Sniff My Tarts-Custom order part 1

20170726_094455 (2)My first in a pair of SMT custom orders has landed and put me right over the moon! I split my numerous blends into two separate lineups, the first being more summery and apparently minty than the second. Speedily submitting this order within four minutes of the shop’s opening for customs meant it arrived in just two months, I’m very happy with that timing.There’s actually a funny story regarding this delivery. In July, my husband and I planned a mini-trip when we’d be out of town for just two days. One of those days turned out to be the delivery date for this custom order; out of six possible months delivery happened to fall when we wouldn’t be home AND it was predicted to be 93 degrees no less! After receiving my shipping update I panicked and recruited family to pick up my package as close to mail delivery as possible. Which my dad did and even brought back to his house fearing mine would be too warm with no one home. I’m guessing the wax spent less than an hour outside on our covered deck, which led to a few melty bits on the edges of the chunks. All things considered, it doesn’t seem any worse for wear. Thanks Dad, sometimes it takes a wax village.20170726_0912028 oz. no fuss chunks: $10.52 (Scents in color, my name for the blend in italics)Sun-ripened Raspberry overpour, Basil and Spearmint chunks- Secret Summer Garden

I can’t begin to express my nervousness at how this blend would turn out. Knowing I wanted basil, I collaborated with a friend on possible additions. She suggested spearmint and I thought a berry would complement it well. When I sniffed a Sun-Ripened Raspberry shower gel during Bath and Body Works’ semi-sale however, the perfumery floral was so intense I thought I had inadvertently ruined my custom blend with it. I’m relieved to report that SMT’s dupe, if it is one, is much nicer. No harsh, phony floral tone just a light fresh fruit. In fact, though I am happy with this blend, I wish it had more berry. The aromatic basil leaves evoke a shaded herb garden, not pungent or bitter as some basil can be. The finish is a blast of cool spearmint, offering a refreshing respite from the heat. Overall, a stimulating blend with medium-strong throw. Of the 3 notes, I’d try the basil again, maybe with a blackberry…

Salty Sea Air overpour, Barbershop and Sandalwood chunks- Beach Boyfriend

What I want my man to smell like during the summer, maybe I can find a similar cologne. Considering it is the overpour, I hoped for a strong, breezy sea air note, but I can’t detect it on cold or warm. I’ll update after a while of cure time to see if it improves. Warmer and cozier than I expected, the barbershop appears foremost, revealing a classic musk, overlaid with spicy bay (hinting at eucalyptus here). Heart notes of amber and rum surface making a strapping shave cream scent, just the way I like it. A powdery sandalwood essence emerges but I wish the sandalwood was stronger. Light strength performance altogether. I would totally do more Barbershop, and I have more coming in order #2. *UPDATE: After months of curing, the SSA has greatly improved creating a musky breezy combination.  

9 oz. mini chunk muffins: $11.52 I’m ecstatic to have a 4 fragrance option with these muffins, I believe it was the first time 4 oil blends were offered.20170726_092223Blue Raspberry Candy overpour, Cotton Candy, Rosemary Mint, Sweet Lavender chunksTook the Chevy to the Levee

These little muffins take the cake as far as each note being represented. At the last moment, I changed Blue Rasp Slush to the candy version and I think I made the right move. The Raspberry Candy (jolly-rancher?) is crystal clear sugar with a hint of tang that I love. Often, I judge a foodie scent’s success on whether it provides that tangy feeling in the back of the throat and sure enough, it’s here. Bursting with an oh so minty green rosemary mint, sweetened with soft sugar strawberry candy and whispering of downy sweet lavender, the little buds providing decoration more than aroma. Medium scent strength in which the whopping mint is toned down by the other three scents. I would re-blend with each of these, a favorite.20170725_100137

8 oz. chunky pie: $10.24 

Barbershop overpour, Rosemary Mint, Pink Sugar chunksJay’s Blend2017-07-25 19.20.43That’s right, I came up with this custom blend, and I love it! Combining my scent crushes of Pink Sugar and the Barbershop described above with the woody herbaceous Aveda Rosemary Mint creates a relaxing spa fragrance. Layered with the honeyed musk of Pink Sugar, this is my fave of the mint blends I’ve tried. A delicate comforting clean aroma with the barest hint of peppermint. Gorgeous. I’m delighted to have such a large quantity and don’t know how the entire pie can only equal a half pound. It feels much more substantial, likely getting 3 melts from each slice.


4 oz. wax cookies: $5.12 each, limit of 5. Perfect for trying small quantities of custom blends, I adore these rather large pretties.20170725_192618Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Grapefruit, Cotton Candy Frosting– Pink to the 3rd Power

Loving this. Bright sunny grapefruit becomes candied in “strawberry, raspberry, plum, sugary crystals and sweet vanilla frosting.” Japanese Cherry Blossom (blend of cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals & sweet sandalwood) accentuates the fruitiness without overpowering. Grapefruit is such a versatile blender, I recommend anyone try it for an elegant sparkling scent.

Blueberry Vanilla Bean NoelSugared Violets, Vanilla Bean Noel-Blueberry Picnic (Liz’s Blend from Furianne)

My memory is fuzzy, but I believe one can choose the percentage of each fragrance in their wax cookies via a note. For the other blends, I chose equal thirds, but blueberry makes me nervous when too sweet. I think I chose the VBN to star here. Creamy as all get out with glistening marshmallow glazed sugar cookies. Sugared violets peek through, but the Blueberry Noel has so much depth and a little spice that I have to stop myself taking a bite of this cookie confection. Great creation Liz, and much more complex than expected.

Angel Food Cake, Sweet Lavender, Apricot– Spring is in the Air Cake

You simply couldn’t find a more spring-like blend. Angel Good Cake makes a light and fluffy bed for the ripe apricots, tempered by lovely sweet lavender. A fruity dessert with a fresh bouncy finish. Without a doubt, I would reorder each of these cookie creations.

Single scent piped hearts: $3.84 each 20170725_194823I was looking forward to these beauties but they arrived slightly smushed without any extra padding or protection from the heavier chunks and pies sliding in the box.

Vanilla Baby Powder- Fresh, without any soapiness and not overdone on the talcum. Recognizable as baby powder, but only just. The addition of rich vanilla creates a thick, velvety smooth aroma. Again, a soothing comfort fragrance, perfect for drifting off to sleep. I will custom blend with Vanilla BP in the future, it might pair nicely with Barbershop.

Pink Coconut– an SMT blend that’s ultra creamy, with a perfumed air about it. Coconut doesn’t come forth but an exotic fruit scent does. Upon first sniff, I recognized a floral tone, but on repeated whiffs it gets ever sweeter. Enjoyable, but wouldn’t quite know what to create with it.

Lavender Coconut Milk– the only scent I didn’t like at first sniff. The description, lavender with silky French vanilla infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk, sounds wonderful. However, something is off-putting to my nose. I typically love sugar milk scents, but this coconut milk version has a sourness at odds with the other notes. Wouldn’t reorder, but my family loved it so I will split it up for them.20170726_092948Samples: Pistachio Pudding/Amaretto/Marshmallow Cake– The Amaretto is pungent, making me dizzy with the cherry laden pistachio. Passing this melt along to someone who’ll enjoy it better.

Salty Sea Air/Toasted Marshmallow/Vanilla Lace/Graham Cracker-a combo I could have created myself. On cold, I pick up more SSA and I’m thrilled to try the powdery Vanilla Lace. Willing myself to let it cure before melting.

I don’t want to be too hasty and call this my favorite wax haul of the year, but the successful creations made me extremely happy. Plus shipping was an affordable $7.00! Because my full custom list doubles this one, I hadn’t realized I ordered such a slew of mint until I sniffed the heaps and mounds of it present here. Though each blend has a slightly different version, I’m set on the mints for a bit. This could be usurped by my upcoming second order, placed quite a bit after this, it should arrive in Autumn. After tha,t it could be time for another exciting custom opening. If you can’t wait quite so long, Dream Boxes and Mystery Grab bags are available at Sniff My Tarts right now. Big heartfelt thanks to Donna and her SMT team,  her blending skills are perfection, one can’t go wrong.

6 thoughts on “Sniff My Tarts-Custom order part 1

  1. If you can’t handle all that mint, I will take it off your hands! lol It all sounds great! Especially the Beach Boyfriend, TtCttL and Jay’s blend! Nice job.


    1. Hey mint lady, many of these will be coming your way! Just waiting for the Fakery Bakery Wax we wanted to try to arrive, and a post-vacation delivery for you-I’ll provide a tracking #.
      I must have wanted to try ALL the mint blends and they’re really something, it’s just a lot to be had at one time. I’m excited for peppermint swizzle in my next order though. Jay’s Blend is crazy good if I do say so myself-very satisfying. Sniff My Tarts is the stuff, absolutely worth the wait😊


  2. Yay, I’m so happy you’re pleased with your scent blends. There’s always bound to be a couple of mis-fires (I leaned too heavily on mango – not to be confused with mango sorbet – last time around, and it bit me in the butt in a couple of different blends) but you’ve got to try these things out to see what works.

    That little blue raspberry chunk is – such great colours! And hey, don’t worry about the too-much-mint biz (no such thing) – I got two decorated sheet cakes, both of which are mint-based and feature nothing but “white” scents. I’m deeply curious to see how they turn out, but seriously, why so much mint?! I’m really not sure.

    I love those frosted sugar cookies, they are so stupidly cute. I got four melts out of each cookie last time around, if that gives you any indication. I did find that curing this wax for a bit helped in terms of scent strength, and I typically put zero stock in that – if it smells good, I melt it the second it walks in the door. But a couple of the lighter scents (I’m thinking maybe that scrumptious-sounding angel food cake one) benefit from a bit of sitting around chilling. Enjoy; looking forward to seeing the second part of your order. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This first time customs customer is super duper happy:) I’m totally excited for your cakes to arrive, wondering if we went in similar minty directions. After my pie blend, the frosted cookies are my fave. I will give all the lighter scents some cure, thank you!


  3. Wow! Now I know who to personally thank for some of the treasures found in my latest SMT Mystery Box! I received overpours of the Salty Sea Air/Barbershop/Sandalwood, Sea Salt/Vanilla Lace & Pearls/Toasted Marshmallow and Raspberry/Fresh Basil Spearmint. They are all eye-spinningly fantastic and I’m already dying for more. Most likely I’ll try for one more Mystery Box shortly in hopes of scoring more of these SMT mint blends. Nothing is more refreshing on these broiling summer days in Bakersfield CA! Again, thanks for your creativity!


    1. How cool is that Kevin, and random too? I’m stoked that you enjoy my blend creations (I obsessed over them for months). I’m a fresh scent kinda gal, but in creating my own I went for balance. Good luck on the mystery boxes, it’s very brave of you to order blind. Though SMT is such quality, not a complete risk. I hope you score more of my mints and my buddy Sandra’s too, she’s a mix master also. Thanks for popping in, your comment made my day😆


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