout and if I’ll order.
      A pumpkin in the patch sounds like a perfect tribute to your favorite time of year!


      1. Oh no! That totally stinks.. Not about Shannon being sick, I hate to hear that, just that you won’t be able to get your goodies in time to see if you’d like to order or not.
        Yes, I’m trying to take this weekend to recover from stress and not being well myself. So rest and antibiotics with this longer weekend will hopefully do the trick! It’s been a wild time. I had a bit of an anxiety/emotional breakdown Wednesday from just being completely overwhelemed but I think I’m slowly re-cooping from it. But thank you for asking 😊


        1. Not sure if she was sick or someone else, I’m pretty in the dark about the updates, but I plan to drive the 40 min to my sis’s to pick up the package when she hears it’s delivered. Can’t have those prettty pumpkins sitting in the sun.

          Dude, that sounds really rough. Hope you are on the other side of those feelings now:)


  2. I love marshmallow, bonfire and leaves scents for fall too; it’s nice to have some variety from the sweet bakery blends.
    I agree that the classic pumpkin coffees and baked goods are the best. Some of those wacky concoctions are just too much.
    I love your adorable squirrel melt in his nest of pinecones!


    1. Ah, it is a decadent combo with no cake involved. I cringe when marketers/companies feel the need to over-promote a trend to cash in, it creates seasonal fatigue before the season starts. I draw the line at PSL dryer sheets!
      That little squirrel is sweet and perfectly scented in apple cider and leaves, if I can only bring myself to melt him.


  3. Okay, I get what you’re saying about everybody being annoyingly gung ho (or at least adjacent to it) about the Fall – it’s a season, and a beautiful one in most parts of the world, but we don’t need to lose our minds about this. I know you have a complicated relationship with the season, and I’m sure everyone “I’m the Queen of Hallloweeeeennn”-ing all around you doesn’t help much. But it’s awesome that you’re still participating – I think we’re going to have fun. 🙂

    Professor McGonagall is an awesome costume idea! All that plaid and velvet – you’re going to have to hit up an Irish and Scottish store (we have precisely such an animal here in town) and probably a goth shop as well. My husband and I are dressing up as Twenty One Pilots this year, and I’ve got another costume in the works, but we shall see (bonus to losing quite a bit of weight: suddenly costumes seem pretty cool again!)

    Your Fall day sounds wonderful – I went sarcastic with my answer, but I think it’s great that everyone just wants to get out, go to a small town, visit an orchard, have a picnic, look at some leaves, take a drive – it’s nice. 🙂


    1. Thank you for understanding Sandra.
      I’m constantly conflicted between head and heart and viewing so much fall adoration instantly puts a queasy feeling of dread in my gut. I was speaking with family a while back and we agreed in wanting to put heads in the sand from August to December. That’s not possible or healthy though; joining the FFS adjusts my perspective, but there will be days I’ll spend with head well buried:(

      I read your sarcastic answer and almost booed, but it was appropriate, for sure. I spend too much time reigning in my sarcasm in response to fall overload.


      1. Bury away. Sometimes sucking it up and dealing is just completely unnecessary and overrated, and a bit of hiding is just what the soul and the sanity require. A couple of years ago my grandmother passed away after having been in hospice care for a lot longer than people are typically in hospice care, and it was predictably brutal. The actual facility is right down the road from a friend’s place, and I have to FORCE myself to drive past it to get to her house. Otherwise, I don’t go to that part of town. It’s silly, I know, but it’s also nothing I feel the need to deal with – hiding is just fine, thanks.


  4. We did hit up our Potter mania didn’t we? I love McGonagall too. I have her wand from Universal.

    Nice fall candle stash! I must say it is quite swoon worthy. I went into a Yankee candle today and was eyeing up all the Boney goodies and the Halloween Timberwicks. Cute stuff!


    1. I’ll have to look up McGonagall’s wand design. She is such a stalwart character, though spent a lot of the stories in the dark, she never wavered her loyalty. Plus I like that she played favorites with her students.
      Yeah, so, above are just my fall transition scents, lol. There’s more. You did? Ooh, what did you get? I have my eye on the Boney Sherlock Holmes of course and I picked up a Halloween apple candle, haven’t tried their woodwicks, yet.


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