Rosegirls Wax: Of pies and plans

With my next small business vendor purchases coming into focus, it’s time to consider the biggin’s, the order I’m planning from a master maker I already love: Rosegirls Wax. Thrilled to be able to grab single scent versions of Jenny’s stuff in order to create my own blends with the extended release of RG’s mini-melters, the only question is which ones to get?20170805_132816If my lack of Rosegirls Wax reviews lead anyone to assume I don’t order or enjoy them, I don’t mean to send the wrong idea. Rosegirls are legends of the wax world for a reason. All the chunky blends vendors create today are owed to RG. I simply haven’t reviewed them because, thus far, I’ve only received one preorder which I split with a friend. The rest I’ve tried were generous gifts sent by others. Rosegirls has been in the wax game a long time and many great bloggers before me have done them justice. What follows is less of a fully fleshed review than a list of likes/dislikes when considering my mini-melter options.

Raspberry Sauce/Mango/Marshmallow Smoothie pie: at first I identified an orange cream note to this blend which I didn’t fall for on cold. Once melted, the ripe mango hiding as orange swells with juice so fresh it may as well be dribbling down my arm, that’s the mango I’m looking for. The mallow smoothie is creamy but subtle, though it’s the overpour. RG’s famous raspberry sauce may be too sweet for me on it’s own, but what an incredible blender scent, thick tangy berry puree that provides a fragrant backbone. From this blend, I plan to order Mango Sorbet and Marshmallow Smoothie, probably times two.


Peppermint/Coconut/Mallow pie: Peppermint is the star of the show with this strongest of the blends. But like a diva, the mint pushes the other notes to the background and steals the stage. Lot’s of strong, cool peppermint to love, but I’m finding with the pies, one note tends to dominate all others. That’s the reason I’m excited to try mini-melters and have more control over my blends. I’ll be going for the Gilligan’s Brew minis.


Alice in Slumberland pie: (Honeydew/Cotton Candy/Lavender) whereas, the two pie slices above were gifts from Sandra at Finger Candy, this slab was part of my spring preorder. Since it’s the freshest, it is my favorite. I wish the lavender was more prominent though, the perfumed bud gets lost behind the honeydew note. Don’t get me wrong, I love that dew. Crisp yet with an aqueous quality, more like cubed honeydew in a tall glass with ice, refreshing and not artificial like some melon scents. From Alice, I’ll be grabbing the Herbal Lavender minis and hoping for more, at least I will have the option of adding more to the mix. 

Rockstar/Olive Branch chunk: Olive Branch is my favorite Lush dupe and this version is the most potent I’ve tried with extra musky goodness. Reviewed in this best/worst, I’ll be plucking one or two of these precious-es, though Rockstar on it’s own isn’t an option.

Spearmint/Swizzle Sticks chunk: simple, but perfect. Sent by Julie at The Redolent Mermaid who has a nose for mint blends, she’s never gifted one I haven’t liked. Some spearmint oils smell like full-proof creme de menthe liquor, but this is subtle, with added creamy vanilla. And, I can’t believe I’m saying it, a bubblegum essence that I’m really loving. Peppermint’s on the list but I may get Spearmint instead.

The rest of my wishlist needs narrowed down (this is my second smaller version, help!) I know so many RG lovers have already gotten their mini-melters in between the 48 hour preorders, anything I shouldn’t bother with or must-have I’m missing? Let me know. Update: I’ve placed my order and crossed out the ones I didn’t get, but added Nilla Wafers and Pink Sugar. I’m pumped for these little beauties to arrive!

Limited editions:                 Bodacious Bowser

Lavender Coconut Milk & Chamomile              Singing in the Rain (custom spa blend)

Regular line-up:

American Cream                    Pistachio

Blue Raspberry Slushie        Sandalwood

Cedar & Vanilla                      Shaving Cream

Green Apple                           Sweet Tea

Green Tea                               Swizzle Sticks

Nag Champa                          Vanilla Bean Noel

Peppermint                            Zen




8 thoughts on “Rosegirls Wax: Of pies and plans

  1. Right, as David of The Lost Boys would say, you ask, you get (then another vampire hands you a joint, but that’s not exactly applicable in this case; I am going to lay down my experience with Mini Melters, however.) 😉

    Marshmallow Smoothie. That unidentifiably delicious, creamy note to RG’s wax? Pretty sure it’s Marshmallow Smoothie hard at work. I’ve gone through, let’s see, three bags, versus one bag for pretty well every other scent. You’re not much for bakery, so as another creamy kind of blender scent, I’d suggest Vanilla Bean Noel. RG’s is good. Oh, and Nilla Wafers! They smell pretty much exactly the same as TBG’s Sugared Pie Crust.

    Raspberry Sauce. Oops, I lied about the Marshmallow Smoothie, I’m sorry – I’ve gone through two of the old, large bags of Raspberry Sauce. It’s the bestest. Fruity and punchy without being fruit punch; love it. Mango Sorbet. I think it smells like what I imagine orange sherbet SHOULD smell like. Peppermint, yes. Also Gilligan’s Brew, because if you put it, Peppermint and Marshmallow Smoothie together, you’ve got Peppermint Coconut Mallow. I think you liked that piece of Blackberry wax I sent you from K’s Kreations – Rosegirls’ Blackberry (not to be confused with Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, which is weirdly floral) is very similar – nice and fruity. Swizzle Sticks is a great one; it just smells like sweet (that’s a descriptor, right?)

    I can’t comment on the Lush dupes or the fresher, earthier scents, but I understand that Zen is a super popular kind of spa-ish blend. Maybe check in with Julie on that one.

    As for the limited edition summer scents, of the ones you’re contemplating, I’ve only ever tried Bodacious Bowser. It was yummy, and the little tart was adorable, but I found it smelled very melony. I liked it a lot, but more melon than apple, weirdly.

    Hope that helps a bit. Looks like you’ve got a fun order planned. 🙂


    1. “Nilla Wafers! They smell pretty much exactly the same as TBG’s Sugared Pie Crust.”

      TBG’s Sug pie crust! That’s just the MM insider experience I want laid on me, thank you so much. Of course that adds a scent to my list rather than narrowing it, actually, it may add 2, because I prob need to get Pink Sugar to mix w/it and recreate TBG’s Pink Sug Pie Crust:)

      Yep, to Marshmallow Smoothie x2, I’m on it. Okay then! Mango Sorbet does have an orange sherbety quality. I thought I might be nuts on that opinion above. Thankfully, the orange dies down once warmed, (side note-me no likey orange dreamsicle scents, gotta blame Yankee for that one).
      I have sooo much mint from SMT, that I may only do one mint from RG, Spearmint may have won me over, with that Swizzle Stick combo. You just let this gal obsess about those fresh lush dupes, I can parse the good from the meh.

      Also, thanks for the BB description, I was considering that one for my niece due to the green apple in it, not sure if she’d want melon though. I was actually planning on blending the Green Apple MM’s with BB, hmmmm. As for K’s Kreations Blackberry Cookie, I did love it-as you said, underrated vendor. But my mini-melter list is already unwieldy, Blackberry might not make the cut, though I believe it would be awesome, maybe for next summer.

      This all helped v. much, well, maybe not The Lost Boys quote, but it provided a laugh. You really can quote that movie line for line. Color me impressed;0


      1. Oh goodness, I don’t know how much of a skill quoting from The Lost Boys is when you’ve seen it as often as I have (I have no official counter, but it’s GOT to be in the 200s, possibly even the 300s. I watch (relative term – sometimes I just put it on in the background while I’m doing other stuff, like music) it perhaps once every two or three weeks? Madness. I’ve got problems, dude.)

        And you are welcome for whatever insider (?) info I may impart. I thought it was funny that I suggested Nilla Wafers as a great stand-in for Sugared Pie Crust, only to have Rosegirls announce that they’ll be adding a Pie Crust scent to the regular list of Mini Melters. I’ve also had the Pie Crust, and it’s super as well. Both of those are great bakery blenders without being gooey-smelling like, say, Birthday Cake.

        My Mini Melters have been lost to the vagaries of the postal system for a week and a half now. Le sigh.

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          1. They finally landed today, after going MIA for three weeks. Accompanied by a $40 customs charge. I was so thrilled, I haven’t even opened the box yet – I was too grumpy to enjoy. 😦


  2. Great choices Jay! I think you will love most of them (I hope!). I really like blending American Cream with Pink Sugar. I bet it will smell dreamy with sandalwood added too. Singing in the Rain was a bit too fresh and laundry for my tastes but I am super weird and picky with fresh scents. I don’t care for RG sweet tea either. So hopefully you won’t regret not getting those. I am interested to hear how RG shaving cream smells on its own. I have only ever had it in this one blend I made. Enjoy your goodies. ❤


    1. Thank you, I hope I made some good choices. Your blend suggestions are duly noted, and I may add that shaving cream into nearly everything. I remember your blend sounding to-die-for.


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