186th Day Recap (aka Midyear)

Am I the only one who keeps used wax for way too long?

If the 186th day of the year is meaningless to you, that’s because it should be. It is not the midway point of the calendar year, that was July 2nd, the 183rd day. I wished to post my annual mid-year recap then, but was out of town a lot in June, pushing back my monthly Best/Worst to the 2nd. Then there’s a Band of Bloggers post to think about and…you get the idea. All in all, its been a much better year so far than 2016.

Favorite Candle:


Water Garden-Yankee Candle 

Most Disappointing:

Black Chamomile-BBW Stress Relief. Loved on cold, zero throw.

Best non-reviewed candle:

Black Tea Rose-Bath and Body Works. Cedarwood love.

Top 10 favorite melts (so far):

10.Wine Cellar-BBW. Semi-sale pickup reviewed in January, still holding as a favorite. I’ll be getting this in a candle.
9. Melisandre-House of Phoebe.
8. Blue sugar/Shave cream-Sassy Girl Aroma.                                 
7. Rock Star/Olive Branch-Rosegirl’s (gift). Look, a Lush dupe fave! 
6. Balance+Glow-Candles From the Keeping Room (gift).
5. Briarcliff/Rosemary’s Baby-Super Tarts. I put these 2 together because they were both surprise hits. Briarcliff has an ST mac apple note I can handle and shaving cream I love. Rosemary’s Baby is the first rosemary mint scent to have me enamored. Also, they are good melted together!
4. Delilah-House of Phoebe. I’ve never tried a creamier vanilla.

3. Sugared Pie Crust-The Bathing Garden. As much as I love TBG, it almost didn’t make the list. Then I remembered this amazing sample. To die for.

2. Bad Romance-Pour Girl’s Wax. One of the first Vanilla Lace/Shaving Cream blends I’ve heard about back in February. Team fresh heaven!

1. Fresh Cucumber/Pink Sugar– Rosegirls. This #1 surprised even me because I tend to like more complex blends. So simple, fresh and realistic, but unique and perfect.

Current favorite scent notes: Shaving Cream, Pink Sugar, Cedarwood.

Future favorite prediction: It could be Vanilla Lace, though like nearly everybody else, I’m into Salty Sea Air blends too.

Scent note I’d like to see retired: Fruit Loops, loopy’s, fruity pebbles. Yuck! Cereal seems endlessly popular, however, so not likely.

Top 3 vendors:

Rosegirls-No arguments here as RG is one of the most beloved vendors ever. Availability was the only obstacle compared to my 1+2, but for now, at least mini-melters are open for a few months. I’m hoping with the updated website, and consistent pre-orders, RG will be more accessible from now on.

House of Phoebe-complex house blends in my favorite types, combined with personal customer service and accessibility. Only open less than a year, some growing pains are bound to occur, but it’s a small business vendor I’m proud to support.

Super Tarts-innovative, consistent and constant. Best fandoms and comprehensive scent list. If only Brandy would update on Instagram as well as Facebook. I’d also prefer less broken clamshells, but ST has the strongest throwing stuff around, pushing it to the top.

Favorite Indie body care: Just starting to dip my toes into the body care product pool, I tend to get one or two items from a vendor rather than a full body regimen.

Best product: The Dirty Goat’s natural deodorant. Faster production and newly shorter turnaround time makes it even better. Relieved to be restocked for awhile, I’m going to try for some of the hair products next time.

Scents: Tonka, Coconut Milk, Mermaid

Best shower scrub: The Bathing Garden’s Shea Butter sugar scrub in Evernight. I aim to try all of TBG’s scrub formulations.

Best lotion: Soak + Unwind’s aloe lotion sample. Many more of these wonder lotions on the way, very excited to have found this brand.

Worst vendor haul: Fresh Picked Scents. Every body product had issues, also my least favorite wax scents this year.

Favorite Wax haul: Pour Girl’s WaxI’m out of nearly all of my PG scents and I’m really missing them, hope to hear of a restocking soon.

What I’m looking forward to for the second half of 2017:

  • The arrival of my Sniff My Tarts custom orders. The waiting is said to be the hardest part.
  • Testing more body care products. I just hauled items from Salted Rock Bath Co.
  • My first Fakery Bakery Wax haul coming sometime in July.
  • Picking up several Rosegirl’s mini-melters after my wax ban ends in August.
  • There are about 15 new-to-me vendors I’d like to try, I think I’ll do a poll to gauge which ones I should order from and review. 

That’s half a year gone. Am I getting old, or are they starting to pass by faster? Any scents or vendors above that you favor too? Surprises? Scents I’ve missed out on, what’s on your best/worst list?


11 thoughts on “186th Day Recap (aka Midyear)

  1. My #1s are House of Phoebe and Bonjour Wax Co. for wax melts. I love Crimson and Clover Apothecary for the body butter but she has (sadly for me) but, of course, happily for her, been on maternity leave.
    I did not have good luck with TBG scents.
    I def want to try Soak & Unwind’s lotion!
    Great recap!


    1. Hey there! Looks like you had a good time up at the lake. Thank you for introducing me to Bonjour, Mandi is my favorite owner behind a business, so cool. The last sampler you ordered looked perfectly done.
      House of Phoebe is good stuff, I’d really like to see Casey branch out to other wax formats-shapes, customs, etc. I think she’s pretty busy w/her full time job though.

      I’ll be looking into C&C when she returns, don’t have a great body butter yet. I’m digging Soak + Unwind, you’ll see more of them and Allison, the vendor is super sweet.
      You REALLY struck out w/TBG. She has some lovely stuff, but scent wise, I’d say the success rate has been 50% for me. It’s so beautiful and very affordable compared to other vendors, especially with actual shipping versus flat rate. Did you ever try the scrub sample? Her scrubs are stunning. Hope you have a nice week buddy!


  2. I think we all know who my #1 currently is and has been for awhile.. ST. ha-ha!
    Though two favorites that I found this year were gifts from Julie and that was Bliss from LSC I believe and Sun Kissed Sugar Cane (NOT Linen as I have called it before by accident) from CFTKR, Ohhh, how wonderful both were!!! *Drools* Oh! Not to forget Peppermint Coconut Noel from RG either!
    I really want to be able to place an order with Carol but never make the cut off. One day though!
    I have also been enjoying a few candles here and there. My favorite this year so far being B&BW Pineapple Lilly. Swoon worthy. I think it will go into the candle crock soon to enjoy its full scent in melting instead of burning.
    As for TBG, I am still trying to get a feel for how I like Shannon’s wax while also giving it time to cure. It is stunning as all get out but some seem to preform better than others.


    1. You are truly an ST connoisseur. Julie gifted me my fave CFTKR melt too, but my single order was hit and miss. Her scent list is the most overwhelming of any vendor to me. I’ve resorted to saving people’s IG hauls with scents that sound good in case I get lost the next time I try to order. No plans to soon, however.
      I’m still on my candle burning craze, not a fan of pineapple, but a friend gifted me a Mariposa Lily scent from Scentsy that was surprisingly good. A candle crock sounds great for getting every last fragrant bit.

      TBG can be tricky, I’ve gotten clams I was sure I’d love based on description, but didn’t and samples I had no interest in that I ended up loving. I’ll say that the Calypso I waited almost a year to melt ended up throwing like gangbusters!

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      1. Yeah her scent list is very extensive and just the whole Race-against-the-clock isn’t always fun either. I am quickly becoming like Julie to where I don’t mind pre-orders as much as long as the TAT’s aren’t just too ridiculous for what you are getting.

        I love my candle crock I just haven’t been using it too much as of late. Maybe more once the candle burning starts to rev up and I have more to throw in there and finish up.


  3. There’s actually a reason we perceive time as moving faster as we get older (also, why do I know this?) Anyhow, it sort of factors into the things we’ve already experienced and our general boredom levels. So when we’re younger and experiencing new things all the time, our brain manages that by treating it as a new and separate “file” of experience – it’s carved out into a clearly defined memory with defined temporal boundaries. But as we age and we experience fewer new things, and do the same things over and over again (getting quite bored of it all in the process) our brains just sort of run all those moments together into one big boring mush pile of life, with no clearly defined borders of time and space. So it’s not really speeding up – more like melting together. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse! So there’s your highly scientific explanation of, you know, time and space. 🙂

    I love your collection of wax pucks! With that much glitter in there, those must be Bathing Garden waxes – so pretty. And a Fakery Bakery order – that’s so awesome! Their stuff is so darn adorable.

    I’m glad to hear your 2017 is treating you better than 2016 thus far. Knock on wood and other best wishes for it to keep on up. 🙂

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    1. That’s the most scientific and knowledge based comment I’ve ever received. And that is why we are friends! I will try to throw out more seemingly banal questions in the future for you to riff on, because I not only enjoyed it, I learned from your response!<3<3<3
      There may be a Bathing Garden leftover in there, but the majorly glitterific pucks are from House of Phoebe Wax, hands down my favorite wax pools, so vibrant.
      Thanks Sandra, knock away please!


      1. Ha, droppin’ science like I actually know what I’m talking about! But I *did* just read an article about that very issue, so it’s apt. 🙂


        1. It didn’t, but I assume it’s for the same reason – the boredom of having been there, done that translated into one endless, ill-defined mass of white snow. But it’s really the opposite, isn’t it – the winters drag. I guess because we generally have to fight through them – crap weather, crap driving, weird things happening with our houses. That keeps us on our toes and means we shouldn’t get bored of it, and yet!


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