Summer Superlatives

Hey, hi, hello there. As sleepy summer days have slipped swiftly by, it’s been a bit quiet around here. August concluded quietly, but not quite peacefully. Of course, I’m referring to the recent national instability, in which the hateful actions of some Americans have been baffling and upsetting. Most recently, watching the hurricane devastation occurring in Houston has been heartbreaking. Yet, I’m also referring to an unspecified feeling of personal imbalance. Unwelcome changes, restlessness and throbbing earaches don’t make for a happy read. Even less so as these sentiments coincided with a few blog-related stumbling blocks. Blogging can be a perfect escape and outlet for expression, but at times it feels frivolous when so much seriousness is going on in life.

Still, it’s been a summer of simple pleasures and small celebrations I want to remember and here we are.

Most memorable:

Waking up daily to a mug of morning coffee (and contemplation) served bedside; ahh so spoiled when my husband’s on summer break.


Listening to Ella, Bing, Frank, Judy, Nat, Louie and Rosemary on a radio station we found out of Bainbridge, OH. It provided an old school soundtrack to our summer.

Eating cheesecake at THE Rue La Rue Cafe surrounded by all things Golden Girls, with my personal golden girls counterparts.

Photo R.H.

Working in the garden side-by-side.

Watching my dog, Johnny, soak up the sun with many long naps on the deck.

Picking the first ripe tomato and cucumber.


Watching my dad hit the tidal waves alongside his grandchildren in the wave pool at Zoombezi Bay.

Cheering on my summer heroes, the Cleveland Indians, during spirited comeback wins while listening on the radio or sitting beside family behind the home dugout.

Floating along in my sister’s swimming pool.20170712_184334Smelling my first custom made wax creations, courtesy of Sniff My Tarts wax.

Attending quality theater productions be they Broadway, the Playhouse or Summer Stock.

2017-08-27 15.59.31

Planning recipes and feeling inspired to cook a little again.

Walking outside to grab handfuls of fresh herbs to add to dishes.

Overhead shot of my rosemary. Hope to replant soon for a perennial bush.

Most Bittersweet:

Finishing our ballroom dance program. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would, especially learning together with my husband, as partners. As school began, both cost and lack of time made it unfeasible to continue. I already miss having that goal to work toward every week as we learned new steps, along with the patience and skill of our wonderful instructor.

Exploring New York City with some of my favorite people in the world. Bittersweet for many reasons…turning forty, being apart from my husband and yearning to return soon after I left. Such a special time spent with friends, though I haven’t seen them nearly enough since June, soon though I hope.

Left feeling breathless after nearly every Game of Thrones episode this season, then reading it won’t return until summer of 2019.

Witnessing my nephew, soon-to-be a senior in high school, pursue his dream and attend a journalism camp at a University. Excited for him, but it felt so far away and like a forerunner of things to come.

Of these experiences, I’ll miss the dancing and the sunshine the most as fall approaches. Well, maybe being handed that morning cup. The sentiment that August is the Sunday of summer has never felt truer for my husband and myself as it has this year.

For now, we’re occupied with band nights, Friday football games, short cool-weather evenings, adjusting routines and shaking off summer’s ease. I’ve rested up my typing fingers as there’s lots to plan and look forward to in the coming weeks. The Fall Fun bloggers are kicking off another Fall series this Saturday and I hope you’ll join us. Until then, what have been your most memorable or bittersweet moments this summer?

Gratuitous Johnny Funtime photos, we’ll miss our summer walks.

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