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July has ended and with it my No-Buy July as well. My intended wax ban was for three months, however, I broke it with a pre-order from Handmade in Florida. I was aching to try their stuff and they were offering an earthy wax sampler that I was too weak to resist, besides it won’t be coming for 8-10 weeks! Now that the end of my unofficial wax ban is nearing in mid-August, I wanted to choose my next purchases intentionally, rather than going hog wild ordering from a bunch of vendors as if I’ve been in a wax desert and only they can slake my thirst. Basically, I don’t want to overdo it and I need a little help. 

Please vote which new-to-me vendor you would like me to feature soon. Maybe it’s a brand you love and recommend or one you are curious about as well. I will go with the top result assuming they have a store restocking within the next few weeks after the poll closes-1 week from today on Sun. August 13th.Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 9.18.56 AM

Wax vendors are welcome to vote for their brand, but only one vote per username is allowed. Note, I’ll definitely be ordering from Rose Girls and likely from Dessa’s Homespun Scents too. The above list is specifically for brands I haven’t tried and that are a little smaller, newer businesses. All suggestions are welcome though and thanks for voting! Update: The poll is closed and I’m excited to announce the winner is Dapper Dachshunds. Yay for a smaller, newer vendor! I’ll be purchasing at the upcoming restock next Sun Aug. 20th at 2pm CST. Thanks for the wonderful response and suggestions from everyone who participated, so many vendors to check out in the future.😊



13 thoughts on “Wax Lovers’ survey

  1. I’ll be the contrarian here and suggest The Melting Duck – they have these baggies of multi-coloured shapes in different themes that are just the cutest things ever. I don’t know what their ordering situation is, though – announced openings, I think.

    Great job on your no buy – just a little wobble there. Gotta respect your more-directed-buy approaching to future wax procurement. I was contemplating placing an order for just a bunch of random scents from a few vendors (RG among ’em, yup) and then decided to get through the upcoming seasonal stuff first (Fall, Halloween, Christmas.) Lord knows there will be enough pumpkin and apple things in my immediate future. Then when the lean, undirected winter months settle in, I can go back for all those random scents and enjoy them then. No need to buy everything RIGHT NOW. Or so I’m telling myself.


    1. The Melting Duck, thank you. I’ve seen the name and the duckie melts pop up here and there, but I didn’t know much about them. I trust your wax judgement, I’ll check em out:)

      Your seasonal plan sounds incredibly moderate and reasonable. I’m rather all over the place on upcoming orders, hence the poll. Definitely ordering RG mini-melters before they’re gone, even though few will be fall oriented, I just want to be able to make my own RG blends. For exclusively fall, I’m considering Dessa’s and possibly the Halloween sampler available on TBG currently. I’ve been making cuts in other areas I thought I’d surely be getting like VCS’s Supernatural Victorian line, but fall is only so long and I just can’t use that much. Oh, the wax struggles are always hardest after a shopping ban.


      1. #notaproblemwaxproblems 😉

        Although, speaking of Halloween orders and not being moderate or reasonable, looks like things are going off over on The Bathing Garden with the release of the Halloween samplers. Ugh, I try so hard to stay away from that nonsense, and everybody’s going bananas on Facebook.

        I have a big order of Mini Melters due to arrive in the next few days, actually. I picked up some of the summer scents (yo, that Pink Sands/Golden Sands one has me excited for some weird reason) and a pile of tried-and-trues. I think it’s Julie that doesn’t really care for MMs, but I like them – it’s not quite the same as the RG-blended ones, but a lot of fun to try out new, weird combinations.


        1. “I try so hard to stay away from that nonsense, and everybody’s going bananas on Facebook.”
          Times like this, I’m happy to live in my FB-free bubble. I read a few IG posts about the frenzy, I wasn’t even aware of the sale until I saw my sis who visited yesterday evening. She joined TBG’s wax group, it’s one of her faves and she asked me if I wanted to split it. It sounded intriguing and I’m weak so I said sure, but didn’t know of the sell-outs hysteria, etc. So, she placed the order last night and we expect to get one. However, I didn’t even do the ordering and it left a bad taste, I’m not sure if I will order the fall collection if it goes this way.
          First of all, again, I work, and am unaware of FB updates, etc. I absolutely cannot buy wax while at work and wouldn’t if I could, so my hopes for scoring the fall collection are slim, unless I get a proxy buyer. Right now, I’m unsure, but when I receive the sampler, I could end up loving a scent, so I could be protesting in vain and try to score some anyway. How are you feeling about the fall release?


          1. Word. Just stop the fussin’ and the feudin’.

            Really, though, people that want to throw themselves into a tizzy are going to throw themselves into a tizzy. Which was pretty funny, as right in the midst of the “THEY’RE GOING TO LOSE SO MUCH MONEY, I’M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN” echo chamber rhetoric, TBG quietly put up a bunch more samplers…just like they said they would (ie. restock as they go.) It was the first release under this new-ish system; I wouldn’t expect things to go smoothly. I hope everyone who had their little fits is feeling properly silly today, but I doubt it. Your sister probably nabbed one of the ones that was put up last night; good for you guys! I hope you enjoy them.

            Having said all that, I feel like this is a move prompted by demands from new, POTENTIAL customers. You know, the ones who show up for the first time, freak about the six-week turnaround time and want their wax TODAY. The rest of us know the deal – plan ahead, order now and get it six weeks from now – but I can see how that first waiting period is a tough nut to crack, and probably a big obstacle to new people trying TBG’s products. And, I mean, that’s how you grow a business, by actually catering to your customers and potential customers (novel idea!) But in doing so, it’s royally ticking off a bunch of loyalists and on-the-fencers, like you, who don’t care to engage in these silly reactionary retail games. I hope things settle down soon. I’ve spoken to Julie about combining our orders and she’s very graciously offered to wade into the not-so-smooth waters of The Bathing Garden on my behalf, but we’re ultimately going to just wait and see how everything shakes down – no point setting things in stone now when everything seems so very up-in-the-air.


          2. Preach! You are fluent in the ways of wax and your wisdom should be spread across the land. O’course, this many tiered comments down, I’m sure I’m the only one reading, but I will take your level-headed response to heart. Of course Shannon has her customers’ best interests at heart and I do trust her knowledge and experience. I just hate to think about fighting for products, ugh.
            Great! I was going to suggest the same idea about ordering your next TBG. I’d be willing to join the fray for you, but seeing how it all plays out is a wise move. I hope you both get everything you desire.


        2. Hope you enjoy your MMs, I can’t recall if you ordered them before? The Pink Sands combo could be nice, but I think it’s Sun n Sand which is a little perfumey. I currently have the car jar hanging from the mirror and it knocks me back every time I get in!


          1. Yeah, took a bit of a chance with that Pink Sands/Golden Sands one, but we’ll see. I’ve purchased quite a few Mini Melters before, actually – just using up some older bags of fine-but-nothing-I’d-get-again right now to make room for the new guys (which are MIA in the postal system somewhere; always so great in the sweltering temps of summer.)


  2. Oops! Just saw the comment left within the poll by Mary Canary, of The Canary’s Nest, cute name! I’d love to sample your brand or check you out in future, thanks for the response.


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