Summer in full swing at The Bathing Garden

20170723_100702If, like me, you secured The Bathing Garden’s summer collections a little late, June instead of May, your package arrived in all it’s vibrant summery glory last week. Evidently, the 6 week turnaround-time for TBG orders will be a thing of the past as Shannon recently announced that she’s transitioning to Ready-to-Ship restocks. More thoughts on that development later, now onto the summer lovin blends. Shannon’s wax is always gorgeous, but her summertime decorations really strike my fancy.

Shannon’s Summer Picks Collection20170723_101725Bee Smittensweet lavender, rose, ylang ylang, honey, and citrus. I was hoping for a re-release of Honeyed Toffee, a creamy scent that was part of last summer’s collection, but it didn’t appear, so I substituted with this. Sadly, nowhere near what I hoped. A strange and soapy floral dominates the honey. Beautiful clam, but not for me.
This was a combined order with my sister where we split the samples, got some duplicates and shared the rest. The aqua blue clamshell below is Pirate’s Punch which I forgot to grab a cube of, whoops, there was a lot of wax exchanging hands.20170723_101812.jpgLavender Serenity-Herbal lavender blended with fruity grapes. If I’m going to melt grape wax, it might as well be from The Bathing Garden, at least it’s paired with an authentic herbal lavender. I loathe grape scents. Strike that. I enjoy wine inspired scents, but the purple ‘grape pop flavor’ is too artificial and never seems to resemble any actual fruit. This is no different, but looks stunning and is pretty inoffensive. Strong thrower, though I desire more fragrant lavender to even out the punchy grape.20170723_101205Storybook Mint-Peppermint candies, milk cake, cotton candy, and fluffy spearmint meringue with subtle hints of apple. I love mint chip ice cream and this gives that same creamy coolness without any of the chocolate or ice. Which I guess would make it more of a custard. Perfect balance of peppermint and spearmint, greatly appreciated as oftentimes, one strong mint overpowers the other. Cotton candy sweetens the pot of syrupy mint and rich milky base. Ladle me up a dish of this and I’d eat it with a spoon. I’ve yet to actually reorder twice from a current TBG collection, but I’m tempted.20170723_094504Faeire Tears flower tart-Smells of red currant, sandalwood, and vanilla. An unintentional buy, as I realized I still have some from last year. Reminiscent of a less fruity Yankee Candle’s Lake Sunset mashed up with the cherry blossom of Market Blossoms. I liked it before, but my tastes may be changing as I’m finding it a cloying powder. My sis ordered while I was in New York and unfortunately mine got slightly lost in translation-I meant to order another Calypso but she had my list with this one instead. Wouldn’t you know we received a second one as our free full priced item, a little disappointed to get two of the same product.

Wonderland Collection: (currently unavailable)
Tea with the Queen of Hearts wax bunnythe Queen of Hearts likes her roses AND her tea red, Roobios Red Tea. Those spangled heart embeds represent my feels for this scent fully. Originally gifted a bunny back in Spring from my friend Finger Candy (who was originally gifted the tart from The Redolent Mermaid-it’s a big, generous wax family) Fresh and mildly fruity with the mouthwatering tang I enjoy. A tender rosebud appears, but adds to the herbal infusion rather than becoming floral. Not the strongest, I melted the one with months of cure and will likely save my new bunny for next Spring.20170723_102426Alice in Lavenderland-French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream. Bold, and stunning blend of herbal woody lavender and fluffy mallow. I can’t pass up Shannon’s lavender blends and though my sis grabbed Lavender Vanilla Custard, I prefer Alice’s version, less metallic in tone.

It’s Always Tea Time-Sweet black tea, honey crystals, tart lemon, a drop of cardamom. A perfectly pleasant and fragrant tea aroma, yet there are one too many squeezes of lemon (which I rarely add to tea) and as with many TBG scents, a floral aftertone sneaks in.
Take Me to The Sea collection:
20170723_100819Turquoise Loves Coconut-Tart lime, water, and fresh breeze notes blended with tropical coconut. Luscious coconut pulp sends me to creamy nirvana, and just when it appears one-note, zesty lime adds a splash of tangy citrus. The fresh breeze comes through as green leaf, gentle palm fronds waving in the wind, yet adding serious depth. A fresh scent lover’s dream island scent.20170723_100937.jpgWidow’s Walk-Violet, clove, and cedar wood. I remember Julie at The Redolent Mermaid rhapsodizing over this scent last summer, so I was sure to grab one. Clove is the most unmistakable full-flavored spice, perfumed with delicate ethereal violets and the sturdiness of earthy cedar wood. A haunting aroma, perfect perfume for a widow to wear while pining for her love lost at sea. Dreamy.
Samples:20170723_094232Coconut Sugar Ice LolliesFresh shredded coconut is dusted with sugar and topped with candied frozen lollies. Very candy-like, reminiscent of Pixy Sticks, the sugary powder-filled candy in the paper straws. Happily bestowed this sample to my niece, who loves TBG’s sweets, but never melts them because they’re too pretty.
Blackberry Jam Lemon Curd-Tart, ripe blackberry is layered with delicious London Lemon Curd. Powerful lemon but not harsh as some curds are to my nose. Sweet enough to be a fruity marmalade with a kick.
Calyspo- reviewed back in May. I wish for more of this beachy blend.20170723_095203Cemetery Keys-Vanilla tonka bean, lime citrus, and sugary sweet white floral. Utterly infatuated by this wicked black pumpkin, but on the fence over the scent. A popular limited edition Lush scent dupe. I’m all for tonka and citrus, but ooh that white floral, possibly ylang-ylang, scares me off.
Haunted Hayride-Tart granny smith apples, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, and hints of hay. Simple blend of cinnamon apples elevated by a few hay stalks pitched in. Nice.

Illusions of the Labyrinth-Mandarin, musk, sugar, and a woodsy violet. Fresh, light and airy, I’m not sure this scent reads fall. Still, a pleasant mix of sweetened mandarin and woods to be found in this labyrinth, I’m considering ordering but fear it may be too light.

Pumpkin Pie Spice-With last year’s fall samples, I received a similar spiced pumpkin pudding that I don’t think made it into the scent line-up. This is a unique PPS version, with a deep, dark spice bouquet, it’s rare to find a savory pumpkin scent rather than sweet. No description available, but certainly nutmeg, ginger and a pinch of cinnamon are ingredients.20170723_095344Toxic Earth-Coffee, whiskey, caramel, cake, and lightly of beer…sprinkled with candy bones. Hmm, this is a strong Cuban-style coffee with a glug of whiskey. No beer hops on cold but there’s almost a chocolate note, interesting. I prefer caramely Coffee Sprinkles to this brew however.20170723_095519Vampire BloodStrawberries, persimmon, raspberry jam, pomegranate, cranberry, fig, and crushed vanilla beans with a sprinkle of brown sugar. I usually shy away from wax shaped as vital organs, but this sparkly cortex is a perfectly detailed shiny pink that it captures more of a kooky mad scientist vibe than zombie meal. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the queen of elaborate wax design. The scent transmits a muddled fruit, similar to The Sweetest Thing without the floral.

Any thoughts on The Bathing Garden’s planned switch to announced RTS restocks? When I first heard the news, thanks to an IG friend’s posting, my knee-jerk reaction was “Oh please no!” Not a battle for products, a lá Hunger Games style, not with TBG, one of the few vendors one can count on getting what they want. Upon further thought, this could be happy news if it means getting my tarts faster, assuming I can get them. Shannon’s assured she will replenish the stock at least once per collection. It sounds similar to Super Tart’s current releases, with Shannon’s being seasonally based. My hope is the restocks won’t be during the middle of my workday as with so many brands. In a public service job, hanging out on my phone or computer ordering wax is out of the question. Though I don’t like change, I am hoping for the best. What’s your opinion on the news and will you be ordering when the change occurs?

7 thoughts on “Summer in full swing at The Bathing Garden

  1. I’m in the middle about the switch. Yes I’m all for a faster, less of a TAT.
    I’m all in for Shannon having probably less stressful workload as she will just pump out products as she can as with all rts instead of being on a constant schedual of endless orders with long never-ending list.
    But, I’ve also just gotten so over over the hunger games restock style. Being disappointed after fighting and waiting to get in or all restock are at the craziest times so that you’ve got to either stare at the clock and your computer all day or have a Facebook so it’ll send you notifications. I can’t do either.


    1. ^ cut me off sorry, I was just gonna finish with I have a feeling people will swamp the sight when the Halloween collection comes out and it will probably sell out in a heart beat.
      On Alice and Lavenderland, you hit the nail on the head though when you were speaking about the other being metallic. I’m down to my two last cubes of Alice and it and funny enough my Alice from Rose Girls are just giving me an odd smell but as soon as you said metallic, I thought BINGO! That’s exactly it. I don’t care for it once it wangs over to that side

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      1. If you think Alice is metallic, you’d definitely think Lav/Van Custard is. I got more of a soapy scent from my Alice RG (that is funny, what’s with this obsession of describing Alice in lavender terms?) But toned down by the fruity melon. I think the metallic note comes from the woody stems, which real lavender have, or at least mine did till I foolishly ripped mine out of our flower bed years ago!😂


    2. On the FB buisness page, Shannon mentioned the change is due to customer requests, I’m not sure how much it will lighten her load, but at least she will be in total control of her wax schedule. I’m not only over the HG timed restocks, I was only into them by default with my first couple orders being ST bambags and VCS by happenstance. I much prefer always open or open for a weekend for preorders, but there are so few who offer it.
      With Shannon’s experience I’m sure the new method will work, even if like w/ST a few items you want are sold out and you have to get multiple orders. I’m not certain I’ll be ordering from the Halloween collection, but if it’s restock madness I definitely won’t be. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. What beautiful pictures – your order looks fantastic. Glad to see that little bunny pleased you enough to grab a second, I knew you’d give it a good home. There was just something there that didn’t quite do it for me. Kind of like you and Bee Smitten. Also me and Bee Smitten – really didn’t care for the sample I received, and yup, it was indeed that really harsh and soapy floral note. But the clamshell is so beautiful – it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast with the yellow and the pink rose. Good to note the difference in lavenders between Alice and regular Vanilla Custard – I found Vanilla Custard to be SO metallic; I like my lavenders a little more herbal. Sounds like Alice might do quite nicely.

    I’m not thrilled with the change in TBG’s ordering, for purely selfish reasons – I’ve been tagging along on generous friends’ (okay, Julie’s) orders because TBG doesn’t ship to Canada, and this just adds another unnecessary layer of potential complexity. It’s a pain in the butt to organize all that stuff on her end and ship it off, and it doesn’t need to be sillier than it already is. I also don’t mind the current six-week turnaround if it means I don’t have to “fight” someone online for something I’d like to buy. Just plan ahead. Sure, that first order is a pain (“What do you mean I have to wait six weeks?”) but after that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. Just please, please, please no bolt-to-the-checkout-a-thons – I really hate that. 😦


    1. Thank you!:)) Honestly the wax is so photogenic I don’t do much.
      I did consider your plight when I read the announcement. I’d be happy to share the Sandra needs TBG-wax load. Let me know if you want anything from the fall collection as long as it’s not during my work hours (mornings before 9:30 are fine) I can order for the two of us. I think as of now, I’ll only be getting 2-3 clams from the Halloween opening. If it all sells out, well then I can wait for a replenishment, it would probably be the same as waiting the 6 week tat. I’m anxious to see how the first RTS goes, I also hate limited stock, timed restockings.


      1. Aw, thank you, Jay, that is such a considerate offer, and one I may indeed take you up on. I just hate adding an extra step to anyone’s orders, as these things can be just so silly. And like Jessica, I wonder what’s going to happen when their big seasonal collections come out. I guess we shall see. But I’ve been eyeing up their Halloween goodies for years now, and I really want in on that spooky action. Also, I’ve developed quite an addiction to TBG’s sugar scrubs – they are the bestest for a post-workout rub-down. But let me speak to my lady on the inside and see how she feels about the change in procedure. 😉


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