July Superlatives

The bests, worsts, and “mosts” of the month for July.

Most impressed with: No sooner had I posted my mid-year Top 10 melts than I immediately found new scents to love. 20170611_180308

Biggest usurper: Snooze Button Aftershave blend by L3 Waxy Wonders. I popped this little guy in and fell head over heels. Creamy buttermints, sweet lavender, vanilla bean noel paired with a classic clean aftershave. I’ve seen this blend around for awhile but had forgotten about my lil snowman sample. Lemme’ just say SBA rocked my wax world. Planning future orders of mass quantities with this combo.

Cersei by House of Phoebe Wax. Saving this for the July premiere of Game of Thrones (thanks to our free trial of HBO NOW) means I had no idea what a gorgeous blend I was missing all this time. Sweet white grapes, bergamot, and myrrh. As sweet and airy as Cersei is monstrous and diabolical; yet the wine, masculine edge and sacred oil matches the character distinctly. A new HoP fave.

Newest product to love


Pacifica is my go to brand for natural beauty products and this recent discovery’s become a fast favorite. Claiming to be a 10-in-1 product, I’m not sure of it’s numerous uses, but as a detangler and hair volumizer it’s highly successful. Specifically formulated for fine hair, like mine, it provides a weightless boost when spritzed at the roots before drying. And it smells divinely of tropical ginger spice. $14.00 for 4oz. of summery texture is worth it to me.

Most annoying: I dropped my tart warmer dish while carrying it out of the freezer and though I have another (I gave my third to my sister) I really love my lighted cream owl burner. Been trying to hold out for a deal on a replacement, meanwhile using my defective tealight warmer hanging dish (which gets really hot) and then I broke THAT one! All this tart warmer tragedy occurring as I was excited to melt my SMT custom wax. I know, first-world problems.


Wildest: The recent form of recreational activity for my hubby and I…ballroom dancing! Proper dancing may be natural for some couples, but a new venture for us. It’s kind of an introvert’s worst nightmare, but I’m happy we took the plunge and signed up for lessons after accepting an invite to a group dance party. Our instructor is a talented young gentleman from the Ukraine and we couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Smooth sailing while learning all the basic steps, but now, halfway through our lessons and I can barely tell my left foot from my right during the dreaded underarm turns. If I can paint a picture; imagine Jennifer Grey crossing the little bridge in Dirty Dancing while practicing her moves, stamping her feet in frustration and rehearsing over and over during a montage-I only wish I was at that level. Despite my lack of grace, it’s been a fun challenge that gets us up and moving together. I’m pretty proud of us.

My anniversary card ❤

Luckiest: Me, for the privilege of spending the last 15 years married to the best man I know. “Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life…” words by Jerome K. Jerome. We’ve certainly weathered more than our fair share and have grown stronger for it. Best friends and soulmates; he is, in the words of Juno: the cheese to my macaroni, Jim to my Pam, Carl to my Ellie, Tom Sawyer to my Becky Thatcher. In Lost terms: he is my constant, in every sense of the word.

Hope your summer is going along swimmingly friends. August is here and with it, the beginning of the end. I’m bustling off to enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “July Superlatives

    1. Thank you, it’s been fun and challenging. Turns out we miscalculated the # of lessons, forgetting we got a free introductory one, so we don’t take our progress test till next week. Eek, more practice, great exercise btw.
      Lady and the Tramp is my fave Disney movie, and I love that card, thank you for the well wishes:)


    2. Hey, speaking of ginger, I forgot how delicious it is in hair products, like the one above. I go a little crazy spritzing just so I can smell the fresh!


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