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20170720_195531Inspired by a conversation with Kari, one of the sweet Yankee Candle Sisters, I’m showing off some mixology I’ve been melting this month. My endless stash of Yankee Candle tarts have nearly been forgotten since discovering vendor wax, but what else is a girl to do when she’s on a wax ban and isn’t sure when her customs and pre-orders are arriving? She returns to her wax roots, in my case, Yankee Candle. Kari mentioned experimenting with mostly bakery blends, while I gravitate to the fresher end of the spectrum. I aimed to challenge myself with a few and am mostly happy with the results.
Fails: Of course, not every combo is a winner.
Coconut Beach + Coastal Breeze20170715_105310I wish I’d tried Coconut Beach before mixing to judge it’s throw, combined with this, I only got a hint of perfumed coconut. The Coastal Breeze was a little old and may have lost it’s aroma, making this combo as pale in scent as it looked. My hoped for combo of Salty Sea Air/Coconut was a dud.

Black Sand Beach+Oceanside = Midnight Beach (Did I mention I love naming my creations?)20170710_092258I enjoy both of these especially having a patchouli heavy summer option with an added driftwood note in Black Sand Beach. This combo failed because the BSB simply overpowered my beloved Oceanside. Though, a watery marine note did enhance the patchouli, there wasn’t enough of a balance to be a proper mix. I think I’ll take the remaining half of Oceanside and mix with the leftover Coconut Beach and see what happens instead.
Macintosh+Juicy Peach = Summer Jam. Inspired by Yankee’s retired MacIntosh & Peach candle which I never got a chance to try.20170716_111941Macintosh is a most beloved scent but doesn’t do anything for me on it’s own. Mixed with a summer fruit, it creates a punch of tart tangy apple and golden sweet peaches. Sugary, but not overly so, the combo becomes reminiscent of a fruit jam. It is a winner. Unfortunately, I don’t think Yankee offers a straight peach scent in their current lineup, but I believe this would also work with Mango Peach Salsa. I love this enough to get the candle if it ever makes a return appearance.

Lavender Vanilla+Stormwatch = The Calm Before the Storm20170717_084631I’m not sure how often I’d mix these two but the lavender brought out the floral note in Stormwatch and the rich vanilla softened it’s somewhat soapy aspect. As they’re both singly wonderful I was surprised to find they were improved upon when combined. The result is a strong fresh floral perfume.

Dreamy Summer Nights+Golden Sands+Beachwood = I Dream of Summer20170717_203606Beach Wood dominates and is enhanced by the powdery vanilla of DSN and cool musk of Golden Sands. The GS is honestly too subtle and gets lost, but the triple blend makes for a more exciting beach fragrance as I’ve always found the woody note to be on the bland side. A soft, soothing blend for a cool summer night.

Peach Cobbler+White Gardenia = Southern Charm*20170718_204525Here’s an example of two scents I would not melt on their own, the gardenia being too strong of a floral and the cobbler too sweet of a bakery fragrance. However, put together, the combo is a revelation. Intoxicating gardenia blossoms become toned down by the syrupy nectar of brown sugar, peach juice and crumbly crust. This would make a stunning perfume or body mist.
*I’ve had success melting votives in my Yankee Scenterpiece warmer, but when using tarts, which have harder wax, it takes much longer to liquefy. I recommend using a few small bite-size tart pieces, but votives are better yet.

Fresh Mint+Juicy Grapefruit = Pink Julep20170718_083429Oooh, I adore this blend. The tangy grapefruit carries an earthy tone which blended with mint leaf becomes a vibrant cocktail of mouthwatering refreshment. Sparkling citrus and crisp mint make a crowd-pleasing combo. Yankee should create this fragrance!

Granny Smith+Sugar and Spice = Granny’s Pantry20170720_202950My goal with this blend was to find a complementary scent for green apple that didn’t involve caramel. I don’t care for overly caramel scents, but am also dreaming up combos for my green-apple-scent-loving niece, who is very finicky with her preferences. She likes apple, buttercream, vanilla, marshmallow, watermelon and pumpkin, that’s it. I almost grabbed French Vanilla or Merry Marshmallow until spotting S+S. Succulent green apples are drizzled with golden butter, warm tonka bean, brown sugar and spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. Not your standard spice mix, there is an additional toasted nutty flavor in which I can almost taste the crunchy note. I’m pleased as punch that I gave this combo a try and can’t wait to share it with her this fall.20170720_215513Now, I’ll spill a secret…I used to dream up scent combos all the time as a YC employee. We were tasked with offering a ‘complementary scent’ with customers’ candle choices and I favored matching a fragrance with a companion. I even kept scent pairing lists. It’s been fun trying out some ideas with the stash I have, not quite as many as offered in store, but close. As a vendor wax customer I’m much more inspired nowadays, thanks to the innovative blends small business vendors are brewing up. I plan to return to my YC roots again with a festive mixology version later this year.
Do you practice mixology? Are there any appealing combos above, or some favorite blends of your own? Nothing’s too far out there for me to pair up.

9 thoughts on “Mixin’ it up

  1. I have been blending a lot more too, quite proud of myself really as usually I just let whatever the melt is melt and dont usually step out much but now I look for what more that melt could become. Fun really! Looks like you had a lot of fun too!
    The last Yankee tart I tried melting was actually Granny Smith, smelled wonderful on cold and I tried throwing it in with a piece of Cider Lane Whipped Cream to see how it would blend for the fall months but like you said above it melts slower than the other wax and than by the time it melted I just never got any apple. I still may try again but on it’s own the next time though you know I carry the Yankee curse of things not wanting to melt right for me lol.


  2. You know it hadn’t occurred to me till you mentioned it but I wonder if a reason I get good solid throw from Yankees is because I use Yankee tart burners? They are hotplate, high wattage and melt any type of wax.
    I’ve found Scentsy warmers to be horrible, some vendors even note “not to be used in a Scentsy warmer.” The bulbs don’t get hot enough and only halfway melt wax. I’ve only been able to melt ST and actual Scentsy cubes in them. Just a thought, anyway, the long melt time noted above was on my low wattage Scenterpiece melt cup warmer, not my regular tart burner, I still haven’t replaced my broken wax bowl!
    I’ve found Granny Smith to throw well in both candles and tarts, a medium for me. If you ever wanna try a tart again, you know who to come to, lol.


  3. Oh these are great! Your Pink Julep and Summer Jam are going to be must tries for me! I always struggle with trying to mix the more complex/mixed scents (like Midsummer’s Night, Dreamy Summer Nights), but it’s fun adventuring. It is funny that mixology comes down not only to if the scents all work together but if they have somewhat equal throws. Oh – and I love your mixology names! πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks, Kari. I’ve planned to do a mix it up post forever and between my wax buying lull and the nudge from you, it was good timing.
    The Pink Julep is excellent, now I have to scout out more mint tarts bc that was my only one! I will absolutely take scent strength into consideration from now on, good point.
    Thank you, I love titling blends, that’s one area where I think Yankee excels too.


  5. Brilliant blending! I Dream of Beach and the magnolia peach blends are making me daydream of scent blending. I love this post! And I love how organized your Yankee tarts are, so lovely.


    1. Those plastic crates keep my tart stash organized, it numbers well over 250 and I just can’t throw them all into a bag or box, too frustrating to find a scent. Though, the crates are taking up an entire lower shelf of my bookcase. I should really melt through more so I can use that space for books!
      Yes, that peach/gardenia packed a powerful scent punch, very springy. I had fun blending, I think creating customs got my blending juices flowing. I enjoy the challenge.


  6. What cute little flats you have for your tarts – hmm, smells like a Yankee inside job to me. πŸ˜‰ Macintosh and Juicy Peach sounds nummy. I actually just picked up a bunch of tarts myself – having a lot of luck with Cafe Al Fresco, which is unexpectedly delicious and not too coffee-ey. I likey. Question about Golden Sands: How would you say it compares to that most hated of all scents, Pink Sands? Rosegirls has a Pink Sands/Golden Sands blend right now, and I’m sort of curious. Do you think those two go together?


  7. Those tart flats are lifesavers, keep all my scents seasonally organized, a librarian’s tendency. We used to get them in the Yankee store, but during my time there they were no longer given, except for display. I acquired most of mine at the YC outlet store, right next to the tart display, making it all too easy to fill up the tray to get the 12 tarts for $10 U.S. dollars;)

    I’m happy you’ve been Yankee tarting, if you are ever interested in any and can’t get to a store, or are in a retired scent emergency, you know who to come to! My sis and mom love Cafe al Fresco because of it’s caramely goodness, but I’d rather have the coffee, lol. As far as RG, I checked the mini-melters and saw a Pink Sands/SUN & SAND but not Golden Sands. GS wouldn’t bring much to the party anyway, at least the Yankee version wouldn’t which is a light and airy amber musk, but it is a popular scent. Now Sun & Sand has a suntan lotion smell, no coconut, but neroli, which can be bitter to my nose. It’s fresh, not sweet. I’ve smelled the Yankee swirl scent and I think I liked it. Speaking of mini-melters, I’ve made a long wish list, but am getting antsy because they keep getting taken down from the site during pre-orders. I’m going to try to hold out until mid-August to grab mine if I can. If you hear they are taken down early, kindly let me know!
    If there is a different Pink Sand blend with Golden Sands, it wouldn’t hurt to try, the GS may add some lighter beachy notes, besides I bet Rosegirls would pull it off better than Yankee!


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