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Soak + Unwind has to be a favorite body care vendor name, merely letting it roll off the tongue is a relaxing experience. As I was scrolling through product posts a few weeks back, a Soak + Unwind sale caught my eye: A 25% off code for Father’s Day ON TOP of sale items. That was all I needed to know, providing a perfect opportunity to venture a little further into the body care product world.


Whipped Soaps– 4 oz size, on sale for $5.00 ea., regular price $7.

I haven’t tried whipped soaps before and have only become aware of them this year. They’re what appears to be cake frosting but are more of a bath frosting, unlike any type of soap I’ve used before. The texture is superbly light and fluffy due to the addition of the whipped air. Some settling occurred with the Pirate Ship soap, while the Tea Time remained perfectly at the top.


Pirate Ship-Crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood and a hint of water lily

Light and airy as expected without any lather. Tiny jojoba beads suspended throughout provided the gentlest burst of exfoliation, though it was a strange sensation to feel the beads pop in my fingers. Although I enjoyed this scent in the jar, it didn’t impart any fragrance onto my skin. 


Tea Time- Herbal white tea, raspberries, blackberries and elderberries infused with natural essential oils of cedar, ginger, mandarin, nutmeg, and ylang ylang. (Tea Time did sort of resemble my morning yogurt!)

Another cool and creamy shower experience, this soap was heightened by the scent, which was robust with berry juice. (If I do any berry products, I prefer razz and blackberries to blue or strawberries). I was worried this might be too sweet, but the tone was punched up by the tartness of the mandarin, becoming an invigorating clean. A well-balanced blend that I enjoy reaching for in the morning.

Whipped Soap shower scrub: 4 oz. on sale for $4.50, regular price varies.


Sexy Cuban-Masculine scent of cuban tobacco, fruity wine, spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, incense and earthy patchouli.

Here we have the whipped soap turned into a scrub. The texture is much denser than the soap and lathers up well, providing good coverage. Listed on the website as “previous formula”,  Soak + Unwind reformulated some products, but both previous and new soap scrubs contain moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter. I really liked the thickness of this one, but require more ‘scrubby’ exfoliation at times. I will definitely reorder as there are so many scrub types offered that I wish to try.

Sexy Cuban is amazing. Extracting cloves from the typical pumpkin spice bouquet is a revelation; they become a sultry, exotic spice. Cloves are dominant, but this is not a one-note scent. Patchouli provides a peppery lift while the tobacco leaf takes on a flowery depth. I love this intense fragrance.

*Each scrub purchase comes with a teensy rose gold plastic dipping spoon. Adorable, but too fiddly in the shower, where I grab scoopfuls of the product to slather onto my skin.

Sample Aloe lotion  4 oz. versions are $6, though tons of scents are on sale for less.


Lavender, Apple & Oak-Unisex scent of apples, woodsy touch of oak and soft lavender. A gorgeous unexpected blend. Apple scents don’t always appeal to me but this is just right.

Sometimes sample products aren’t worth much of a mention. However, this aloe lotion felt incredible and was my favorite item. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lotion photo and have since used most of it up. Know that the texture is bouncy and substantial but lightweight enough to not leave greasy residue after applying.

The key ingredients listed on the website are: “aloe vera, oat extract, buckthorn extract and panthenol”. The aloe vera is the stand-out and must be the reason this lotion feels so wonderfully different from a basic Bath and Body Works formula. I’m primed for a new hydrating lotion; therefore, I’m returning to the shop to pick out a few full-sized versions. I’ve never actually turned around and ordered after receiving a sample, that’s how much I love this aloe lotion.

With shipping of $10, but receiving a $5 Paypal promotion, my total order came to $15.88. Making this new-to-me brand a fun little experimental haul, and creating a return customer out of me. Have you tried Soak + Unwind, or taken a chance on a new vendor lately, what goodies do you recommend?


7 thoughts on “Soak + Unwind bath and body sale

  1. Soak + Unwind really is a great name for an indie bath and body company. The spoons do look cute too, but like you I enjoy using a healthier portion of scrub. I just dig my fingers in. Enjoy your new bathing goodies and look forward to reading more about this vendor.


    1. Trying a new body care vendor is a risk that hasn’t worked as well for me in the past, but S+U is a winner. Every product was unlike any other type I’ve tried, with lovely scents and the selection is huge and varied. The spoons are a nice touch, but mostly for photos:) I’m excited to try more, in fact, Allison the vendor informed me there will be a lotion sale this weekend!


  2. This is a vendor I’ve had my eye on for awhile though I havent really had anything jump out at me until now. The tea scent sounds amazing. Very nice order!


    1. Thanks, great value with unique products that work well, I’m quite happy with it. Love 3 out 4 scents and got lucky with the tea time. I’m stoked to get more lotion.

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  3. Oh my gosh, Tea Time is beautiful! And you’re right, it does look like yogurt. I don’t know why I find that so appealing! I really love their no-fuss labels and packaging, though – tidy and clean.


    1. Tea Time is excellent, I’ve been enjoying that one a lot. It has the look, scent and texture of a creamy yogurt, mighty appealing. I’ve managed to hold back tasting it.
      There are times I can be swayed by fancy packaging with extra touches alone-on these I went with the good reviews and I’m glad I did, I just snagged some more S+U lotions!


      1. I’d eat it, because it totally looks like yogurt. Actually, like honey yogurt with edible lavender buds sprinkled on top. That, now that I’m thinking about it, would actually be pretty delicious!


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